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Ryan Air to Strike

The cabin crews of Ryan Air have called for a strike on July 25 and 26. The decision was taken yesterday in Brussels after a meeting of Spanish, Portugese and Belgian trade union representatives. The decision will be added to the strike already called for by a group of Irish pilots on July 12.

Union sources said that 75 percent of the workforce is paid only for flying hours, which caused cabin crew tremendous insecurity and job instability.

Drug Bust at Hairdresser Shop

The National police have arrested two men who allegedly ran a major illegal drugs business from a hairdresser’s premises.

The hairdressers in Can Pastilla seemed to be a busy commercial concern but sharp eyed neighbours observed that people left the premises without seeming to have their hair cut.

Police were called in and arrested two men and seized 17 kg of hashish and some 18000 Euros in cash.

Arsonists Strike Again

Arsonists have been at work again, this time in s’Arenal de Llucmajor.  Two fires were started at the same time, one destroyed a car that was parked close to the garbage container.  It is allegedly another fire caused by one or more arsonists continuing the outbreak of fires over the last few months.

Neighbours attempted to extinguish the blazes but the Fire Service took over and completed the task.

In recent months intentional blazes have destroyed dozens of garbage containers in Palma causing large financial losses.


Hoteliers Concerned Over Tourist Accidents

Hoteliers in Palma Nova and Magaluf are deeply concerned at the number of accidents to tourists in the area, particularly falls from balconies.

There have been considerably more incidents this year than last.

The hoteliers have asked the authorities to clarify the extent to which these incidents were drug or alcohol related.

Illegal Gambling Operation Concludes

The last of a lengthy series of inspections by the Gaming Control Service concluded in Calvia yesterday.

The authority has inspected 150 gambling premises during the operation – Dolphin 1 – which focused on tourist areas.

So far, they have recorded 42 offences with one of them ending in the closure of the premises.

One of the main purposes of the operation was to prevent customers being lured from legal gambling activities into illegal ones.

Drug Smuggler Gets Six Years

A Camaronian drug smuggler has been sentenced to six years in jail for importing a kilo of heroin hidden in his body into Mallorca.

Intercepted by the Civil Guard at Palma airport, he refused x-ray examination and was detained and eventually the drugs were discovered.

Along with the drugs was a substantial sum of cash, several mobile phones and airline tickets.

Beach Thieves Arrested

National police have arrested seven people during a crackdown on beach thefts.

The move came as part of a campaign of increased police surveillance of tourist hotspots.

The thieves, three Spanish and four Eastern European in origin, struck while tourists on the Playa de Palma were bathing or sleeping on the beach, thieving their wallets and cash from backpacks.

Apartment fire in Palma

A fire in a block of apartments in Indioteria in Palma yesterday saw the local fire services battling a substantial blaze for over an hour.

The fire began in the laundry room of the apartment and spread to the kitchen.

The residents of the block vacated the building having alerted the fire department.

There were no injuries, but considerable damage occurred to the building.

Local Unemployment Falls

Figures released by the Secretary of State for commerce and Industry yesterday show a fall in unemployment in the Balearics of 6.3 percent over last year.

Spain overall recorded the lowest unemployment figures since May 2008.

Several sectors recorded a fall in unemployment, especially the service sector.

Brit Teenager Injured in Fall

A teenage British tourist in hospital after he fell from a fifth floor balcony in Magaluf at about 1.30 this morning.

He was attended by the emergency services and transferred to the intensive care unit at Son Espasses hospital.

According to civil Guard which has begun an investigation, the young man accidentally ran through the window of his hotel room.

A few hours earlier in the same district, another young man died when he fell from his third floor balcony.

Air Traffic Control Strike Fears

There are fresh fears of strike action by air traffic controllers at Palma airport.

The controllers’ union representatives are to meet the Spanish Airport Authority in the next few days where they will demand assurances that more staff be taken on over the summer months.

The number of flights per hour handled by Palma Airport has increased by 80 percent this year, but the workforce has not been increased.

Increase in Norwegian airline flights


Budget airline Norwegian has announced plans to  increase the frequency of it flights to Mallorca from eight northern European cities this winter season.

The move will bring the airline`s total number of destinations linked with Mallorca to ten.

In the 12 months up to May 2018, Norwegian carried over 821 thousand passengers, an increase of 53 percent over the previous year.

Tourist In Critical Condition After Falling From Magaluf Hotel Balcony

Here in Mallorca, a man is in critical condition in Son Espases Hospital after falling from the third floor balcony of a hotel in Magaluf.    Paramedics were called to the scene just before five o´clock this morning and managed to stabilise him before transferring him to hospital.   An investigation has been launched to determine exactly what happened

4 Year Old Dutch Boy Drowned In Hotel Pool In Ibiza

A four year old Dutch boy drowned in a hotel pool in Ibiza at the weekend.   The child and his family were reportedly staying at the Stella Maris hotel in San Antonio.   A lifeguard on the premises performed CPR at the scene and when the paramedics arrived they spent 45 minutes trying to resuscitate the child, but were unsuccessful.


Portuguese Man O´ War Spotted Off The Coast Of Calvià

A Portuguese Man O´War jellyfish was spotted off the coast of Calvià at the weekend.    Lifeguards got everyone out of the water at El Toro beach and sent up a drone to find out if any more were in the area.   The Portuguese Man O´ War has already been identified in the waters of Es Molinar, Can Pastilla, Arenal, Cala Llamp, Andratx,  and also in areas of Ibiza and Formentera.  If you see the purple coloured Portuguese Man O´ War, don´t touch it, call 112 and report its location.

New Location Rules For so-called ´Party Boats´ In Mallorca

The Balearic government is clamping down on the so-called ´party boats´ in Mallorca which are renowned for heavy drinking and loud music.     A new law will restrict the ´party boats´ to heavily populated areas of the island such as Magaluf and keep them away from protected areas.

Balearic Fisherman Allowed To Catch 28 Tonnes Of Blue Fin Tuna

Balearic fishermen have been given the go ahead to fish for Blue Fin Tuna which has been a protected species for years.     From July 15th until October 31st local fishermen will be allowed to catch a maximum of 28 tonnes of Blue Fin Tuna between them.

New Sexual Abuse Allegations Against College Of Sant Agustí Employee

New allegations of sexual abuse have been brought against an employee of the College of Sant Agustí in Palma who´s already been accused of abuse by 8 students.    The abuse allegedly happened while a video was being made to mark the 125th anniversary of the school, when the children were alone with the suspect.     Police have seized his computer and other electronic devices.

Long Queues At Passport Control In Palma

Tourists were forced to stand in long queues at passport control when they arrived at Palma´s Son Sant Joan airport yesterday.    Witnesses say there were only two agents checking paperwork which caused a bottleneck and some people had to wait more than an hour to get through the formalities and start their holidays.

White Shark Spotted Off The Coast Of Cabrera

A 5 metre long white shark was spotted about 8 miles from the island of Cabrera yesterday.      Biologists were over the moon and called it a historical moment.    They say it´s  the first time in more than 30 years that there´s been photographic evidence of a white shark in Balearic Waters.

Ryanair Cabin Crew Threatening To Take Industrial Action

Thousands of Cabin Crew staff at Ryanair are threatening to go on strike for three days at the end of July or beginning of August over the airline´s refusal to adhere to local employment laws across Europe.    If it goes ahead the industrial action will affect more than 115,o000 passengers a day in Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Spain and the UK .

New Crime Drama To Be Filmed In Mallorca

A brand new Crime Drama is to be filmed in Mallorca.    ´Mallorca Files´ will be co-produced by Cosmopolitan Pictures and Clerkenwell Films for the BBC.   The show features two detectives, one British and one German, and their efforts to solve crimes on the island.    Production will begin this November and the 10-part series will be broadcast on BBC 1 next year.

Increase In Balearic Resident Discount Delayed Until 2019

The increase in the Balearic Resident discount from 50 to 75% for travel to mainland Spain is unlikely to happen this year.  Administration delays are being blamed for the hold up and it´s probably going to take around six months to fix the problem.  So, passengers will have to wait until 2019 to get discounted tickets for air and sea travel.

El Hoyo Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Drug Trafficking

A man has been arrested in El Hoyo on suspicion of drug trafficking.  Officers say they found two marijuana plantations at his property and confiscated at least 100 plants.    Around 50 national police were involved in the raids, some were armed and wearing riot gear.

Mini Traffic Radars Now Operational In Mallorca

New Mini Traffic Radars are now operating in Mallorca.  They´re so small they can be mounted in cars, on motorbikes and on guard rails.  The Velolaser has a wide angle lens, can be operated from miles away and its very difficult for drivers to see them.    It´s hoped that the new technology will stop drivers speeding and running red lights and reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

Air Traffic Control Strike

With the imminent strike by French air traffic controllers looming between 28 June and 2nd July, there is a possibility of similar action by their Spanish colleagues.

Friday is the last day that Barcelona’s air traffic controllers can inform the government of their own intentions over strike action. The Spanish cannot make an unannounced lightning strike, but must give 15 days’ notice to the government.

Knife Attack On Shop

A knifeman attacked a motorcycle store in Palma yesterday afternoon.

The attacker, apparently drunk, hurled a moped through the shop door injuring both himself and a shopworker with flying glass.

The shop assistant intervened but the attacker pulled out a knife and fled. His injuries were such that he only made it 200 metres from the shop before police intercepted him.

Police Crackdown Yields Results

A new crackdown by police on crime  in Palma Nova and Magaluf is already yielding results.

Security forces are mounting more spot checks on vehicles and extra plain clothes police have been sent into hotspots such as Punta Ballena in Magaluf.

Last week 13 people were arrested for drug related offences and 7 for public order offences such as fighting.

Palma Police Donate Bikes

The Palma local police have donated 166 abandoned bicycles to two local charities that help the most vulnerable in society.

The head of local police said at the presentation the bicycles will be doing a useful job instead of being scrapped.

Before donating them, police made sure that there were no claims from the previous owners of the abandoned bicycles.

Fake marriage Gang Bust

Nine people in Palma have been detained for rigging marriages of convenience.

The scam came to the attention of the authorities in May when they noticed an exceptionally large number of requests for citizenship of the EU from the Indian sub-continent.

The women, EU nationals from eastern-European counties signed false documents enabling their fake spouses to apply for EU citizenship in Spain.

Hospitals Close 95 Beds

The public hospitals in Mallorca will close 95 of its beds for the summer period.

The medical authorities say that they are able to do this as many people move out of the cities to coastal homes and as the number of medical staff reduces as they take their summer holidays.

Summer Sales Start Early

As a result of poor trade in spring, the summer sales in Mallorca have been pulled forward this year.

However, the sales will begin on Friday 29th June amid protests from some traders who argue that it is too early to start sales just as the tourist season is beginning and sales traditionally peak.

However large businesses won the day and the sales begin this coming Friday.

Calvia Fake World Cup Replicas

The football world cup has brought out sellers of counterfeit souvenirs.

Street vendors last week were caught selling a selection of fake Spanish and German football team tee shirts alongside counterfeit branded handbags.

The area of Peguara attracts a lot of German tourists and is therefore a prime spot for sales.

Hit and Run

The driver of the vehicle that fatally wounded a 15 year-old girl in Sa Rapita has been denied bail and is now in jail.

She has been charged provisionally with reckless homicide while driving under the influence of alcohol.

The 44 year-old Polish woman, who fled from the scene, was more than four times over the alcohol limit when the accident happened.  She says she remembers nothing about it.

Immigration Rise

Population figures published yesterday show that immigration to the Balearics has risen by 33 percent in the last year.

Sources say that the rise in immigration is the result of the economic recovery in the islands. Foreign residents now account for just under 20 percent of the total population.

Bacteria Problems

The iconic pines, holm oaks and olive trees that characterize Mallorca’s landscape are, according to a study, under a serious threat.

The findings of a study of the bacteria Xyella Fastidiosa were published in the prestigious journal Geographical Investigations.

The bacteria which could soon affect the Balearics is a real commercial threat as it causes decay and death in woody stemmed plants, even affecting vines.

Temperatures Soar In Mallorca

Summer is finally about to hit mallorca! The meteorological office forecasts that temperatures in some places Mallorca will exceed 35 degrees. They add that the high temperatures will occur whether the sky is cloudy or not.

Romanian Man Arrested For Assault & Robbery In Andratx

A Romanian man has been arrested for attacking a Swedish couple in Andratx.    The suspect stole the man´s €25,000 watch and then tried to avoid arrest by changing his clothes but police tracked him down.    On Friday a thief stole a Rolex worth €30,000 from another Swedish man in Port de Andratx.

Murder Investigation Launched In Arenal

An investigation has been launched in Arenal after a German tourist was found dead.    The victim´s body was discovered at the Bahamas hotel by one of the maids.  Police say he had suffered severe blows to the head.

More Than 100 Flights Delayed Or Grounded By ATC Strike

Over 100 flights in and out of the Balearic Islands were severely delayed or cancelled at the weekend because of industrial action by French Air Traffic Controllers.     There´s more misery in store for travellers later this week, air traffic controllers are taking strike action again from June 28th until July 2nd

Terraferida Condemns Es Trenc Wedding

Terraferida has called for immediate action after a wedding took place on the protected dunes of Es Trenc.    The environmental group has uploaded images of the ceremony onto social media websites saying two tents, a 4 by 4 and a drone were used during the wedding and loud music was playing throughout the day.  Terraferida says much more needs to be done to stop events taking place on protected land.

French Air Traffic Controllers Will Strike From June 28th To July 2nd

French Air Traffic Controllers are taking strike action yet again between June 28th and July 2nd which means there´s even more misery in store for passengers with flights booked to and from Mallorca.   The industrial action will affect more than half a million passengers with nearly 4,000 flights in and out of Son Sant Joan airport expected to be delayed or cancelled.

Book Share Exchange Set Up At Two EMT Bus Stops In Palma

A book exchange has been set up at two EMT bus stops in Palma to encourage people to read more.   At the General Riera 77 and Pasqual Ribot 41 bus stops passengers can choose a book from the shelf and then exchange it for another when they´re finished reading it.    People are also encouraged to leave new books on the shelf for others to read.

Bin Men In Manacor Strike Over Pay & Conditions

Bin men in Manacor have begun an indefinite strike over pay and conditions.    Employees are demanding a 1.75% wage rise and a minimum wage of 1,000€ a month.    So far negotiations between union representatives and the company have failed to secure a deal.

Campaign Against Anti-Social Behaviour Launched In Calvià

Tourists and locals in Calvià have been given a blatant reminder about the penalties they face for breaking the law.     Twenty notices have been posted in Punta Ballena, Magalluf and Santa Ponça, in English and in Spanish, telling them they´ll be slapped with a fine of 500€ for drinking in the street; 400 for shouting, fighting or bothering people; wandering the streets with no clothes on will also result in penalties of 400€ and there will be a 200€ fine for dirtying the street.

New Railway Network Lines To Artà, Cala Rajada, Alcùdia & Santa Ponça

The Government has released its proposals for changes to the railway network in Mallorca.    The plans include extending the Manacor line to Artà and Cala Rajada and the Sa Pobla line to Alcùdia.    There are also plans to extend the metro service to Parc Bit and Son Espases Hospital and to introduce a service from Palma to Santa Ponça.

