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Official MovNat (Natural Movement Fitness) Workshop

Official MovNat (Natural Movement Fitness) Workshop And Certifications
Training with the really lovely and inspiring Level 3, Team Instructor, Bernd Reicheneder (IG: @indiana_bernd). 
Learning the skills and techniques of the MovNat natural movement method expands your movement repertoire, empowers and liberates, and shows you how capable you really are… AND you’ll have fun in the process!  Not only are these skills are useful for EVERY life situation, they keep you fit and conditioned without needing a class or the gym. It’s a win win!!
Here you will be building strength, whilst amplifying your learning, increasing mitochondria as you move outside in nature, under the sun. Breathing in lots of fresh, oxygenated air from the surrounding forest. What could be better! 
Held at Barefoot Mallorca‘s stunning outdoor location in the UNESCO World Heritage Tramuntana Mountains.
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Rebecca Lewis
Efficient Running and Movement Coach
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