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Overtone Singing Workshop

Benefits of Overtone Singing:
It’s fun!
Sounds cool
Clear your sinuses
Prevent migraines
Enjoy impeccably pure harmony
Release endorphins
Increase well-being
Expand your positivity
Vibrate the thymus gland (seat of immune system)
Vibrate the pituitary gland
Stimulate the pineal gland (3rd eye)
Support brain synapses
Charge up cerebral cortex
Great meditation tool
Slow your breathing
Stop thought, go into pure being
Energize your physical body
Promote vivid dreams
Encourage faster cellular healing
Harmonize chakras
Expand consciousness
Feel the sacred geometry. Overtones are mathematically perfect, & when YOU create the sound, the vibration goes from the inside out. This experience is a simple yet profound tool for healing and self-actualization.


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