Man Jailed For Hit & Run Accident In Palma In January, 2017

A man has been jailed for 21 months, banned from driving for more than 3 years and fined just over 1,000€ in connection with a hit and run accident in Palma in January last year.    The 33 year old ran a red light, injuring three pedestrians but didn´t stop.   He then took police on a high speed chase through the city before crashing on the motorway.   He´s also been ordered to pay compensation of 3,320€ in damages to the rental car company.

Palma Bar Shut Down After Footage Shows Pigeons Being Killed & Plucked

A bar in Palma has been shut down after a neighbour filmed employees killing at least a dozen pigeons.    The footage shows two people on a terrace at the property strangling the birds then plucking them.   Sandwiches and hamburgers are sold at the bar but Health Department Inspectors say it´s unlikely that the pigeons were fed to customers.

1 Metre Long Albino Python Recaptured In Llucmajor

There was panic in Llucmajor yesterday when a one metre long Albino Python went missing.    The snake is not poisonous or dangerous, but the owner called police when it escaped and then contacted neighbours via social media to let them know the reptile was on the loose.    The Python was eventually found at the owner´s home and is thought to have been hiding in the garden all the time.

Allegations of Sexual Abuse At College Of Sant Agustí Being Investigated

An investigation is underway after 8 complaints of alleged sexual abuse against an employee at the College of Sant Agustí in Palma.    The abuse allegedly happened while a video was being made to mark the 125th anniversary of the school, when the children were alone with the suspect.    The suspect has been arrested and his computer has been seized by the National Police.

Car Plunges 10 Metres Over A Cliff Near Alcudia

A Belgian couple are recovering in hospital after their car plunged 10 metres over a cliff near Alcudia.     Emergency services personnel said the couple were in shock after the incident.  The man suffered a severe blow to the head and his wife had minor injuries.   It´s thought the driver put the car into first gear instead of reverse.

Terraferida Objects To Algae Being Removed From Sa Ràpita Beach

The Environmental Group, Terraferida, has made a formal complaint to the Department of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries about the removal of algae from the beach at Sa Ràpita.    The group argues that the sand and dry seaweed regenerate the beach and claims the machinery used to remove the algae causes irreparable damage to the environment.

Consumers Snap Up Big Screen Televisions To Watch The World Cup

Electrical Retailers in the Balearic Islands are raking it in thanks to the football World Cup.    Consumers, small businesses and hotels are investing in large tv´s to draw in punters for the big games.   Around 2,500 tv´s have been sold in Mallorca alone in the last month and most of them were the 65″ and 75″ models.

Swiss Entrepeneur Offers To Pay Half The Cost Of Lighting Formentor Tunnel

A Swiss entrepreneur has offered to pay for half of the cost of lighting the Formentor tunnel.    Max Hürzeler, who lives in Mallorca and has close ties with the world of cycling says there have been several accidents in the tunnel because it´s so dark.    Mr Hürzeler estimates that it will cost around €20,000 to install the artificial lighting and says he´s willing to put his hand in his pocket to make the tunnel safer for everyone as soon as possible.

Murder Investigation Begins In Menorca After Dead Body Found In Jacuzzi

A murder investigation is underway in Menorca after the body of a woman was found in a Jacuzzi in Ciutadella.    The victim´s husband allegedly told police that she must have fallen asleep and drowned.   A post mortem is being carried out to determine the exact cause of death.

Life-Support For Irish Teenager, Jack Walsh, is Switched Off

Tributes are being paid to Irish teenager, Jack Walsh, whose family authorised hospital staff to turn off life-support.   The 19 year old was on holiday in Mallorca when he fell off the second floor balcony at the BH Hotel in Magaluf.   Arrangements are being made to repatriate his body to his home town of Limerick.

Iñaki Urdangarin Begins His Sentence At Brieva Prison Near Madrid

Iñaki Urdangarin, husband of the Infanta Cristina and brother in law to King Felipe, has entered the Brieva prison near Madrid.    Mr Urdangarin, his former business partner, Diego Torres, and the ex Balearic President, Jaume Matas were found guilty of tax fraud and embezzlement at the non-profit foundation Nóos Institute.

Spanish Cyclist Dies After Falling Down A Ravine In Lluc

A 29 year old Spanish cyclist has died after falling down a ravine in Lluc.  Miquel Pol Munar  reportedly swerved to avoid a goat in the road and fell off the cliff.    Friends and emergency services tried to revive him but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Capdepera City Council Issues New Rules To Curb Anti-Social Behaviour

Capdepera City Council is clamping down on the excessive noise and anti-social behaviour of tourists, starting with a change in the law, making it illegal to drink alcohol on the beach.    In the last couple of weeks the Council has received a raft of complaints about tourists fighting in the streets,k bathing naked in a fountain in broad daylight and getting drunk on the beach.     A proposal to ban live music in bars is also being considered.

Record Number Of Passengers Using Aerotib Buses In Mallorca

The number of people using the Aerotib buses from the airport to tourist resorts on the island soared by 56% between the May 1st and June 10th this year.   Of the 30,000 passengers who used the buses during that period, 17,188 headed to Paguera or Magaluf.  Nearly 9,000 took the bus to Can Picafort, Playa de Muro or alcudia and 3,089 travelled to Cala D´or, Arenal or Llumajor.

Body Of Missing Pilot Recovered From The Ocean Near Puerto Pollença

The body of a missing pilot has been recovered from the ocean two miles off the coast of Puerto Pollença.      Antonio Alfaro was on a reconnaissance mission in Mallorca when his fire-fighting plane disappeared last Tuesday.   A postmortem examination will be carried out to determine the exact cause of his death.    The authorities said the plane was found 62 metres below the surface and appears to be intact.

French ACT Strike Grounded More Than 50 Balearic Flights At The Weekend

More than 50 flights were cancelled at the weekend because of another round of strikes by French Air Traffic Controllers and the industrial action caused severe delays to flights throughout Europe.     Michael O´Leary, the CEO of Ryanair has called for urgent action by the European Commission to prevent more flight disruption in July and August.

Spanish Woman Killed In Car Accident Near Santa Margalida

A Spanish woman in her 20´s was killed in a car accident on the outskirts of Santa Margalida yesterday.     The incident happened on a poorly lit road between Santa Margalida and Can Picafort just before midnight and Emergency Services were unable to save her.   The driver of the car was given a breathalyser test which proved negative for alcohol and drugs.

Thousands Attend ´Freedom Of Expression´ Concert In Palma

More than 8,000 people attended a concert in Palma Arena at the weekend in support of freedom of expression.     In a video, Valtonyc called for an end to censorship.    The rapper fled to Belgium after he was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in  prison for insulting the Spanish Royal Family and glorifying terrorism in his song lyrics.

Thousands Queue To Get In When BCM Nightclub Reopens

Thousands of people queued up to get into BCM nightclub at the weekend .  The club was closed last year amid the scandal surrounding Bartolomé Cursach, when irregularities were uncovered during routine inspections at the popular venue.

3rd English Footballer Detained For Alleged Rape Of British Teenager

A third English footballer has been detained in connection with the alleged rape of a British teenager at a hotel in Ibiza.     The victim and her friend reportedly met the 2nd division players at a bar in San Antonio and agreed to go back to the hotel the footballers were staying in, in San Jose. One of the men is accused of raping the 19 year old while another held her down and a third recorded the incident on his mobile phone.

French Woman Jailed for Killing Cyclist In Sineu In September 2016

A French women who ran over and killed a cyclist in Sineu in September 2016, has been jailed for 2 years, 6-months and 10 days.  Tests showed that the 36 year old was four times over the drink driving limit when the accident happened.   She´s been ordered to pay more than 500,000€ in compensation to  the relatives of the victim.

French ATC Strike Likely To Cause Flight Delays & Cancellations

There´s more misery in store for travellers this weekend when French Air traffic Controllers take strike action yet again this  Saturday and Sunday.    Thousands of flights are likely to be delayed or cancelled and passengers are strongly advised to check the status of their flight before they leave home.

At Least 10 People Arrested During Drug Raids In Palma

At least ten people have been arrested in Palma for alleged drug trafficking.    Drug squad officers say cocaine, heroin and marijuana was seized during simultaneous raids at more than a dozen homes in Are Gotleu, Pere Garau and es Forti.

Traffic Cameras, Mobile Radars & CCTV Being Installed In Palma

New cameras are being installed at traffic lights in Palma to catch drivers who run red lights, mobile radars are being put on the streets at specific areas to stop traffic violations and there will also be new CCTV cameras in Platja de Palma to monitor drivers there.    Three companies have been contracted to complete the project over the next few months at a cost of nearly €3m.

1.5 Metre Blue Shark Spotted Close To Shore In Arenal

There was drama in Arenal yesterday afternoon after a 1.5m long blue shark was spotted close to shore.    Lifeguards hoisted a red flag and got swimmers out of the water immediately.  Thankfully, nobody was hurt and the beach should re-open today.

Nóos Bosses Jailed For Embezzlement Of Public Funds

The leaders of the nonprofit foundation Nóos Institute have been jailed in connection with the embezzlement of around 6 million euros in public funds.    Iñaki Urdangarin, the husband of the Infanta Cristina, was sentenced to five years and ten months in prison; his former business partner Diego Torres was given 5 years and 8 months and the Ex Balearic President, Jaume Matas, 3 years and 8 months.  All three have until Monday to report to prison.

2 English Footballers Charged With Sexual Assault Of British Tourist In Ibiza

Two English footballers have been charged with the alleged sexual assault of a 19 year old British tourist in Ibiza.   The incident allegedly happened near San Antonio and was reported to police by the parents of the alleged victim.   Police say they´re investigating allegations that a third football player was also involved.

Hunt Continues In Mallorca For Missing Plane

A massive search is continuing for a fire-fighting air tractor plane that disappeared on Tuesday during a reconnaissance flight.    The pilot is from Andalucia, has more than 1300 flying hours under his belt and has taken part in five fire-protection flights in the Balearic Islands.   The Environment Ministry says the last contact with the pilot was when the plane was near Valldemossa and heading to Cala san Vicente.

German Man Sustained Serious Head Injuries In Arenal Incident

A German man is in Son Espases Hospital with serious head injuries after an incident in Arenal.    The 19 year old was reportedly walking along the street with a friend when he banged into a stranger.    The man allegedly punched the victim, who fell and hit his head on the ground and lost consciousness.     Local police are sifting through CCTV footage to determine exactly what happened.

Rafa Nadal Has Pulled Out Of Queen´s Tournament In London

Rafa Nadal has pulled out of next week´s Fever-tree Championships at Queen´s Club in London after talking to his doctors.   The Mallorcan tennis champion, who won his 11th French Open title on Sunday, says he needs to rest before Wimbledon starts on July 2nd.

British Tourist Suffers Blow To The Head After A Bad Fall At El Toro Beach

A British tourist is in serious condition in Son Espases Hospital after a bad fall at El Toro beach in Calvà.    The 47 year old man reportedly went for a walk in the early hours of the morning after drinks with his wife and some friends at a local bar.    He was found unconscious at the base of the jetty yesterday morning with a serious blow to the head.

Balearic Government To Host Up To 30 Refugees From Aquarius Ship

The Balearic Government has agreed to take up to 30 refugees from a boat that was found in the Mediterranean with more than 600 people on board, including 123 children and 11 infants.   Spain offered to allow the Aquarius to dock in Valencia after Italy and Malta reportedly refused to take the immigrants.

Video Of Drunken Tourists On Platja de Palma Beaches Goes Viral

A video showing drunken tourists smoking and sprawling on the beaches and promenade in Platja de Palma amidst tons of rubbish has gone viral.     The footage was posted on Facebook under the banner ´Mallorcans Want An End To Saturation´and the group says it shows the grim reality of an area that´s described in brochures as ´the perfect place for a family holiday´.   The group also claims that the authorities are not doing enough to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Man Arrested In Campos For Alleged Drug Trafficking

A man has been arrested in Campos for alleged drug trafficking.   The Guardia Civil confiscated 4 kilos of marijuana buds and nearly 3,000€ in cash from the suspect´s van and a number of other marijuana plants were reportedly found in a greenhouse on his property.

Schiller Waterbikes Are Now Available In Palma

If you´re the type of person that gets bored on the beach listen up…….waterbikes are now available in Palma.      The Schiller Water Bikes have a top speed of 25 kilometres an hour, are very stable so they won´t tip over in the ocean and you can rent them by the hour in Platja de Palma.    If you´d rather buy one of your own be prepared to shell out more than 6,000€

Brussels Taking Spain To European Court Of Justice

Brussels is taking Spain to the European Court of Justice for failing to meet European Standards for waste management in Aragon, the Balearic islands, the Canary Islands, Madrid and Ceuta.   Spain was ordered to deal with the problems at 61 uncontrolled landfills nationwide in 2016 but the European Commission says no changes were made and it´s  threatening to impose economic sanctions against Spain.

Four German Tourists Arrested For Alleged Assault Of 2 Beggars

Four German tourists have been arrested for the alleged assault of two beggars in Platja de Palma.    The suspects told police that they´d given the beggars quite a lot of money so that they could return to Germany and claimed that when they saw them on the street again later and asked what happened to the money, one of the beggars spat at them.

Moroccan Man Arrested For Alleged Rape Of British Tourist In 2015

A Moroccan man has been arrested in Palma for the alleged rape of a British woman he met online in 2015.   The victim says they´d been communicating on a social media network and when they agreed to meet he offered her 300€ and drugs in return for sex but when she refused he sexually assaulted her.

Can Pere Antoni Residents Complain About Garbage On The Beaches

Residents of Can Pere Antoni have complained about the amount of garbage washing up on the beaches.  Swimmers say they can only use a very small area of the beach because apart from the algae that accumulates on the sand, the shoreline is littered with a huge amount of plastic, plastic bags and cans

British Tourist Falls From The Balcony Of The BH Hotel In Magaluf

A British tourist is seriously ill in Son Espases Hospital with multiple fractures to his legs and jaw after falling from a second floor balcony at the BH Hotel in Magaluf.     A hotel employee raised the alarm after finding the 21 year old lying in the street in the early hours of this morning.

Peter Stringfellow Died From Lung Cancer

Tributes are pouring in for Peter Stringfellow who died yesterday morning, he was 77.  The nightclub owner was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008 but only told family and close friends about his illness.   He had a home and a boat here in Mallorca and spent a significant amount of time in the Balearic Islands.

400 Complaints Lodged In Calvià In May

More than 400 complaints were lodged in Calvià in May and most them were for hawking.   Eight  people were reported for having sex in public, there were 34 complaints against illegal masseurs and more than 50 for alcohol or drug related offences.   In the last week alone 22 complaints were filed against public relations employees, or tiqueteros, for illegal advertising in tourist hot spots in Calvià and local police issued fines of between €600 and €6,000.

Man Thrown Out Of Bar For Giving Nazi Salute

A man was reportedly thrown out of a bar in Arenal during the football match between Germany and Austria for giving a Nazi salute during the Austrian national anthem.    Witnesses say the man was very drunk and had a number of Second World War German tattoos on his back and the words Honour, Loyalty, Homeland.

