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New Year’s Eve on Mallorca

We have searched for the best New Year’s Eve parties and dinners of the island. Till the 31rd we will complete the map with more and more events.

What you need to know about celebrating New Year’s Eve on Mallorca? Apart from the best locations to celebrate: you should wear RED underwear! This will bring you luck, health and love – say the Mallorquines – but only if the underwear was a present and if you will wear them on New Year’s Eve for the first time.


Another tradition: Grapes. Why? The Spaniards welcome the new year with exactly twelve grapes in their hands – those twelve grapes are being eaten at 12 o’clock, one grape after another, with the first bells of the new year. After that they say “Molts d’anys” (More years).

Now you know HOW to celebrate, know you can look in our map WHERE you want to celebrate on Mallorca: