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Kairiku, Campos

2019, Aug 12th

Mallorca’s only omakase restaurant is in Campos and has a new master of Japanese haute cuisine

Kairiku restaurant in the town of Campos offers an omakase dining experience that’s unique on the island. Omakase translates as ‘I trust you’ and that means you trust the chef to choose what to serve. Every dish of the menu at Kairiku comes as a delicious surprise and an example of authentic Japanese cuisine.


Kairiku is one of two restaurants within the Sa Creu Nova Art Hotel & Spa in the centre of Campos. A small flight of stairs leads down to Kairiku’s intimate basement restaurant – with stylish understated Japanese décor.


Just ten diners are accommodated at one long table, but you don’t have to go in a party of ten though. Whether you go on your own or with one or more people, you all eat at the same time and no doubt share conversation about the food and sakes.


This season Kairiku has a new chef: Ryuichiro Katano is a Master of Japanese Cuisine who moved from his native Japan to Spain – where he’s worked at well-known Japanese restaurants. 


His mission at Kairiku is to develop new talent Bruno Peixoto, who previously ran the service of the dishes and paired sakes. Bruno’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and desire to learn from one of Spain’s best shishos – or masters – means a new role for him this year and it’s obvious that he’s loving it.


The cuisine at Kairiku is based on the highest-quality raw materials. For this reason, the menu changes according to what’s available. 


Jeremias has taken over service and he, like Bruno, speaks excellent English – important when describing unfamiliar cuisine. Service begins at 20:30h. Our dinner started with a delicious pink cocktail of cranberry juice, sake, and yuzu. Jugs of water infused with yuzu powder are regularly topped up during the dinner.


Every dish was exquisitely prepared and the precise cut of the raw sashimi we had was evidence of Katano’s influence here. Jeremias explained each dish and the several sakes that featured during the dinner – which concluded with a special cocktail in the bar. The dinner – including all the drinks – costs 97 €.


I loved Kairiku before this year but this season it’s at an even higher level. For an authentic Japanese omakase experience, head for Kairiku in Campos.



Prices correct at time of writing.