Plain Clothes Deployed To Llucmajor To Monitor Anti-Social Behaviour

Plain clothes police are being deployed to the streets of Llucmajor to crack down on illegal drinking in the streets, noisy tourists, and the sale of alcohol after hours.   Fines of up to €750 will be issued for excessive noise, but more serious issues such as the sale of alcoholic drinks between midnight and 0800, will result in penalties of up to €3,000.

Three People Arrested For Alleged Robbery

Three people have been arrested in Manacor for the alleged robbery of around 70 schools, childcare centres and homes for the elderly.  Cash, jewellery and other goods were found during raids at the homes of the suspects and police are investigating the possibility that more people may have been involved.   The robberies took place in Manacor, Sóller, Caimari, Vilafrance and Sant Joan.

New Parking Restrictions At Cala Varques

Barriers are being put up at Cala Varques to stop people parking.   Every summer an increasing number of drivers park their cars close to the junction of the MA-4014 access road to Port Cristo and the council says they´re putting road users and pedestrians in danger.      The new barriers will stretch for 200 metres.

Alaró Man Jailed For 6 Years For Drug Trafficking

A man from Alaró has been sentenced to six years in prison for drug trafficking.   In April last year drug squad officers intercepted a package addressed to the man which contained 2 kilos of cocaine from Colombia, with a purity of 73.9% and a street value of around €200,000.

Drunk German Tourists Filmed Swimming Naked in Cala Rajada Fountain

Residents of Cala Rajada are furious after German tourists were seen drunk and swimming naked in a fountain in the town in broad daylight.    A local person filmed the tourists and the video and has gone viral on social media, prompting calls for tougher regulations to stop anti-social behaviour.

Glass Screen Erected At Eden Roc Apartment Complex

The Authorities at the Eden Roc Apartment Complex in Magaluf have taken preventative measures to stop people falling from the building.  A large glass screen has been erected at the location where a 20 year old British man fell to his death.  It´s thought that he jumped over a low wall believing there was a corridor on the other side.    A 19 year old Scottish tourist died in April after falling from the same apartment building.

Ryanair Bans Duty Free Alcohol On Flights To Ibiza

Ryanair is cracking down on drunken tourists heading for Ibiza this summer.  The airline has emailed passengers informing them that alcohol bought in duty free shops, or anywhere else, must be packed in carry-on luggage.  It will then be tagged at the gate and put in the hold free of charge.      Airline staff will also monitor boarding gates and if passengers try to hide alcohol, they won´t be allowed on the flight and won´t get a refund or compensation.    Ryanair hasn´t said whether passengers will be allowed to buy alcoholic drinks during flights to the White Island.

Post Office Workers On Strike On Thursday

Unions representing around 1,000 postal workers in the Balearic Islands say they´ll down tools for two hours tomorrow to support the national strike over working conditions.   The CCOO claims massive budget cuts and the loss of 15,000 jobs over the last year have destroyed the Post Office and union representatives are threatening to call more strikes over the summer if the government     doesn´t take urgent action.

Bartolomé Cursach Sentenced To 8 Months For Having Loaded Shotgun

Bartolomé Cursach has been sentenced to 8 months in jail for having a loaded shotgun under his bed and several boxes of bullets in a drawer.    Mr Cursach did not have a licence for the Winchester rifle which was reportedly brought in to Spain illegally and insisted that the weapon did not belong to him.    It´s the first of many serious charges that the Mallorcan businessman is facing following his arrest last year.

Guardia Civil Says Apartment Building Death In Magaluf Was Accidental

The British man who died after falling from the Eden Roc apartment building in Magaluf at the weekend has been named as Thomas Owen H.    Guardia Civil officers believe that he jumped over a low wall in the complex thinking that there was a hallway on the other side, fell 20 metres and was killed instantly.  His body was found on Sunday morning.

Valtonyc Will Surrender To Belgian Authorities This Week

The European Court of Human Rights has refused to dismiss Valtonyc´s prison and he´s expected to hand himself in to Belgian authorities this week.  The rapper is trying to build a defence strategy to avoid extradition to Spain where he faces three and a half years in jail for insulting the Spanish Royal family and glorifying terrorism in his song lyrics.

7 People Arrested In Palma For Alleged Fraud, Forgery & Asset Stripping

Seven people have been arrested in Palma for alleged fraud, forgery and asset stripping.   They´re accused of illegally renting apartments in Cala Major which were either holiday apartments owned by foreigners, belonged to people who had passed away, or were repossessed by the banks.     Police say the gang made at least €200,000 from the scam.

Ryanair Increases Hand Luggage Fees

Ryanair passengers will soon have to pay just over €1 extra for hand luggage on certain routes and just over €2 if they wait until they check in to opt for priority boarding, instead of paying for it when they buy their tickets.  Ryanair apparently rakes in around €5.7 million a day in extra charges and €2 billion a year from priority boarding and seat reservation payments.

15 Boats Will Patrol Balearic Waters This Summer To Protect The Posidonia

Five extra boats will be patrolling Balearic waters this summer to protect the posidonia, taking the total to 15.     Five of the boats will be dedicated to checking up on popular mooring areas in Mallorca, three will monitor Ibiza, five more will patrol the waters around Formentera and the other two will be based in Menorca.   Watchmen are also being recruited to cover marine areas

Irish Tourist Dies After Falling From Apartment Building In Magaluf

An Irish tourist has died after falling 20 metres from a building in Magaluf.    The 20 year old arrived in Mallorca on Saturday and his body was found in the inner courtyard of the Eden Roc Apartment Complex on Sunday morning.    It´s the second time in just over a month that someone has fallen to their death at the Eden Roc Apartments.   In April, a Scottish tourist died after falling from the 6th floor.

Five British People Held On Suspicion Of Hate Crime

Five British residents of Magalluf are being held by police on suspicion of hate crime.   The accusation was made by 20 Nigerian prostitutes who claim they have been harassed, insulted and physically attacked over the last two weeks.   The accused are reportedly part of a group called ´March Against Muggers´ who claim that the prostitutes are stealing from tourists.   The Council of Mallorca´s Director of Equality has called for the women to treated with respect and dignity.

Romanian Expat Detained For Alleged Rape Of British Tourist Last Summer

A Romanian Expat has been remanded in custody for the alleged sexual assault of a British tourist last summer, after his DNA was found on her clothing.    The woman told Interpol she was drinking with a friend in Punta Ballena but they got separated.  She has accused the suspect of buying her drinks then taking her to a hotel room and raping her.

Swedish Investors Set Their Sites On Son Espanyolet & Pere Garau

Swedish investors have been snapping up properties in Mallorca for years and are already well established in Santa Catalina and Palma´s Old Town.    Now they´re turning their attention to Son Espanyolet and Pere Garau, prompting SAS and Norwegian airlines to add more direct flights to and from Son Sant Joan airport to meet the needs of the ever increasing number of Scandinavians who have a home here in Mallorca.

New Rules Issued For Bars, Restaurants & Hotels During The World Cup

The World Cup kicks off in Russia in less than two weeks but fans in Mallorca won´t be able to watch the match outside at their local.    Massive television screens have been banned from bar and restaurant terraces and hotels have been told to make sure that televisions can´t be seen from the street, to prevent clashes between supporters.  Extra police will be on the streets during and after all England and Germany games and security will be very tight in Magaluf and in Platja de Palma.

Magaluf Prostitutes Accuse ´March Against Muggers´ Group Of Hate Crime

Around 20 prostitutes in Magaluf have accused a group who call themselves´March Against Muggers´of a hate crime, claiming that over the last two weeks they´ve been harassed, insulted and at times physically attacked.     The group is made up of local business people, bar and club owners and residents in Magaluf who claim the prostitutes are stealing from tourists and are trying to force them out of the area.

Renovation Budget For Teatre Principal In Inca Soars To 5.5 Million Euros

The budget for renovations at the Teatre Principal in Inca has soared after an 18th century well was discovered on the property.    An extra 1.3 million euros will be needed in order to protect and preserve the ancient well, which means the total cost of the project will be 5.5 million euros.    The theatre is expected to reopen sometime next year.

4 Pickpockets Arrested In Andratx & Sóller

It´s high season for pickpockets in Mallorca and 4 were arrested by the local police this week; 1 in Andratx and 3 in Sóller.    A gang of thieves from Barcelona is reportedly operating in Port de Andratx and the Guardia Civil is advising people to be extra vigilant, especially on market days.

British man Could Be Jailed For 4 Years For Bringing Drugs To Mallorca

A British man who was caught bringing drugs to Mallorca in July 2016 could be jailed for 4 years.   The Guardia Civil found 70 ecstasy tablets and several grams of ketamine in the suspect´s suitcase when he arrived on a flight from London.    He claimed at the time that the drugs were for his own use while he was on holiday.    A woman who was with him has been acquitted.

Community Service To Replace Fines For Illegal Street Drinking In Marratxí

New legislation being drawn up in Marratxí to tackle illegal drinking in the streets proposes replacing fines with community service.   Neighbours have complained time and again about the noise and excessive drinking of groups of young people who gather in local streets and about the amount of waste and vomit that they leave behind.  It´s hoped that the new law will solve the problem.

Calvià Mayor Says Extra Police Desperately Needed During High Season

Calvià is also struggling with problems of excessive drinking and prostitution and the mayor more police are desperately needed on the streets, particularly in Punta Ballena.    Around 2 million tourists descend on Calvia during the summer season and last year there were nearly 4,000 complaints about hawking, drug dealing and illegal drinking in the streets.

Camper Planning To Build A New Boutique Hotel In Plaza Gomila

The Mallorcan Shoe manufacturer, Camper, has chosen Plaza Gomila in Palma as the location for a brand new urban hotel with at least 4-stars.    The company has already made its mark in the hospitality sector with boutique hotels in Barcelona and Berlin, but previous plans to open one in Mallorca never materialised.

New Bus Service Will Run From Artà To Cala Torta & Cal Mitjana

Artà Council is launching a new bus service from the city to Cala Torta and Cala Mitjana to ferry people to the beaches.   Vehicles have been banned from the coves and a barrier  was erected at the entrance to protect the coastline and the dunes from an ever increasing influx of tourists.

British Tourists Allegedly Having Drugs Hand Delivered At Ibiza Airport

British tourists are allegedly ordering drugs via WhatsApp and having them hand delivered when they land at the airport in Ibiza.    The dealers allegedly upload photographs of the drugs they want to sell to a WhatsApp group and once the sale has been completed they delete all of the messages.   The service is reportedly run by pirate taxi drivers who also allegedly sell drugs to British people working as bar staff, waiters and promoters on the White Island.

A Childcare Centre In Palma Is Under Investigation For Alleged Child Abuse

A childcare centre in Palma is under investigation for alleged child abuse after a neighbour recorded video of an incident from her window.     In the footage a carer appears to push a small child to the ground then chastise it.    Police are examining the footage to determine exactly what happened.

Portuguese Man O´War Jellyfish Spotted In the Waters Of Cala Llamp

Police were called to the beach in Andratx yesterday after two Portuguese Man O´War jellyfish were spotted in the waters of Cala Llamp.    Yellow warning flags have already been raised at El Molinar, Can Pastilla and Arenal and early morning inspections of the beaches in Mallorca are continuing.  Anyone who sees the violet coloured jellyfish should call 112 to report the location.

Fishermen In Palma Still Waiting For A Space On The Port To Sell Their Catch

Fishermen in Palma are demanding that the Balearic Port Authority keep its promise and allocate a space on the port for them to sell their catch.   After waiting two years for approval to sell their fish port-side they say they can´t understand why it´s taking so long to finalise a location, and have suggested that the area in front of La Lonja would be ideal because it´s close to the port.

Lidl Stops Selling Plastic Shopping Bags In Balearic Stores

Lidl has stopped selling plastic shopping bags at shops in the Balearic Islands and will withdraw them from all 550 stores in Spain before the end of the summer.    The company says the change will take around 100 million plastic bags out of circulation in Spain, which is enough to cover 2,500 football fields.  Customers will be able to buy re-usable raffia bags in the stores instead.

Portuguese Man O´War Jellyfish Found In El Molinar, Can Pastilla & Arenal

Three more Portuguese Man O´War jellyfish were found in Mallorca in El Molinar, Can Pastilla and Arenal yesterday.     Yellow warning flags have been raised and people are advised not to swim in the water at those beaches.    Early morning inspections are taking place at all the beaches in Palma and anyone who sees a Portuguese Man O´War should call 112 to report the location.    And just a reminder; if you do get stung don´t rub the skin just pour salt water on the affected area and seek medical attention.

Ryanair Cabin Crew Threatening To Take Strike Action This Summer

Ryanair Cabin Crew are threatening to take strike action at peak times this summer.   Union Representatives in Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Spain are demanding that the low cost airline stop using Irish Labour laws for its entire staff and adhere to the regulations of each European country instead.    The dates of any planned industrial action are unlikely to be published until July.

Lalonja Residents Demand Stricter Regulations For Terraces

Residents of the Lalonja area of Palma have made a formal complaint about the noise from terraces and bars in the area and are calling for stricter regulations be put in place.    Their demands include reducing the size of terraces by 50% and closing them down at 2300 and shutting all bars, clubs and restaurants at midnight on weekdays and at 0100 on weekends and public holidays.

Airbnb Launching New Tool To Stop Unlicenced Property Adverts

Airbnb is launching a new tool to stop people from renting their homes to tourists if they don´t have the proper authority.     Advertisers will have to supply their name, address and identity card number when they list their property and that data will be shared with Local and Regional authorities.    Airbnb says 2,500 unlicenced properties have already been removed from its website.

Platja de Palma To Campaign For Administrative Autonomy

Hoteliers, business owners and residents of Platja de Palma are fed up of drunken tourists and illegal street sellers and have decided to do something about it.     Under the umbrella group, Civic Palm Beach, they intend to start gathering signatures as part of a campaign to obtain Administrative Autonomy.    Residents of Platja de Palma say the promenade has become a magnet for illegal concerts, hawkers and anti-social behaviour and claim there´s little or no police presence in the area.

325 New Jobs Created At Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics In Palma

325 jobs have been created at the new offices of Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics in Palma and the company will eventually employ 700 people.     The travel company has also boosted the number of seats on offer to and from Palma to 2.1 million this summer with four A320 planes currently in operation at Son Sant Joan, and plans to increase the fleet to eight in 2019.

British People Warned About Risks of Casual Work In Mallorca

The British government has launched a new campaign designed to warn young people about the risks of working in bars and clubs in Mallorca, especially if they don´t have a contract.   A new report claims that casual workers are forced to do long hours for very little money, are often sexually harassed and abused and that many are forced to hand over their passports.

Ikea Issues Urgent Alert About Sladda Bike

Ikea has launched an urgent alert about its Sladda bike which has been withdrawn because of a defect in the transmission belt.    The company says owners should stop using the bike immediately and return it to their nearest store for a full refund.  The Sladda bike has been on the market in 26 countries, including Spain, since August 2016.    For more information call 900 922 400 or log on to the Ikea website.

More Strike Action By French Air Traffic Controllers Expected This Summer

Strike action by French Air Traffic Controllers caused chaos at the weekend with some flights in and out of the Balearic Islands delayed by up to 5 hours.  The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, or Eurocontrol, has warned that there´s more misery in store for travellers.    French Air Traffic Controllers are reportedly planning to take more industrial action over the summer  and walk outs over pay and conditions are expected at Vueling and Ryanair.

