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Santapi, Sineu

An authentic taste of southern Italy in the centre of Sineu

2019, Mar 4th

A friendly Italian couple opened this popular Italian pizzeria/restaurant in the heart of Sineu in 2015. Chiara (front of house) is from Turin and her partner Ciro (the chef) from Naples – hence the Neapolitan influence in his cuisine.

Santapí is in a narrow street just off the main square where fresh produce market stalls set up every Wednesday. The place has a welcoming rustic Italian feel, with a few tables close to the kitchen area. Most of the tables are downstairs, where there’s also a bar and area with tall tables and stools for drinks. We sat in a cosy alcove near the bar, where the three tables for two are lit by fairy lights on the exposed-stone wall and a standard lamp.

Most of the menu starters are available in both tapa and full-portion sizes and include some classic Italian crowd-pleasers – caponata, melanzane alla parmigiana, and burrata. You can also order a selection of tapas to share.

Naples’ best-loved export – the pizza – is a reason to come to Santapí. Ciro slowly ferments his dough over eight days and the generous-sized pizzas are then cooked in a wood-fired oven, reaching up to 500 degrees Celsius.

The excellent choice of pizzas includes bianca (without tomato), vegetarian and vegan options – all with fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil. Ciro also offers two signature pizzas, which look like a cross between a classic pizza and a calzone. Pizza prices range from 6€-14€. Of course, there are also pasta dishes, salads, and a few dishes with culinary influences from outside Italy.

Ciro has included several vegan dishes on the menu, responding to “lots of demand” for them in Sineu.

The choice of wines is limited, but bottles are reasonably priced and come from Italy, Mallorca, and the Peninsula.

For a warm Italian ambience and authentic cuisine from southern Italy, in the heart of Mallorca, visit Santapí.


Photos: Jan Edwards / Santapí