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Art & Wine

Question – If you had to choose a wine to represent a piece of artwork what would it be?

Daxa Parmar and Iván González Gaínza, both specialists in their respective fields, will be sharing their passion for art and wine whilst giving you the chance to enjoy both aspects in a relaxed, welcoming and friendly environment.

This is an event to challenge your senses, taste the wines, experience art with the Artist and share your thoughts.

Iván will introduce 5 carefully chosen wines that depict the sense and feel of Daxa’s artwork. Daxa will give you an insight into her inspiration and process. Through your senses, you can then decide which wine pairs best with the selected art. Iván and Daxa will then reveal their pairings. How will yours match up?

A little about Ivan…

Iván is the co-owner of Wine Industry Mallorca, a wine distribution and experiences company specialising in lesser known bodegas throughout Spain. Iván’s passion for wine developed during his 20+ years working in the hospitality industry. He loves the diversity that wine has to offer and he also loves a wine with a great story behind it. Not only does Iván live, breathe, talk and sip wine but he also writes about it every month for The Islander magazine. It’s no wonder he gained a distinction in his WSET Diploma exam last November!

A little about Daxa…

Daxa has been an Artist for almost 20 years with her work collected around the world. With a Masters in Art and Design Daxa specialises in creating abstract art. Her art for the last 10 years has a focus to help people to slow down and savour the present moment. She refers to her work as an antidote the fast paced and plugged in lives we lead. She has a huge passion not just for art but also well being. Daxa opened the studio and gallery in Santa Catalina in May 2019 with the aim of making the gallery an inclusive space for all to enjoy art and also to provide a quiet refuge from the city.

A chance to win…

Reserve your space by emailing or messaging and you will be in with a chance to win:

The 5 selected wines and a mounted print of Daxa’s work.

Essential Info..

When : Wednesday 31st July from 7pm – 9pm

Where: Carrer d’Espartero 8, 07014, Santa Catalina, Palma

Book: This event is for a maximum of 35 people. Reserve your spot to ensure you have a space.