European Arrest Warrant Issued For Valtonyc

A European Arrest Warrant has been issued for Valtonyc, who´s fled to Belgium to avoid going to prison.     The Mallorcan rapper managed to slip out of the country despite being under surveillance by the Guardia Civil.   He was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for praising terrorism and insulting the Spanish Royal Family in his song lyrics.

Postal Workers To Stage Temporary Strike Over Pay & Conditions

Unions representing postal workers in the Balearic Islands have called for strike action over pay and conditions.    Unions claim that 15,000 jobs have been lost in the last 4 years and say a wage freeze has been in force for six years.  The temporary stoppage will take place between 1330 and 1500 on June 7th.

Thomas Cook Increases The Number Of Seats To & From Palma By 17%

The Thomas Cook Group is boosting its presence in Mallorca this summer with 2.1 million seats on flights to and from Palma; that´s an increase of 17% compared to last year.  The new headquarters of Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics opens today with 20 ground staff and 100 pilots.  The company will operate four A320 aircraft this year and plans to add another 4 in 2019.

Extra National Police Officers Deployed To Ports & Airports In The Balearics

Extra National Police officers are being deployed to ports and airports in the Balearic Islands to cope with the influx of tourists over the summer season.  The officers will be checking for undocumented workers, illegal immigrants and foreign gangs trying to get to enter the islands without the proper paperwork.

Cala Vinyes Resident Facing Fine For Allegedly Cutting Down 100 Pine Trees

A home owner in Cala Vinyes is facing a heavy fine for allegedly cutting down at least 100 pine trees in order to obtain an ocean view from the property.    Neighbours went to investigate after hearing the noise of chainsaws and called the Town Hall when they saw how many trees had been felled.

Valtonyc Has Fled The Country To Avoid Imprisonment

Valtonyc has fled to Belgium to avoid going to prison.    The Mallorcan rapper managed to slip out of the country despite being under surveillance by the Guardia Civil.    Valtonyc was sentenced to three and a half years in jail for insulting the Spanish royal family and praising terrorism in his song lyrics and was due to enter prison today.

Can Pastilla & El Molinar Beaches Closed After Toxic Jellyfish Sightings

The beaches at Can Pastilla and El Molinar have been closed after two live Portuguese Man O´ War jellyfish were spotted in the ocean.   Their sting is highly toxic and anyone who comes into contact with them is advised to use  salt water to wash the area and remove any debris from the skin without rubbing the targeted area.    Lifeguards have been trained to spot the Portuguese Man O´War jellyfish and daily searches are being carried out to determine if any more are in the area.

5 Children´s Car Seats Fail Safety Tests

5 children´s car seats which are currently on the market have failed safety tests according to a report by the Child Restraint Systems.   The Giordani Evolution Isofix and the Concord Ultimax i-Size failed the frontal impact test.   Toxic substances were found in the Avionaut Ultralite IQ database and the Jane Gravity, and the Chicco Cosmos was deemed unsatisfactory because of management and security problems.   29 children´s car seats were tested during the study.

Four People Arrested In Palma For Beating Up Indian Man

Four people have been arrested in Palma for beating up an Indian man and stealing his mobile phone.   The incident happened last month at the bus stop in Plaza de España in the early hours of the morning.   The victim managed to escape and jump on a bus and reported the incident to the police.   He later identified his attackers from photographs.

Airlines Won´t Raise Prices When Increased Residents´ Discount Is In Force

Airline representatives in Mallorca have promised not to raise their prices when the resident´s discount comes into force, and to schedule more flights to the mainland to meet the increase in demand that´s expected.    The agreement was made yesterday at a meeting between President of the Balearic Government and representatives of Air Europa, Vueling, Iberia, Norwegian, Binter, Air Nostrum, and from shipping companies and travel agencies.

Strike Action By French Air Traffic Controllers Caused Delays & Cancellations

Strike action by French Air Traffic Controllers grounded more than 60 Balearic flights yesterday and many more were delayed.    The industrial action was called by nine unions, representing around 5.7 million workers, as a protest against planned labour reforms.  It will take time for flight schedules to return to normal and passengers are advised to check with the relevant airline before leaving home.

Warning Issued After Portuguese Man O´ War Remains Found In El Molinar

Swimmers are being warned to be on the lookout after the remains of a species of jellyfish with a highly toxic sting were found in El Molinar.  It has been formally identified by the Coastal Observation System of the Balearic Islands as a Portuguese Man O´War.    Lifeguards have been trained to spot them and daily searches are to be carried out to determine whether there are any more in the area.

12 Cars Destroyed By Fire In Underground Parking Structure In Esporles

At least a dozen cars were destroyed when the engine of a van caught fire in an underground parking lot in Esporles yesterday.    The blaze quickly spread to other vehicles and thick black smoke filled the parking structure.    Three local police officers and a member of the public had to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Firestone Building In Palma To Be Replaced By New Luxury Hotel

The old Firestone building in Calle Ramón y Cajal in Palma is to be demolished to make room for a new luxury hotel.  The HM chain is spending €8.5 million on the 4-star hotel which will have nearly 200 rooms and it´s expected to open in 2020.

4 British Tourists Arrested In Connection With Magaluf Hotel Fire

Four British tourists have been arrested in connection with a fire at a Hotel in Magaluf on Sunday.    The two boys and two girls were reportedly playing with a spray can and a lighter when the blaze took hold.   Damage to the hotel is estimated to amount to around €140,000.

30% Drop In The Number Of Balearic Homes Advertised On Airbnb

The number of Balearic properties advertised on Airbnb dropped by more than 30% in April compared to last year.   In 2017, 2,776 properties were offered on the website, and in April this year there were only 1,890.    But demand is still so high that the price of tourist rental properties in the Balearic Islands has gone up by 28.5%.

Residents Of Arenal Say They Can´t Sleep Because Of Noisy Tourists

Residents of Arenal say they´re getting no sleep at all because tourists are shouting and singing in the streets, playing loud music and yelling from hotel balconies at all hours of the day and night, and some are even using megaphones.   The World Health Organisation has warned that lack of sleep can cause severe health problems and locals say some of their neighbours are already suffering with anxiety and depression and the season has only just begun.

Palacio de Congresos Raked In €94m In Its First Year

The Palacio de Congresos has exceeded financial expectations in its first year by raking in €9.4m; 18% more than predicted.     By the time all the bills were paid, the venue had a negative balance of nearly 4%, but that´s much less than expected.    There were 173 events at the Palacio de Congresos in 2017, which gave at least 200 local suppliers a financial boost and attracted nearly 29,000 people to the venue.

Licence Issues Could Force San Juan Gastronomy Market To Shut Down

Palma Town Hall says San Juan Gastronomy Market could be shut down because it doesn´t have the correct licence and is currently only covered for commercial equipment and not  gastronomy.   The San Juan Gastronomy Market opened in 2015 on the premises of what used to be the S´Escorxador slaughterhouse, and was the first market of its kind in the Balearic Islands.

British Tourists Allegedly Being Robbed By Prostitutes In Magaluf

British tourists in Magaluf are reportedly being targeted by prostitutes offering sex for ten euros, then led down dark alleyways where a gang is waiting to rob them at knife point.    The charity, Street Angels, has said that the women prey on drunk men when they´re on their way back to their hotel.

Firefighters Rescue 7 People From Blaze At BH Hotel In Magaluf

At least 7 people had to be rescued and several others treated for smoke inhalation after a fire at the BH Hotel in Magaluf yesterday.    Two rooms were completely scorched by the blaze but technicians say the structure of the building was not damaged.   Police have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

New Plastic Bag Rules In Force From July 1st

Plastic bags will be banned in the Balearic Islands from 2021, but from July 1st this year  customers will have to pay for plastic bags they receive in all shops and supermarkets.      There are three categories of plastic bags; very light, light and heavy, and consumers will only be charged for the light ones which are the most common.   Between 5 million and 13 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year and these new rules are designed to make people more aware of the environmental impact of plastic.

100 People Protest In Palma Against Valtonyc Jail Sentence

Around a hundred people gathered in Palma yesterday to protest against the jailing of the rapper Valtonyc.  They chanted slogans calling for the rapper to be acquitted and sold t-shirts to raise money to pay for his Defence Team.   Valtonyc has been sentenced to 3-and-a-half years for issuing threats and insulting the Royal family in the lyrics of his songs and must enter prison by May 24th.

Neighbours Object To Plans For 750 New Homes In El Molinar

Planning permission for a new urbanisation in El Molinar consisting of 750 homes has been given the go ahead pending final approval from the government, despite strong objections from residents.     The new neighbourhood will include a social centre, a school, sports facilities, parking and new business premises.

Mallorcan Beer, Rosa Blanca, Is Relaunched

The Mallorcan beer, Rosa Blanca has been relaunched.   The brewery was taken over by Damm in 1998 and the company has now decided to put it back on the market.    Rosa Blanca was originally  brewed in Santa Catalina and brought to the marketed in 1927 with a white rose on the label.

Mallorca Celebrates The Marriage Of Prince Harry & Meghan Merkle

There will no doubt be a few fights over the tv remote tomorrow with the Chelsea vs Manchester United FA cup final on one channel and the royal wedding on the other…for all you royals here´s a peak at some of the details…

Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle will get married in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle at 12 noon in front of around 800 guests.

Meghan´s father won´t be there to walk her down the aisle because of health problems and so far there´s been no word from the palace about who will stand in for him.

After the ceremony the happy couple will take a carriage ride through Windsor town where throngs of people are expected to line the streets.

The bride´s dress is of course, the best kept secret of the day and speculation is rife about which style and designer she might opt for.

There will be parties and galas all over the island to celebrate the royal wedding – for events near you – check your local listings.

Police & Guardia Civil Monitoring Valtonyc In Case He Flees The Country

Valtonyc is being closely monitored by the National Police and the Guardia Civil and airlines have allegedly been told to inform the authorities immediately if the rapper registers as a passenger, in case he tries to flee the country.   He´s been sentenced to 3 and a half years for issuing threats and insulting the Royal family in the lyrics of his songs and must enter prison by May 24th.

The Demolition Of 45 Homes In Son Banya Will Begin In July

The demolition of the village of Son Banya will begin in July and the homes of those who have already found alternative accommodation will be the first to go.     16 families qualified for financial aid, but Cort has been unable to find new accommodation for four of them, which means they´ll have nowhere to go when they´re evicted.

Restaurants & Bars In Calle Blanquerna Accused of Ignoring Terrace Laws

Residents in Calle Blanquerna say 80% of the bars and restaurants there are ignoring the new laws for terraces and have asked the police to intervene.    They claim that establishments in Calle Blanquerna are putting out a lot more tables and chairs than they are allowed to and that there´s a noticeable difference, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights.

Artá City Council Stops Vehicles From Entering Cala Torta

Artá City Council has erected a barrier at the entrance to Cala Torta to stop vehicles from entering the area.  The Council says it want to protect the coastline and the dunes from the increasing number of tourists visiting the area and also plans to restrict access to the neighbouring beaches of Cala Mitjana and Cala Estreta.

Archaeologists May Have Found Remains Of Ancient Roman Port of Alcudia

Archaeologists say they´re cautiously optimistic that large stone blocks unearthed during surveys three years ago are the remains of the wall of the Roman Port of Alcudia.    Pieces of amphora jugs typical of the Roman era were also found at the site.    Archaeologists have been searching for the ancient Roman port for many, many years.

Residents´ Discount To Be Increased From 50% To 75%

Residents of the Balearics, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla will be entitled to a discount of 75%  for sea and air travel to the mainland from this summer.    The increase from 50% to 75% still has to be approved but insiders say it could be in force from as early as next month.

Ryanair Reduces Check-In Time For Passengers Who Don´t Pay For Seats

Ryanair is changing the rules yet again and this time it´s the amount of check in time passengers have.    From June 13th if you don´t pay to book a seat you can´t check in for your flight until 48 hours before take-off.    The changes apply to flights already booked as well as future reservations.    Passengers who´ve already booked their flight, but not paid for a seat, can cancel their flights and get a full refund but the request must be made before May 19th.

Manacor Police Are Searching For Violent Robber

Police in Manacor have appealed for help to identify a man who committed a violent robbery at a games salon on Monday.     The suspect allegedly punched a female employee in the face repeatedly and when she fell on the ground he kicked her and hit her with a bottle.   He got away with around 2,000€ and CCTV footage shows him leaving the venue with a cloth over his face.

Staff Claim Palma Airport Is Infested With Fleas, Mosquitoes & Cockroaches

Staff at Son Sant Joan airport in Palma say they´re working in appalling, unhygienic conditions, that the airport is infested with mosquitoes and cockroaches and that they´re bitten regularly during shifts.  They also claim that check-in desks 154 to 171, which are used for checking in animals are plagued with fleas.     Workers say they´ve reported the infestations to management but nothing has been done about it.

Mallorca Excursions Cancelled Because There´s Not Enough Tour Guides

Tour Operators and Travel Agents have been forced to cancel excursions in Mallorca because there´s a desperate shortage of Tour Guides.     The biggest problem appears to be finding Tour Guides with good language skills – particularly for visitors from places like China and Japan.  Both Tui and Thomas Cook say they´re looking for urgent solutions to the problem.

New Product By German Company May Wipe Out Xylella Fastidiosa Virus

A German firm says it´s found a cure for trees infected with Xylella fastidiosa virus.   BH Solutions GmbH says its product is based on nano silver and claims that just one litre can wipe out the bacteria on one hectare of land.   The company says that when the product was injected into infected olive trees in Italy the trees recovered and new green shoots appeared within five weeks.

32 Hotels & Aparthotels In Mallorca Fined For Alleged Overcrowding

32 Hotels and Aparthotels in Mallorca have been being slapped with fines of between 15,000€ and 55,000€ each for alleged overcrowding.    Tourism inspectors say the fines were imposed for places that allowed extra people to stay in rooms, but penalties were not issued for putting extra beds in rooms for children under the age of 12.

Nigerian Man Arrested In Palma For Allegedly Trafficking Women

A Nigerian man has been arrested in Palma for allegedly trafficking women and forcing them into prostitution in Benidorm, Pamplona and Palma.     The women were reportedly transported to Europe on small boats, then told that they had to work as prostitutes to pay off the cost of the journey.

Manacor City Council Plans To Spend Nearly €4.3m On Improvements

Manacor City Council has plans to spend nearly €4.3m on improvements in the city.   The money will be used to improve storm drains to stop flooding, install new awnings to provide shade at a number of parks, expand children´s playgrounds and lay new asphalt on  rural roads

British TV Show “Love Island” Returns To Mallorca In June

The British television show, “Love Island” is coming to Mallorca to film another series of the reality show.    More than 100,000 people registered to take part in this edition and those who were successful will have 7 weeks to find their perfect partner.   Filming starts at the beginning of June in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar.

