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Avocado Club, Palma

2019, Sep 23rd

Fans of the avocado will be in their element when they see the choice of healthy avocado dishes at this recent addition to Palma’s Passeig de Mallorca…

Opened in July, Avocado Club is an independent restaurant in Palma’s Passeig de Mallorca. The clue that you’ve found the place is the large wicker peacock chair outside, adorned with artificial flowers. Your first Instagram moment.

Although there are a couple of tall tables with stools outside (which smokers will appreciate), I recommend eating indoors.

The décor is fresh, clean, and appealing. Illuminated letters on one interior wall spell out the name Avocado Club but once you’ve seen the menu you’ll be in no doubt as to what the star ingredient is here.

Seating at tables is comfortable and, for those who prefer something more informal, tall chairs are available at a counter on one wall. It’s a place to come with friends, as a couple, or on your own (as I did) and feel welcome and relaxed.

The menu is a series of illustrated sheets on a clipboard and those pictures of each dish are designed to tempt you. The menu is in Spanish, German, and English. Avocado Club offers variations on the popular avocado toast, savoury and sweet bowls, a page of specialities, and desserts. The Avo Ice Bowl on the latter (5,50€) will be a must for me next visit.

I had the speciality named ‘Club Power’ (14,90€). This comprised two avocado halves presented attractively on a plate: one half contained a neat mound of hummus with lime and coriander, the other half was filled with beetroot hummus. It was served with delicious sourdough bread (Avocado Club sources its sourdough from the relatively new sourdough bakery Palma Bread, in Santa Catalina.

This was an extremely satisfying dish and I was unable to manage the offered Oreo avocado cheesecake – a special on offer that day and displayed to tempt you. I did however, buy a generous portion to share with colleagues at Mallorca Sunshine Radio and we were unanimous in our approval of the silky and delicious confection.

Presentation is excellent and knife skills are evident. Dishes taste fresh, healthy, and are satisfying. The drinks menu includes teas, iced teas, fresh raspberry lemonade, orange juice, smoothies (yes, some with avocado), coffees, Speciality waters include rosemary water, and a sparkling water served in a cava-style bottle. The wine list is short but includes some organic wines from Mallorca, and there are beers (including Rosa Blanca) and gins include Palma Gin.

If you appreciate the flavour and health benefits of avocados – and food that looks almost too pretty to eat – Avocado Club in Palma should be on your eating-out list.


Photos: Jan Edwards

Prices correct at time of writing.