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Permaculture Design Course (modules, online)

Online PDC course minimum 10 hours with workshop weekends at various permaculture demo sites around the island.


December 7 & 8 and 21 & 22

January  11 & 12 and 25 & 26

February  8 & 9 and 22 & 23

More information and registration

International Day of Permaculture

A day to celebrate permaculture filled with all sorts of activities with local not for profit, PermaMed!  A day to be a peaceful activist by combining permaculture with care of your environment and a chance to learn more!

Roots & Permaculture

Festival combining roots music and permaculture!  Workshops on urban vegetable gardens, biochar and more!  Healthy food and of course roots, reggae, ska, rocksteady, dub music and more!