Es Firo in Sóller Today

It’s second Monday in May and time for one of the island’s most colourful and noisiest festivals – Es Firo in Soller.  It’s a re-enactment of events in 1561 when the Moors invaded the town and the Christians living there successfully fought them off.  The battle begins in the port and makes its way toward the town square where victory celebrations will continue into the night.  You can find details on the loud and boisterous affair, full of fireworks and face paint at:

National Police Seize 2000 KG Of Meat And Arrest Four People From Cárnicas Luis

National Police have seized 2000 kilograms of meat and arrested four people in connection with distributing, selling, and storing expired and inferior quality meat.  Earlier this week, agents raided Cárnicas Luis which is based in Son Bugadelles in Calviá.  The company supplies meat to hotels and restaurants across the island, and also has its own retail stores.  Cárnicas Luis also being investigated for a number of labour violations against its workers.

Guardia Cvil Arrests Two Young People Accused Of Robbing 50 Restaurants and Businesses

The Guardia Civil has arrested two young people who allegedly robbed up to 50 restaurants and companies in Marratxi and Santa Maria.  They are accused of forced entry and stealing from cash registers, tobacco dispensers and games machines.  Police have recovered some of the stolen goods, and also found pliers, levers, iron saws, balaclavas, and gloves in the suspects’ vehicle.

Sex Crimes Are On The Rise In The Balearics

Sex crimes are on the rise in the Balearics, up by more than 20 percent compared with this time last year.  New data from the Ministry of the Interior reveals the number of cases has jumped from 86 cases to 105.  Across Spain there was a 13.8 percent rise in sexual offences, and an almost 30 percent increase in rapes. Robberies and drug crimes are also intensifying in the Balearic Islands, giving this region the highest crime surge in the country, up by 5.5 percent

Rafael Nadal Breaks Tennis Record Set By John McEnroe in 1984

Mallorca’s own Rafael Nadal has broken a tennis record set by American John McEnroe in 1984.  The world’s number one has now won 50 consecutive sets on clay courts, the latest during last night’s victory against Argentine Diego Swartzman in the Mutua Madrid Open.  Nadal will advance to the quarter finals tonight.  He recently returned to action after suffering a hip injury at the Australian Open in January

Mallorca Government To Post Signs About Benefits Of Balearic Tourist Tax

The Mallorca government plans to post a number of signs at sites around the island to educate the public about the Balearic Tourist Tax.  The controversial tax doubles during the high season, to a rate of between 3 and 5 euros per night for hotel stays, and 2 euros per night at holiday rentals.  The signs will explain how the tax is used to protect the local environment, and also highlight some of the locations that are benefitting from the tax.


Two Men Arrested In Connection With Death Of Aaron Henderson

Two men have been arrested in Magaluf in connection with the death of the Irishman, Aaron Henderson, who was found lying in the street with a severe head injury last Sunday and died later in Hospital.    Police say CCTV and leads from witnesses helped them track down the suspects.  One is reportedly from the UK and the other is Spanish.

British Woman Seriously Ill After Boyfriend´s Wife Allegedly Ran Her Over

A British woman is in serious condition in Son Espases hospital after she was run over by the ex-wife of her boyfriend.    Witnesses say the car mounted the pavement at high speed and deliberately targeted the victim.    The suspect, who´s also British, has been arrested and charged with alleged attempted homicide.

Palma Residents Associations Demand Berthing Restrictions For Cruise Ships

A group of Neighbourhood Associations in Palma are demanding that a maximum of two cruise ships a day be allowed to dock in Palma.  They´re also insisting that a substantial increase in taxes to 5€ per day be introduced for each passenger onboard, to compensate for the use of local resources and the pollution allegedly caused by cruise ships.

New Rap Workshops To Encourage Young People To Speak Catalan

The Government has launched new rap workshops in Mallorca to encourage the use of Catalan amongst young people on the island.    During the 12 hour workshops, Rapper Rafel Tailor, or ´Swing´will teach the 12-17 year-olds about the history of the rap genre and show them how to write lyrics.    The first workshops take place in Manacor this weekend.  If you´d like to be involved log on to


Laura Cameron Denies Involvement In Mallorca Hotel Sickness Scam

The British businesswoman, Laura Cameron has denied being involved in the false hotel sickness scam in Mallorca saying she only obtained telephone numbers and names from tourists in order to sell them to marketing companies.     In court, Laura Cameron spoke only to the judge and the lawyers.  She refused to answer questions from representatives of the Hoteliers who were targeted by the scam.

8 People Arrested During Drug Raids in Son Banya

8 people were arrested in Son Banya yesterday and police say they seized cocaine, heroin and marijuana during the raids.   It´s the third time this year that the national Police have raided Son Banya in a bid to stamp out drug dealing.

Manacor Asks Residents To Stop Putting Wipes Down The Toilet

Manacor has joined the “Don’t Feed The Monster campaign which aims to raise awareness about the serious damage that´s caused by putting wipes down the toilet. Despite claims on packaging, wipes are not biodegradable, instead they clog together and clog pipes and it costs tens of thousands of euros to unblock them.

44 Balearic Beaches Have Blue Flags This Year

Mallorca retains its 32 Blue Flag beaches this year.  Can Pere Antoni lost its award last year after plastic waste appeared on the beach, but a new one a new blue flag has been given to  Cala Major.    Ibiza has 7 blue flag beaches and Menorca has 5.    Real Club Náutico de palma and Port de Pollença have returned to the blue flag dock list and the Sea Cabrera 1, 2 and 3 sustainable tourism boats which are based in Colonia de Sant Jordi were also honoured,

British Ministry Of Justice Clamps Down On Fake Sickness Claims

New rules have now been introduced by the British Ministry of Justice, severely limiting the amount of money that lawyers can charge when they file sickness claims for tourists.    In the past the lawyers´ fees sometimes tripled the amount of compensation that hoteliers had to pay.     In the last three years alone the scam has cost Balearic hoteliers more than 80 million euros and the number of bogus sickness claims made by tourists soared from 5,000 in 2013 to 35,000 in 2016.

25 Year Old Tests Positive For Drugs & Alcohol After Fatal Accident

Police in Manacor say that a 25 year old man who fled after a fatal car accident in S´illot has been arrested.    The suspect was detained when he returned to the scene of the incident and allegedly tested positive for alcohol, cocaine and amphetamines.    Officers say the 45 year old victim was not wearing a seat belt.

Patients Waiting 78 Days Longer For Surgery In The Balearics

Patients in the Balearics had to wait 78 days longer for surgery in March this year compared to the same time in 2017.    On March 31st there were 38,107 patients on the waiting list and 13,220 of them were waiting for surgery.    Year on year that´s an increase of just over 5%.

Plane Noise Complaints In Coll d´en Rabassa, San Jordi & Can Pastilla

Residents in Coll d´en Rabassa claim that the noise made by planes flying overhead is brutal,  that it´s getting worse every year and exceeds the volume restrictions currently in place.    Sant Jordi and Can Pastilla are also in the flight path and with an average of one plane taking off every 50 seconds residents there have also joined the call for urgent changes to be made.

Defibrillators Being Installed At Palma Cathedral

Defibrillators are being installed at Palma Cathedral in case of emergency.   The views from the terraces of La Seu are breathtaking but you have to climb up 215 steps on a narrow spiral staircase to enjoy them.    Staff at the cathedral have reportedly been trained to use the defibrillators if and when they´re needed.

14 Real Estate Agents Fined For Allegedly Failing Inspections

14 Real Estate Agents have been fined nearly 300,000€ for allegedly to provide the necessary data of property owners or advertising unlicenced properties.  Home owners can be fined up to 40,000€ for renting their properties illegally and Real Estate Agents, Online Booking Agents and Tourism Intermediaries can be fined up to 400,000€.

Owner of Palma Children´s Nursery Jailed For 6 Months & Fined

The owner of a Children´s Nursery in Palma has been sentenced to six months in jail and fined 300€ for the ill-treatment of babies in her care.  She has also been ordered to pay 1,000€ to the mother of one of the children.  Two former employees told the court that the 47 year old tied the babies to chairs, locked them in the bathroom in the dark and forced an 18 month old baby to eat its own vomit.

Air Transat & Norwegian Considering Flights To Palma From Canada & US

The Canadian airline, Air Transat, wants to introduce direct flights from Toronto to Palma and is reportedly in talks with the Council of Mallorca.  Norwegian is apparently also considering a new route to Palma from either New York, Boston or Philadelphia.   Last week Norwegian´s share price plummeted when it turned down two takeover offers from IAG and some analysts believe the airline should curb its long-haul business.

Strike By French Air Traffic Controllers Causes Delays & Cancellations

A strike by French Air Traffic Controllers caused chaos at Son Sant Joan Airport yesterday.  More than 50 flights were delayed and 9 were cancelled on one of the busiest days so far this season.   866 flights landed at Palma airport bringing almost 150,000 passengers to Mallorca.

Megasport Complex Could Open Again By October

The Megasport Complex could be open again by October with newly renovated facilities and state of the art technology.  Palma Town Hall ordered the partial closure of the club over planning and licence issues, including three squash courts, the spa, changing rooms and showers. The Cursach group, which owns Megasport, closed the complex on Friday saying the business was unsustainable without those facilities.

Palma Airport To Get Extra Police & 40 New Scanners This Summer

At least 13 extra National Police Officers will be on duty at Son Sant Joan airport over the summer to cope with crowds at passport control.   Forty  new automatic scanners are also being installed in Terminal A.  Last year there was chaos at Palma airport and a number of passengers complained that they missed their flights because of delays at passport control.

Over 100 Flights Cancelled Today Because Of Strike At Vueling Airlines

There´s more misery in store for travellers today.  Hundreds of flights are either delayed or cancelled because of strike action by Pilots at Vueling Airlines.    The pilots´ union, SEPLA claims staff at Vueling are being paid 30% less than at other low cost airlines.  Passengers are advised to contact the airline to check the status of their flight before leaving home.

British Man Died In Magaluf From Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

A British man who was found in the street in Magaluf died from a severe traumatic brain injury and did not fall from a balcony according to the autopsy.    A police investigation has found that he was involved in an argument with two men, who reportedly pushed him to the ground, then kicked him in the head.   The 30 year old songwriter was on holiday with his partner.

Megasport Gym To Close Today Putting 200 People Out Of Work

Megasport Gym will close its doors tonight for the last time, leaving 200 people out of work.   The Town Hall had ordered the partial closure of the club over planning and licence issues,  including three squash courts and the spa.  But the Cursach group, which owns Megasport, says the business is unsustainable without those facilities.

Police In Ibiza Searching For Two Bank Robbers

Police in Ibiza are searching for two men who allegedly robbed a bank in Santa Eulària and got away with 3,000€.   The suspects were reportedly extremely violent and aggressive and threatened staff with a long knife.   Witnesses say the men were wearing hats and sunglasses and fled on a scooter.

Man Filmed Playing Guitar & Steering His Car With His Knees

A man has been filmed playing guitar and steering his car with his knees on the highway between Palma and Inca.   The footage also includes the British number plate of the Renault Megane.    If caught the driver could be charged with reckless driving and face a minimum fine of 500€.  If the case goes to court he could be jailed.

More Than 200 Vueling Flights Cancelled Today & Tomorrow

The Pilots´ strike at Vueling Airlines has grounded 116 flights today and another 106 will be cancelled tomorrow, including many to and from the Balearic Islands.   The pilot´s union SEPLA is calling for better pay and conditions for pilots at Vueling, claiming they´re being paid 30% less than pilots at Easyjet and Ryanair.  Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight before leaving home.

Mallorcan Teenager Killed In A Road Accident In England

A Mallorcan teenager has been killed in an accident in England.    The victim, Joan James R.S. was hit by a van when he was walking along a road on the outskirts of Chichester in the early hours of the morning.     Emergency services took him to hospital but he died a few hours later.

Jody Sanders Fined 500€ For Crashing Rolls-Royce Into Shop

A British millionaire has been fined 500€ for crashing his Rolls-Royce convertible into a shop in Portals Nous and causing around 15,000€ worth of damage.     Jody Sanders reportedly tested negative for alcohol and drugs when he handed himself into the Guardia Civil a few hours after the accident.  His fine was reduced to 250€ because he paid it immediately.

ORA Parking Scrapped In Pollença Except In The Port Area

There´s good news for motorists in Pollença.  Apart from the port area, the ORA parking that´s usually in force from May until October has been scrapped this year, so parking will be free in the area in front of the public school where there´s enough space for 300 vehicles.

Tourist In Serious Condition After Falling From 3rd Floor Balcony

A foreign tourist is in serious condition after falling from the 3rd floor balcony of a hotel in Magaluf.    Witnesses say the man was partying with friends at the hotel when the accident happened.  Emergency services personnel say he suffered multiple injuries to his head and body when he fell.

Pilots At Vueling airlines On Strike Again Tomorrow & Friday

Pilots at Vueling airlines are on strike again tomorrow and Friday over pay and conditions.   SEPLA claims that pilots at other low cost airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair are being paid up to 30% more than those at Vueling.  Hundreds of flights will be delayed or cancelled and passengers flying to the UK are advised to contact the airline to check the status of their flight before leaving home.

Heavy Fines Included In New Animal Welfare Law

The Animal Welfare Law is being updated later this year and it contains a number of changes.   There will be heavy fines of between 750€ and 1,500€ for not picking up dog mess, a limit on the number of hours a dog or cat can be left alone in a property and restrictions on the number of animals an owner can have on their home.

British Millionaire Wanted For Questioning After Car Crash

Police in Mallorca want to question the British millionaire, Jody Sanders, who lost control of his Rolls-Royce convertible and crashed into a shop in Portals Nous.  He apparently fled before the police arrived and left his car behind.  The owner of the shop says Jody Sanders called to apologise for the damage promised to pay for it.

At Least 250 Flights Cancelled Because Of Vueling Pilots´ Strike

At least 250 flights were cancelled in Spain yesterday and more are likely to be grounded today because of a 2 day strike by Pilots at Vueling Airlines, including more than 40 in the Balearics.    SEPLA claims that pilots at Vueling are being paid 30% less than at Ryanair and Easyjet and are demanding more money and better working conditions.    Two more days of industrial action are scheduled to take place on May 4th and 5th.

Cabin Crew Unions In Europe Deliver Ultimatum To Ryanair

Unions representing cabin crew in Europe have delivered an ultimatum to Ryanair.  They´ve warned the Irish low-cost airline that Cabin Crew across Europe will take strike action throughout this year´s summer season if the Ryanair doesn´t adopt national employment laws for all staff by June 30th.  That includes respecting the national legislation at the location where crew are based and applying the same work conditions to all employees.

At Least 20 Arrested During Drug Raids In Palma

At least 20 people were arrested during simultaneous drug busts at properties in a number of neighbourhoods of Palma yesterday.    Elite forces from the mainland and drug squad officers reportedly used drones and sniffer dogs to track the suspects.

Poster Campaign To Promote Clean Beaches In Arenal & Llucmajor

A new campaign has been launched by the Residents´ Associations in Arenal and Llucmajor to try to stop people leaving bottles, cans and other rubbish on the beach.    Posters in Spanish, German and English have been put up throughout both areas telling people that to put their rubbish in the bin or take it home – and reminding them that footprints are the only things that should be left on the sand.

8,000 Cyclists Taking Part In Mallorca 312 On Saturday

More than 8,000 cyclists are taking part in the Mallorca 312 this Saturday, which means it will be a miserable day for drivers because hundreds of roads across Mallorca will be closed.    Early morning road restrictions will be in place in Platja de Muro, Pollença, Sóller, Valldemossa, Lluc, Banyalbufar and Escorca.    Later in the day roads will be shut in Andratx, Campanet, Sa Pobla, Santa Margalida, Artà, Sant Llorenç, Alaró and Ariany and some won´t open again until after 2100.

