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Level 2 Efficient Running Workshop

The wonderful and ingenious Helen Hall is back for Level 2 Efficient Running Workshop.

Tune Up Your Running! We will revisit Level 1 and then introduce new tools to your movement tool box.  Discover how your body will access more for less.

On Level 1, we looked at heads, feet, breath and the bit in the middle … now we take your running body to the next level, looking for What More Is Possible For You. SPACE and SHIFTING efficiently within it.

On Level 2, we explore running connections with ankle sprain, ankle pain, it-band syndrome, hip pain and repetitive 5th metatarsal issues, to name a few ‘side of body’ common injuries.

We look at ‘why’ that might be so, its relevance to each runner and ‘what happens if …’ as we explore weight shifting in MORE SPACE.

In the words of (PFM) Perpetual Forward Motion School of Efficient Running… “Let Your Body Run You”.

Helen Hall, Efficient Running Coach Workshop

This workshop is a unique experience to discover what more is possible for YOU!  YOUR natural path, to becoming a smooth, efficient and happy runner.  Gaining more speed and distance for less effort, reducing muscle fatigue and the likeliness of injury.  Helen’s method is to analyze movement to understand pain and create solutions.

4 hours of opportunity to move, explore and chat about running with over 2 hours of running movement.

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