Habtur Furious Over Holiday Apartment Rental Ban In Palma

The holiday rental association, Habtur is furious over government proposals to slap a total ban on holiday apartment rentals in Palma, which it claims will have a drastic economic on businesses and could result in significant job losses.   Rents have soared by nearly 40% in recent years making Palma the second most expensive place in Spain to rent an apartment.  The Balearic government is adamant that the ban will bring long term rental prices down and make apartments more affordable for local people.

Vueling Pilots Strike Over Pay & Conditions

Pilots at Vueling Airlines are on strike today and tomorrow over pay and conditions and will stage another walk out on May 4th and 5th.    A number of flights in and out of the Balearic Islands are likely to be affected by the strikes and passengers are advised to check with the airline before they leave home.

British Woman Jailed For Leaving Kids With Strangers Is Released

A British woman who was arrested with her husband last week for allegedly leaving their two children with complete strangers in Platja de Palma while they went out drinking, has been released from jail.    The children, aged 4 and 11 were taken into care but have now returned to the UK with their mother.  Their father is still in custody.

New EMT Buses To Have Wifi, USB Charge Points & CCTV

EMT buses will soon have WIFI, a USB for charging mobiles and facilities to pay for tickets with bank cards and mobile ´phones according to EMT´s Tender Specifications for its new fleet.    EMT is planning to buy 95 new buses that will run on natural gas to replace the old diesel ones, which will drastically cut pollution.    The buses will also be 6 metres longer and have fire prevention systems, CCTV and information panels.

Vueling Pilots On Strike Tomorrow & Thursday

Vueling pilots are on strike tomorrow and Thursday – then again on May 4th and 5th over pay and conditions and anyone scheduled to travel is advised to check the status of their flight with the airline before leaving home.    Air-traffic controllers in Barcelona are also threatening to take strike action over staff shortages and working conditions from June 20th which would seriously affect flights in and out of the Balearic islands.

New Zoning Proposals Ban Tourist Rentals In Residential Buildings In Palma

Under new zoning proposals, tourist rentals will be banned in all residential buildings in Palma but property owners will be allowed to rent single family homes, except on protected land or in cities near the airport; which includes some parts of Coll d´en Rabassa, Can Pastilla, Sant Jordi, Sa Casa Blanca and Ciutat Jardín.

Massive Fire In Palma Forces 80 People To Evacuate Their Homes

An investigation is underway after five rubbish containers caught fire in Palma and 6 cars were torched.   At least 80 people had to be evacuated from their homes and one person was treated for smoke inhalation.     Police believe the fire was started deliberately.

Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Take New Baby Boy Home

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have left St Mary´s Hospital in London with their third child and business is brisk at betting shops across the UK over what the baby´s name will be, with the favourite being Arthur.    The couple´s second son was born yesterday at 1101 am and Kensington Palace tweeted a photo of the Duke and Duchess with their new baby and the caption: “Welcome To The Family.”

Mallorca Emergency Services Have Responded To 253 Bicycle Accidents in 2018

Mallorca Emergency Services have responded to 253 bicycle accidents this year, 7 cyclists have died, and more than 100 incidents happened in the last 3 weeks. They are warning cyclists and drivers to exercise extreme caution and remind cyclists to bike in a row or parallel two by two, and for drivers to stay at least 1.5 metres away when overtaking cyclists.

Police Arrest A Dozen Suspects In A Drug Raid In Andratx

National and local police have arrested a dozen suspects in a drug raid in Andratx. Police searched several homes and seized an undisclosed amount of hashish and cocaine.  A major roadway and main exit of town were closed to traffic for several hours yesterday while police carried out their operation.

Palma’s Ombudsman Is Calling On City Hall To Install Security Cameras

Palma’s ombudsman is calling on city hall to install security cameras in areas prone to vandalism.  Specifically in the elevator at Plaza Major which is regularly targeted and left out of service for repairs, as well as at protected sites that are often defaced by graffiti. Security cameras in a bar on Paseo Maritimo led police to arrest a suspect for theft and recover an iPhone7 earlier this week.

Calvia Police Shut Down A Giant Pub Crawl In Magaluf

Calvia Police shut down a giant pub crawl in Magluf this week for breaking the rules on numbers, advertising , and licensing.  90 British tourists paid 10 euros each to take part in the event that promoted free shots, drinking games and showers of champagne. The maximum legal number of participants is 20.  Two bars have been fined 4500 euros, and the pub crawl guides also face fines of 750 euros.

Es Rebost Grand Opening In Former Home of Bar Cristal

Es Rebost will open its latest location in Plaza Espanya tomorrow –in the former home of Bar Cristal, a well known local venue for more than 60 years. Increasing rental prices forced Bar Cristal to close its doors last September. Es Rebost will keep some of the history alive by keeping the essence of the interior décor and by promoting local food and products.

Bartomeo Cursach Released From Prison After Paying €1 Million Bail Money

After more than a year in prison Bartomeo Cursach has been released after posting €1-million in bail money.  The Mallorcan entrepreneur is facing a raft of charges including murder bribery and extortion and if convicted could be jailed for more than 20 years.   His lawyer convinced the court that Mr Cursach has family and business interests in Mallorca and is therefore not a flight risk.

British Tourists Cause €2,000 Worth Of Damage To Hotel Room

Two British tourists have been arrested by the National Police for allegedly causing €2,000 worth of damage to the hotel room they were staying in.    The two brothers, who are aged 20 and 26, are also accused of throwing bottles and furniture into the street from the 5th floor of their hotel

Pine Trees in Bunyola Being Destroyed By Pine Shoot Beetle

One of the most destructive beetles in northern Europe is destroying pine trees in Bunyola.    The pine shoot beetle has already killed thousands of pine trees in mainland Spain and there are fears it will do the same in Mallorca.    A biologist is working with the town hall to determine whether to cut down the infected trees or use traps to capture the beetles.

Balearic Government Announces Public Transport System Improvements

The Balearic government is planning to make vast improvements to the public transport system by January next year in a bid to reduce heavy traffic on the roads.   The proposals include introducing new lines and making more buses available – which will mean less waiting time for passengers.    The number of people using public transport has increased by one million in the last two years.

Carrefour Launches 10 New Products Made With Insects

Carrefour has launched 10 new products that are made with insects, including energy bars, snacks and pasta.     The new range is packaged with recycled paper listing all the ingredients and nutritional values.       Eating insets has become a trend amongst foodies who say the products are rich in protein, vitamin B, omega and amino acids

UK To Limit The Amount Of Compensation For Food Poisoning Claims

New legislation is being drawn up to limit the amount of compensation British tourists can claim for food poisoning while they´re on holiday.    There´s been a sharp increase in the number of sickness claims, from 5,000 in 2013 to 35,000 in 2016.    Anyone caught filing a fraudulent claim for sickness abroad could be jailed for up to three years.

Airlines To Pay Compensation For Wildcat Strike Delays & Cancellations

The European Court of Justice has ruled that airlines must compensate passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled because of wildcat strikes.  Customers must either be offered an alternative flight and supplied with food and drink until their departure, or given a refund of up to €600.      The court determined that compensation can only be denied if airlines can prove that delays and cancellations were caused by extraordinary circumstances beyond their control and said that wildcat strikes are a regular occurrence and therefore do not qualify.

Locals Complain About Rubbish & Syringes On Can Pere Antoni Beach

A complaint has been filed with the Ministry of Health about the beach at Can Pere Antoni.  Locals say the it´s covered with plastic, toilet wipes, syringes and faeces and is attracting rats.   Heavy rain has washed a massive amount of rubbish onto the beach, including at least 6 needles and neighbours are demanding that the area be cleaned more often to combat the problem.

Easyjet Adds New Planes To Palma Fleet & Creates Over 50 New Jobs

Easyjet is adding two new Airbus 320 planes to its base at Son San Joan Airport and is expanding its service by 27% this season.   The airline now connects Palma with 20 foreign destinations and is introducing more flights from Germany, Switzerland to Mallorca.    Easyjet says the expansion will create more than 50 new jobs in Palma.

British Tourist Falls Off A Cliff Whilst Taking A Selfie

A British tourist is in serious condition in Son Dureta Hospital after falling more than 3 metres off a cliff in Llucmajor.    The 38 year old was reportedly taking a selfie when the rock he was standing on gave way.    Medics believe he´s broken both arms and a leg and may have suffered spinal injuries.

1 Year Suspended Sentence for American Who Killed Cyclist In Menorca

An American man who failed drug and breathalyser tests after he ran over and killed a Welsh cyclist in Menorca has been given a one year suspended jail sentence.    Bryan Leeds showed the court a medical receipt for amphetamines he was taking for an unidentified health condition.  The victim, Phillip Rasmussen, was killed while cycling on the island on April 1st.

Balearic Judges, Magistrates & Prosecutors To Strike On May 22

Judges and Prosecutors in the Balearic Islands are threatening to stage a one day strike on May 22nd.    In June 2017 Professional Legal Associations tabled 14 proposals which included issues over working conditions, staffing and pay.    Last week representatives for Magistrates, Judges and Prosecutors met with the Justice Minister but were unable to reach an agreement.

Balearic Traffic Police Being Given New High Tech Velolasers

Traffic police in the Balearic Islands are to be given new high tech mini-radars to help them catch motorists who are speeding.  The Velolaser is so small it can be mounted on a tripod or fitted to railings, which means drivers are unlikely to notice them.

New Meliá Hotel & Shopping Plaza Opening In Magaluf In July

A new Melia Hotel and Shopping Plaza will open in Magaluf in July bringing more than 130 new jobs to the area.    Mango, Koala Bay and Italian Loft are just some of the brand name shops in the new Momentum Plaza and there will also be a leisure centre, plenty of restaurants and underground parking for nearly 200 cars.

Door To Door Inspections Of Tourist Rentals Will Begin In May

Tax Agency Inspectors will target illegal tourist rentals with door to door property inspections from the beginning of May.  Anyone caught renting without the proper licence or failing to pay tax will face heavy fines.   Airbnb, TripAdvisor and HomeAway have all been heavily penalised for advertising illegal rentals in the Balearic Islands.

Body Of Missing Man Found Near Can Blau Roundabout

An investigation has been launched in Palma after police found the body of Alexander Hutado who disappeared more than a week ago.    The 29 year old´s remains were discovered near the Can Blau roundabout a few meters from where he was last seen.   Police say they´re treating his death as suspicious.

Protests In Palma Over Lack Of Freedom Of Expression In Spain

At least 200 people staged a demonstration in Palma yesterday, to protest against the lack of freedom of expression in Spain and to call for all Catalan political prisoners to be set free.   Demonstrations were also held throughout Spain and the former Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont, published photographs of protests in Barcelona on Twitter along with messages in English and German.

Calle Velázquez In Palma To Be Pedestrianised By The End Of 2018

Palma City Council has announced plans to pedestrianise Calle Velázquez.   No date has been set for the project to begin, but the work is expected to be finished by the end of this year.   When it´s completed, only pedestrians, cyclists and residents who have a garage will still be able to access the street.

2018 Mediamarkt Recycling Promotion Now Underway

Media markt has launched this year´s recycling promotion, offering customers cash for their old electrical goods when they buy a new washing machine, fridge, microwave or other appliance.    Mediamarkt collected 1500 tonnes in recycled products last year.  For more information log on to

Pilots At Vueling Airlines Announce 4 Days Of Strike Action

Pilots at Vueling Airlines have announced 4 days of strike action over pay and conditions.  The industrial action will take place on April 25th and 26th and again on May 4th and 5th.    A number of flights in and out of the Balearic Islands are likely to be affected by the strikes and passengers are advised to check with the airline if they´re travelling on those dates.

IAG Group Buys 4.6% Share Of Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA

IAG Group, the parent company of Iberia, Aer Lingus and British Airways has reportedly bought a 4.61% share of Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, sparking rumours of a takeover bid.    IAG says that no discussions have taken place and no decisions have been made regarding an offer.   But, insiders say a takeover would strengthen IAG´s position against Easyjet and Ryanair and that its minority investment puts the company in a position to begin negotiations with Norwegianair.

At Least 12 People Arrested For Alleged Drug Trafficking In Son Gotleu

At least a dozen people have been arrested for alleged drug trafficking in Son Gotleu.   Drug squad officers raided several homes in the area and say they found hashish and heroin – and that three floors of one of the buildings had been converted into a marijuana plantation.     The suspects have also been charged with illegally tapping into the electricity supply of neighbours.

Palma Town Hall Postpones Son Banya Demolition & Evictions

Palma Town Hall has postponed the demolition of Son Banya.     All 45 families from Son Banya will receive €1,000 a month to help them pay for a new home, but so far only 12 families from the village have been relocated.    Palma Town Hall says the demolition and eviction will go ahead but that it will be carried out gradually instead of within two days as originally planned.

Portixol Residents Complain After Rubbish Washes Up On the Beach Again

Local residents and business owners in Portixol have made a formal complaint to Palma Town Hall after storms washed tons of rubbish onto the beach yet again.   They say the treatment plants are completely inadequate and that every time there´s heavy rain it pushes all the rubbish and waste onto the beach.     Employees at the Nautical Club of Portixol have spent two days clearing waste from the port.

Fury Over New Mosque In Tourist Area Of Portocolom

Business owners and hoteliers in Portocolom are furious over plans to build a new mosque in Carrer de l´Assumpció which is in one of main tourist areas of the city. But the mayor of Felanitx says the Muslim Community has the right to build a mosque and has submitted all the  correct paperwork, so there is nothing the government can do about it.

Santa Eugènia Farmer Jailed For 8 Months For Animal Abuse

A farmer from Santa Eugènia has been jailed for 8 months for animal abuse and banned from having any business related to animals.   The court heard that the 62 year old mixed cat food with poison and put baits around his property which killed three dogs from the neighbourhood.


Environmental Group Objects To Building Work At Cala Portals Beach

The Environmental Group, GOB has made a formal complaint about building work at a beach in Calvià and is calling for it to be stopped immediately and the land returned to its natural state.      The group claims the changes being made to Cala Portals are illegal, spoil the traditional aspect of the beach and will have an adverse effect on the environment.

Over €370,000 To Be Spent On Mallorca Cycling Path Safety Improvements

More than €370,000 is to be spent on cycling paths throughout Mallorca to make them safer.    New signals are being installed and sign posts are being put up along the routes and in railway stations.    There will also be panels showing; maps of the area, advice for cyclists about mountain gradients and route options and local points of interest.

New Ferry Route From Toulon to Alcudia Begins On April 21

From April 21st Corsica Ferries will be running a mega-express overnight service from Toulon in France to Alcudia.  The journey will take about 10 hours and 30 minutes and operate twice a week.    Tickets will cost €67 for 2 people and one car.

Four British People Arrested For Allegedly Laundering Counterfeit Euros

Four British people have been arrested for allegedly laundering counterfeit money in Magaluf.  Business owners in Calvia had notified police that fake notes had appeared in busy tourist areas but it´s not known if the suspects are on holiday or part of an organised crime syndicate.   Guardia Civil officers say they found 2,000 fake euro notes at the apartment that the suspects were staying in.

120 Extra Police Deployed To Beaches & Busy Streets In Palma

Around 120 extra police officers will patrol the beaches and busy streets in Palma city centre,  Platja de Palma and Cala Major from now until the end of October.    It´s hoped that a stronger police presence will reduce crime, deter pickpockets and prevent excessive drinking in the street.

Inca Company Accused Of Selling Out Of Date Produce

The owner of a food handling and distribution company in Inca has been accused of selling products that are past their sell by date.   Ministry of Health Inspectors issued a complaint against the company for allegedly relabelled food that had expired or was about to expire, including pates, cheeses and cold meats, to avoid losing profit.

Jet-2 Celebrates Anniversary Of Leeds-Bradford To Mallorca Connection

Passengers onboard a flight from Leeds-Bradford Airport to Palma were surprised with cakes and drinks to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Jet-2 connection to Mallorca.    More than 17,000 flights and 6 million passengers have flown from Leeds-Bradford Airport to Palma since the Jet-2 route opened and the airline now connects nine UK airports with Mallorca.

Residents´ Discount On Flights To Mainland Spain Expected To Increase

The Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy is coming to Mallorca on April 21st and will reportedly announce an increase in the residents´ discount on flights from the Balearic Islands to the mainland.    Residents of the Balearic Islands currently save 50% on flights but it´s expected to increase to 75%.

Number Of Cruise Ships Docking In Palma In One Day May Be Limited

The Mayor of Palma, Antoni Noguera is reportedly negotiating with the Balearic Port Authority to try to limit the number of cruise ships arriving in Palma on the same day.     The biggest cruise ship in the world was met by protests when it arrived in Mallorca on Sunday and is due to return to Palma every week.    There are concerns about the environmental impact cruise ships will have with up to 8 scheduled to arrive in Palma port at the same time on some days this season.

Undercover Inspectors To Track Unlicenced Taxi Drivers In Mallorca & Ibiza

Undercover inspectors are being deployed at the airports in Mallorca and Ibiza to detect illegal taxi drivers.   Last year 48 drivers were penalised at Palma airport and another 30 in Ibiza.     Inspectors will patrol the Arrivals terminals and parking lots of both airports seven days a week in a bid to stop unlicenced drivers approaching tourists.

Two Men Arrested In Inca For Alleged Drug Trafficking

Two men have been arrested in Inca on suspicion of drug trafficking.  The suspects were allegedly spotted selling drugs in a parking lot and apprehended by the Guardia Civil.   Officers say they seized cash, 10 grams of cocaine and various mobile phones from the vehicle.

Foreigners Bought Nearly 40% Of Balearic Properties For Sale In 2017

Nearly 40% of the properties sold in the Balearic islands last year were bought by foreigners.     According the latest data from the CBRE, 14,834 properties were sold; 50% of them for more than €150,000 and 10% for over €450,000.    Property prices in the Balearics continue to rise, mostly due to an increase in demand and lack of available homes.

Driver Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter After Death Of Cyclist

The driver who caused a fatal accident on the road between Artà and Capdepera last Thursday has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and remanded in custody.    The 28 year-old ran over 9 German cyclists; one died later that day and two others were seriously injured.  She tested positive for cannabis after the incident but claims she smoked a joint the night before and was not smoking on the day of the accident.   She reportedly told the court in Manacor that she did nothing wrong and said the cyclists were to blame for the accident.

Two People Arrested In Manacor For Alleged Extortion

An 18 year old and a minor have been arrested in Manacor for alleged extortion.  The two suspects reportedly threatened to kill a man and his family and publish intimate photographs if he didn´t pay up.   They allegedly managed to obtain around €20,000 before the victim´s parents found out what was happening and called the police.

Over 100 People Join Protest As ´Symphony Of The Seas´ Docks In Palma

More than a hundred people joined yesterday´s 23-S protest against the social and environmental impact of cruise ships and mass tourism.   The demonstrators chanted and waved banners as the largest cruise ship in the world docked in Palma then read a manifesto demanding that the government limit the number of cruise ships that come to Mallorca.    Royal Caribbean´s Symphony of the seas can accommodate nearly 9-thousand passengers and crew.

French Air Traffic Controllers´ Strike Causes Chaos Across Europe

The French Air Traffic Controllers´ Strike forced Easyjet to cancel a flight from Ibiza to Geneva on Saturday, leaving dozens of people stranded on the White Island.  The strike has caused delays and cancellations across Europe, affecting flights in and out of Mallorca, Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Alicante and Valencia.      Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight before they leave for the airport.

Ultima Hora Celebrates 125th Anniversary With Exhibition Of Front Pages

Preparations are underway on the Born for an exhibition to mark the 125 anniversary of Ultima Hora.  A selection of front pages from the newspaper are being reproduced in poster size for the event including the first edition from May 1st, 1893 – and the demolition of the walls of Palma in 1902.  The exhibition opens on Sunday on the Born in Palma and will move to Plaza d´España in May.

1 Of 9 German Cyclists Hit By SUV between Artà & Capdepera Has Died

One of the group of 9 German cyclists who were hit by an SUV on the road between Artà and Capdepera yesterday has died.     Two others are in hospital and are said to be in serious condition.  The 28 year old driver of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo allegedly tested positive for drugs.

Hospitality Workers Sleeping In Hotel Cupboards In Mallorca

Some hospitality workers are reportedly sleeping in hotel cupboards in Mallorca because they can´t find affordable accommodation.    The UGT says hotels are offering employees a bed in areas where cleaning materials are kept in exchange for giving up one of their days off.    Thousands of temporary workers come to Mallorca every year to work the summer season but say they can´t afford the high rents being asked for apartments.

Son San Joan Airport Labelled One Of The Worst In Europe

A new study by has labelled Son San Joan Airport as one of the worst in Europe.    It also claims the cost of transportation between the airport and Palma city is the highest at 5-euros for a bus ticket or 15 euros for a taxi.

Order Produce From Pere Garau Market in Palma With 2GN App

Produce from the Pere Garau market in Palma can now be bought through an App called 2 Good Neighbours, or 2GN.  The Mallorca-based company promises to have fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and deli goods at your door in less than two hours by using a network of neighbours to deliver the goods.    2GN says its aim is to revitalise neighbourhoods and local markets and it also gives customers the opportunity to give something back, by making a donation to the 2GN Social Foundation to help those in need.    For more information about this service log on to the 2GN facebook page.

Police Investigate Alleged Rape Of A Woman In Marratxí

Police are investigating the alleged rape of a woman in Marratxí.    The victim reportedly went to a party in Coll den Rebassa with a friend but was later found in a bar in Pòrtol, disoriented and covered in bruises.    The coroner has certified that she was sexually assaulted.

Police Remind Businesses & Stores in Calvià Of Alcoholic Drinks Rules

Local police are distributing brochures in Spanish and English to businesses and stores in Calvià to remind them of the rules covering the sale, consumption and advertising of alcoholic beverages.       Allowing customers to leave the premises with drinks in their hands or serving people who are already drunk will result in fines of up to €600 and selling alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 will incur penalties of up to €3,000.

23-S Protest To Target Symphony of the Seas Arrival In Palma On Sunday

The protest group, 23-S, is threatening to stage a demonstration against mass tourism in the Balearics when the biggest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean´s Symphony of the Seas arrives in Palma this weekend, with nearly 9-thousand passengers and crew on board.    According to the latest data from the Port Authority, 121,247 cruise ship passengers came to the Balearics in January and February of this year, that´s an increase of 166-6% compared to the same period in 2017.

ID Chip Will Be Mandatory For All Domestic Pets In A Few Months

The compulsory ID chip that are required currently for dogs will become mandatory for all other domestic animals in a few months.    Cats, snakes, iguanas, ferrets, rabbits, pigs and any other kind of pets, whether they´re exotic or traditional must be chipped.    Owners who don´t adhere to the new rules could be fined between €600 and €3,000.

Top 10 British Tourist Destinations Include Magaluf, Alcudia & Palmanova

Eight of the top ten destinations booked by British tourists this summer are in Spain, and three of them are in Mallorca.    According to the website, Magaluf, Alcudia and Palmanova are favourite destinations for Brits who list friendliness, climate, gastronomy and culture as the key factors when they´re choosing a holiday.

Police Warning Issued After 2nd Attempted Kidnap Of A Minor In Mallorca

Police have issued another warning after a second attempted kidnapping in Mallorca.  A teenager was approached by a man in Palma who reportedly threatened to follow her and force her into his car.  Previously a man tried to persuade an 11 year old boy to get in his car in Manacor by telling him he was a friend of the family.

HomeAway Fined For Allegedly Advertising Unlicenced Balearic Properties

The holiday apartment website, HomeAway has been slapped with a €300,000 fine for allegedly advertising unlicenced tourist rental properties in the Balearics.    HomeAway has responded by saying the law is “confusing and disproportionate”.    Airbnb and TripAdvisor have also been penalised for putting unlicenced properties on their websites.

British Tourist Arrested In Santa Ponça For Allegedly Beating His Partner

A 32 year old British tourist has been arrested in Santa Ponça, for allegedly beating his partner.    Local police went to investigate after hearing someone screaming and say they found a 34 year old woman lying on the floor of the apartment, bleeding from the mouth and with marks on her neck.

Unemployment Down By Nearly 8% In March 2018 Compared To Last Year

The number of people out of work in the Balearic Islands in March 2018 dropped by nearly 8% compared to last year according to the Ministry of Employment & Social Security.    More than 52,000 people went back to work in the Service Sector and nearly 1,700 in Industry, but there were layoffs in Construction and Agriculture.

S´Espalmador Island Sold To Private Bidder For €18 million

The tiny island of S´Espalmador which lies between Ibiza and Formentera has been sold to a private bidder in Luxembourg for €18 million.    There are two houses, a chapel and a watchtower on the island which is roughly 3 kilometres long by 800 metres wide.  It´s also a protected nature reserve and subject to very strict laws.    The previous owners, Norman and Rosy Cinnamond inherited S´Espalmador from their grandfather, Bernard Cinnamond, who bought it from the Ibizan Carlos Tur in 1932 for 42,500 pesetas – the equivalent of €255.

UK Airlines Allegedly Owe Customers Nearly €5m For Delayed Flights

Airlines in the UK allegedly owe passengers nearly €5 million in compensation for delayed flights and according to British lawyers, Bott and Company, Thomson and Easyjet are the worst offenders.       Passengers say that the airlines have ignored their claims leaving them no choice but to hire solicitors to recoup the money they´re owed.

Massive Search For Sailboat Missing Since Friday

A massive search is underway for a sailboat that went missing on Friday whilst en-route from Barcelona to Ibiza.    The last time the skipper spoke to his wife he reportedly said the engine had stopped working, the sail was broken and that the boat was drifting in open water.

British Cyclist Killed In Menorca

A British cyclist who was hit by a car and killed in Menorca on Sunday morning has been named as Phillip Rasmussen, from Cardigan in Wales.   He was 47.   The driver of the car allegedly failed a breathalyser test after the incident and has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

€5m To Be Used To Increase Safety In The Tramuntanas

An extra €5 million is to be used to prevent landslides and rockfalls in the Tramuntanas.    Thousands of trees were burned during the Andratx fire in 2013, which left the land unstable and increased the danger of rocks and earth falling into the roads.    The extra cash will be used to increase safety in the weakest areas.

Nearly 10,000 People Used Palma Night Buses In January & February 2018

Palma´s four night buses are proving to be extremely popular.  Nearly 10,000 passengers used them in the first two months of 2018, compared to just under 4,000 during the same period last year.   The N1, which links Porta del Camp with the Paseo Marítimo is the most used.    The N2 runs from Can Valero polygon to Can Blau.  The N3 joins Germans Escalas Sports Centre with sa Indioteria and the N4 links Marratxí with Plaza del Progrés.

Extra Police Deployed In Palma To Reinforce Security & Protect Royal Family

Fifty extra police are being deployed in Palma this weekend to reinforce security and protect the Spanish Royal Family who are expected to attend Easter mass at Palma Cathedral on Sunday.    The officers are reportedly from an elite National Police Unit and  specially trained to deal with riots and protests.

Calvià Town Hall Issues New Rules For Car Hire Companies

Calvià town hall is clamping down on car hire companies after locals complained about that they were monopolising parking spaces in the area.   Under the new rules, companies will face fines of between €1,000 and €10,000 if a hire car is parked in the street for more than 24 hours without being rented out.    They will also be penalised if they´re caught doing maintenance work on cars parked on public roads.

Spanish Woman Arrested For Locking Up Customer Who Refused Sex

A Spanish woman has been arrested in Palma and charged with coercion for locking a man in her shop.   The 27 year old victim told police that the woman had propositioned him and when he refused to have sex with her she threatened him and wouldn´t let him out.   Other business owners heard him shouting for help and rescued him.

Mega Park Workers Protest Against Possible Closure

Hundreds of workers have taken part in a protest over the possible closure of the Mega Park in Arenal.    Last month, the Town Hall Planning Department refused to issue an activity licence for the club, which is owned by the Cursach group.   Around 500 employees work at the Mega Park during the high season and many of them have come from outside Mallorca and already rented apartments for the summer.

Leo Messi Adds Es Vive Ibiza Hotel To Property Portfolio

The Barcelona football star, Leo Messi has added a hotel in Ibiza to his property portfolio.    The former Es Vive Ibiza Art Deco style hotel – has 52 rooms and is located between Ses Figueretes and Platja d´en Bossa.  It´s being rebranded as MIM which reportedly stands for Majestic I Messi.

More British Firms Accused In Connection With Hotel Sickness Scam

More British law firms have been accused of being involved in the food sickness scam that´s cost hotels in Mallorca tens of millions of euros in compensation.    Documentation has been uncovered which allegedly shows collections by Elite Project Marketing, HH Law Ltd and UK Holiday Claim Limited on behalf of tourists who are accused of making false sickness claims after staying at hotels in Mallorca.

Home Owner & Construction Company Fined €1.4 million

A home owner and a construction company been fined €1.4 million for building a 1200 sqm house with porches and a pool in Marratxi without a licence.    The Agency of Urban Discipline of the Consell de Mallorca has ordered the immediate demolition of the property and says the fines will increase by 10% for every month it´s still standing, but will be substantially reduced if it´s demolished quickly.     It´s the highest penalty that´s ever been handed out for this type of offence in Mallorca.

Bottled Water Reduced To €1 At All Spanish Airports

After a raft of complaints the price of bottled water at Spanish airports has been reduced to just €1.    Shops will sell 33 centilitre bottles and vending machines will sell half litre bottles, but both will cost a maximum of 1 euro.

Refurbished Aldi Reopens In Palmanova

Palmanova´s newly refurbished Aldi store opens today in Calle Tarragona and there´s 100´s of fabulous products to buy.   The German supermarket chain already has 7 stores on the island – in Palma, Inca, Manacor, Calvià and Marratxí.

35th Palma International Boat Show Opens Today

The 35th Palma International Boat Show opens today and it´s the biggest one in history with more than 80-thousand meters of space to accommodate crafts of up to 65 meters.   There are over 600 boats as well as 67 super yachts and hundreds of stands to explore this year – and there´s also a 72 meter long by 5 meter wide floating bridge to make the route circular.   The Palma Boat Fair is on until May 1st.

EMT Night Bus Drivers Given More Authority

EMT night bus drivers will be allowed to throw people off the bus between stops if they´re aggressive or if they assault other passengers.    Recent studies indicate that half of the female passengers that use the night service buses have been subjected to sexual or aggressive behaviour on public transport.

4 Arrested In Connection With Armed Robberies & Assaults In Mallorca

Three men and one woman have been arrested in connection with a string of armed robberies and assaults in Mallorca.   The suspects are reportedly gambling addicts who stole money to feed their habit and cover their debts.    They were arrested when police discovered ski masks, pistols and a taser gun in their car during a routine traffic stop.

Tax Agency Issues Refund Scam Warning

The Tax Agency has issued a warning about potential fraud in the Balearic Islands.   Scammers are reportedly trying to steal bank account and credit card information by sending out fake tax office texts and emails offering tax refunds.   Anyone who receives a suspicious email or text should call the tax office customer service helpline on 901 200 347.

Excess Sand May Be Moved From Alcúdia To Muro & Santa Margalida

Excess sand from Alcúdia may soon be used to supply the beaches of Muro and Santa Margalida where the sand has been eroded.     Dead posidonia and seaweed has to be dredged from the coast of Alcúdia a number of times a year and it is costing the City Council a lot of money.      The mayors of the three towns have issued a proposal to move excess sand from the beaches of Alcúdia and deposit in other areas.

Storm Hugo Fells Trees & Causes Severe Flooding

A major cleanup operation is underway in the Balearics after Storm Hugo brought torrential rain to the islands at the weekend.   Very strong winds felled trees and severe flooding caused landslides and blocked roads.   Two people had to be evacuated from their home after the front of their house collapsed.


Manacor Police Investigate Alleged Attempted Kidnap Of 11 Year Old Boy

An investigation is underway in Manacor after the alleged attempted kidnap of an 11 year old boy.    The child was reportedly walking home from school when a man tried to persuade him to get in his car by pretending to be a friend of the family.    The suspect is described as bald, bearded and middle-aged and was driving a small and grey car which may be a Peugeot 306.

Commission Approves Balearic Resident´s Discount Proposal

The Commission for the Promotion of Congress has approved a proposal for an increase the Balearic Resident´s discount to 75% for air travel to and from mainland Spain.   The proposal also contains a request for an increase in shipping discounts between the Balearic islands.

Port Adriano Spring Party Postponed Until April 7th

The Organisers of the Spring party which was due to take place in Port Adriano tomorrow (Saturday, March 24th) have told Mallorca Sunshine Radio that they´ve been forced to postpone the event because torrential rain is forecast this weekend.     The extravaganza will now be held on April 7th instead.  For more information log on to

Clocks Go Forward 1 Hour This Weekend

Don´t forget to put your clock forward by one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night because summertime begins at dawn on Sunday morning.   The mandatory time change is designed to save energy by making better use of natural light, increase health and safety and improve lifestyles.

At Least 30 People Arrested During Massive Drug Raids In Mallorca

At least 30 people have been arrested during simultaneous drug raids in Palma, Inca, Marratxi, Selva and Felanitx.     More than 200 officers from Mallorca and mainland Spain were involved in the operation and they say they seized 220 grams of heroin, 40 grams of cocaine, four kilos of hashish and thousands of marijuana plants during the busts.

British Woman Launches Online Campaign To Catch Alleged Rapists

A British woman who was allegedly raped in Mallorca last summer has launched an online campaign to raise money to come back to the island and identify those responsible.     Klaudia Wendy Smith says she felt strange after drinking water in a bar in Cala Ratjada and was later sexually assaulted by two different men.

Mallorcan Investors Eying Up Cursach Property In Platja de Palma

A group of Hotel chains in Mallorca is reportedly trying to buy a plot of land in Platja de Palma which contains the Megapark Leisure Complex and is currently owned by the Cursach group.    The investors are said to be planning on sinking more than €200 million into the project to build two 5-star hotels and a luxury beach club.

Endavant & Arran Relaunch Protest Against Mass Tourism In Mallorca

The Anarchist groups, Endavant and Arran have hung a banner in the Town Planning department of the Consell de Mallorca.   The two groups say they´re relaunching their protest against mass tourism in Mallorca and raising the banner is the first of many actions they intend to carry out during this summer season.

Grants Offered To Capdepera Residents To Restore Facades Of Homes

€20,000 in financial aid is being offered to residents of Capdepera who want to restore the facades of their homes.    Property owners can apply for a maximum grant of €2,000 and applications must be in by April 19th.    There are some conditions attached; the colours, materials and finish of the property must conform to the Subsidiary Rules of Capdepera.

Tripadvisor Fined For Advertising Unlicenced Balearic Holiday Rentals

Tripadvisor has been slapped with a €300,000 fine for advertising unlicenced holiday rentals in the Balearics.    Inspectors reportedly found more than 25 illegal vacation homes on the travel website and say penalties were applied after warnings were repeatedly ignored.     Airbnb was also recently fined for advertising unlicenced Balearic tourist rentals.

Ryanair Buys 24.9% Of Laudamotion In First Phase Of Acquisition

Ryanair has bought a 24.9% share of Laudamotion, and will eventually own 75% of the airline, if Brussels agrees to the acquisition.     The deal is reportedly costing Ryanair around €50 million  plus another €50 million in launch costs.    Niki Lauda has already announced that Laudamotion flights from Germany to Spain, Italy and Greece will take off on March 25th and flights between Austria and Palma will begin in June.

The European Commission Rejects Balearic Inter-Island Flat Rate Airfare

The European Commission has rejected calls for a Balearic inter-island flat rate airfare of €30,  saying it would contravene European Regulations.    The Commission also said that with a record number of travellers visiting the islands last year a discounted fare could not be justified.

Post Office Workers In Spain Threaten Strike Action In May

Post office workers in Spain are threatening to take strike action over plans for more job cuts at Correos.    The Unions say 15,000 people have been paid off since 2018; 200 of them in the Balearics.  They´ve vowed to down tools in May if their demands for stabilised working conditions and more pay are not met.

New Palma EMT Card For Residents of Menorca, Ibiza & Formentera

From this June, residents of Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera will be able to apply for a Citizen´s Card that can be used on the EMT buses in Palma.    With the new card residents will qualify for a reduced fare of €1 on the number 1 bus to and from the airport, tickets on all other routes will be reduced from €1.50 to 80 cents and further discounts will also be available for students.

Which? Advises British Tourists To Check Post-Brexit Holiday Contracts

The Consumer group, Which? says British tourists are strongly advised to check that the cancellation and refund policies in holiday contracts Post-Brexit will cover the cost of hire cars and villas.    The current open skies agreement ends when the UK leaves the EU in March next year and if there´s no aviation deal in place by then a number of flights could be grounded.

Terraferida Demands Investigation Into Freighter Docked On Posidonia

Terraferida has asked the Government to open an investigation after a large freighter was spotted in the waters of Formentor, which is an area known for posidonia.    But the Conselleria says no sanctions will be imposed on the The Lucky Joy ship which was en-route to Italy when stormy weather forced the captain to take refuge.

Arenal Residents Complain About Sale Of Merchandise On Private Land

Residents of Arenal are demanding that something be done about the selling of merchandise on nearby private land.  A number of large shipping containers have been parked to store electrical appliances, toilets, furniture and other material that´s being sold off at the property.     The land is currently used by a Mallorcan-Senegalese NGO and the council says it doesn´t have the power to intervene.

Police Appeal For Help To Catch Graffiti Artists In Menorca

An investigation has been launched in Menorca after a wave of graffiti in Ciutadella.   Several monuments in the city have been daubed with slogans and symbols and officers have appealed to the public to contact the Heritage Service or the National police if they can help identify those responsible.

British Man Dies After Falling From 5th Floor Balcony In Palma

A British man has died after falling from the fifth floor of a building in Calle Aragón in palma.     Police say the 22 year old had been drinking and partying with friends before he fell from the balcony.    A passerby found him lying in the street and called the emergency services but they were unable to save him.

Lack Of Rental Properties Pushing Up Prices In Coastal Areas of Mallorca

A severe shortage of rental apartments in coastal areas of Mallorca has pushed up prices, making it impossible for workers to find accommodation in Peguera, Cala Millor and Port d´Alcudia.    According to the latest figures from the College of Real estate Agents of the Balearic Islands, a one bedroom apartment in Platja de Palma costs around €900 a month, a 2-bedroom will fetch between €1,000 and €1,300 and a 3-bedroom can cost up to €1,800 euros a month.

Laudamotion Flights To Spain, Italy & Greece From March 25

Laudamotion, the airline acquired by Niki Lauda, will start flying from Dusseldorf to Spain, Italy and Greece next week and flights from Vienna to Mallorca and Ibiza will begin in June.   The Austrian former Formula 1 champion says he´s also planning to introduce flights from Mallorca to several locations in Austria.

38 Year Old Climber Rescued In Sóller

A climber is recovering in Son Espases hospital after falling several metres down a slope whilst abseiling in Sóller.  The 38 year old fractured her leg in two places and had to be stretchered off the mountain by firefighters.

Severe Weather Grounds Flights at UK Airports

There was more chaos at UK airports at the weekend with more than 70 short haul flights delayed or cancelled as severe weather crippled arrivals and departures at Heathrow and Stansted Airports.      Clearing the backlog will take time and anyone flying to the UK is advised to check the status of their flight with the relevant airline before leaving home.

Family of Robber Shot & Killed In Porreres Accuse Farmer of Murder

The family of a man who was shot and killed whilst carrying out a violent robbery in Porreres have accused the farmer of murder and begun legal proceedings against him.   The 77 year old said it was the second time the robbers had stormed his property and claims he and his family were severely beaten both times and that he shot the thief in self defence.

New Tougher Laws & Heavy Fines To Tackle Excessive Drinking

New tougher laws are being drawn up to tackle excessive drinking in Mallorca.    They include, fines of up to €600 for drinking in the street, a penalty of up to €10,000 for selling or giving alcohol to minors,  and anyone caught selling alcohol without a licence could be fined between €10,000 and €100,000.

More than 100 Dog Owners In Llucmajor Fined For Breaking The Rules

More than 100 dog owners in Llucmajor have been fined between €60 and €15,000 over a period of 15 days.  Most were penalised for minor infractions like not having their dog on a leash or not carrying excrement bags.    Six people were fined between €300 and €15,000 for either not having a muzzle on a dangerous dog – not having the necessary documentation or not having a dog licence.

Emaya Workers Call For Resignations Over Harsh Working Conditions

Emaya workers in Ponent have called for the resignation of the Works Council over what they describe as subhuman working conditions.   The operators claim there are rats in their changing rooms and that they are working in temperatures of below zero in the winter and over 50º in the summer.

Tito´s Disco Re-opens On Saturday At 2300

Tito´s disco re-opens for the season this Saturday at 2300 with a spectacular party.  Star guests include Nalaya and Kiko Navarro.  You have to be 23 or over to get in to the event and if you´re planning on going make sure you abide by the dress code for this event which has been labelled elegant.   Tito´s is on the Paseo Marítimo in Palma.

€100,000 Worth Of Paintings Stolen From Pollença Farm

The Guardia Civil is hunting for a gang of robbers who reportedly stormed a farm in Pollença at gunpoint and stole a collection of paintings worth around €100,000.    Forensics experts are combing the property for clues and sifting through CCTV footage to try to identify the suspects.    There was no-one at home at the time of the incident.

The Mallorcan Soft Drinks Manufacturer Pep Lemon Is Shutting Down

The Mallorcan soft drinks manufacturer, Pep Lemon is shutting down, but insists that the closure is not permanent, saying it just wants to rethink the brand and look for new business partners.   Pep Lemon lost a legal battle against Pepsi in 2016 over the brand name Pep Cola but says that did not influence the decision to close down.

Danish Man Seriously Injured During Property Viewing

A Danish man was seriously injured during a property viewing in Andratx.    Witnesses say the victim was climbing down a ladder to the basement when it gave way and the man fell around 4 metres and hit his head on the ground.    Emergency services treated him at the scene before transferring him to Son Espases hospital.

Man Arrested For Extortion Of British Woman He Met In Ibiza

A man has been arrested in the Canary Islands for the alleged extortion of a British woman he met in Ibiza in 2012.    She claims the suspect shot video of them having sex without her knowledge, then threatened to put it on the internet if she broke off their relationship.    The suspect allegedly uploaded the footage to several porn websites when the victim eventually dumped him.

Call For Massive Pensions Demonstration In Palma This Saturday

Trade Unions, politicians and retirees are calling for a massive demonstration in defence of pensions at Plaza d´España in Palma at 1130 this Saturday.   The UGT says increased rent and higher utility bills have left some pensioners with very little to live on.   Protests are also being organised in Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

Holy Week Religious Parades In Palma Reduced To 9

The number of religious parades during this year´s Holy Week in Palma has been reduced  from 17 to 9.    Organisers say they have decided to concentrate on quality not quantity this year, so some of the processions have been restructured to combine brotherhoods from the same parish territory into one parade.     For details of the parades taking place in your neighbourhood, check your local listings.

BBVA Study: The Economy In The Balearic Islands Rose By 4.1% in 2017

A new study by the BBVA says the Balearic Islands economy grew by 4.1% last year; the highest in the country, and it also predicts a rise of around 3% this year.    The BBVA is also forecasting the creation of around 36,000 new jobs in the Balearics by the end of next year.

Drug Dealers Reportedly Moving From Son Banya To El Hoyo

The National Police believe a shanty town called El Hoyo is becoming a centre for drug dealing.  Buyers used to head for Son Banya to buy hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin, but that  shanty town is due to be demolished and officers say drug dealers have started moving in to El Hoyo. Wants New Smoking Rules For Bar & Restaurant Terraces

The organization has urged the Ministry of Health to change the smoking rule on the terraces of bars and restaurants so that people can only smoke on the ones that are completely open.  The organisation says it´s received a raft of complaints about illegal smoking on closed terraces of bars and restaurants in the Balearic Islands.

Investigators Say Polígono de Marratxí Fire Was Started Deliberately

An investigation into a fire in Polígono de Marratxí in November has determined that the blaze was started deliberately.     Traces of accelerants were allegedly found on a boat thought to be the origin of the fire.   Ten ships were scorched beyond repair in the blaze that caused millions of euros worth of damage.    Investigators are now concentrating on finding the person who started the fire.

Record Number Of Women In The Balearic Islands Report Gender Violence

One in every 100 women in the Balearic Islands is a victim of sexist violence according to new data from the General Council of the Judiciary.   1,085 Protection Orders were issued last year for women whose lives were at risk and 5,368 battered women reported gender abuse.  That´s 3.7% more than in 2016.

2 Possible Buyers For Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca In Costitx

A Saudi Arabian University has apparently expressed interest in buying the Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca in Costitx.   A Catalan Hotel group is also reportedly interested in the complex, but no formal offers have been received.  The Observatory sits on a 3,000 square metre lot, has a two-story building, several domes and a price tag of €1.7 million.

Algaida Police Investigate Road Accident Death

Police have launched an investigation into the death of an 84-year-old woman in Algaida.   The victim was knocked down by a car on a pedestrian crossing and suffered a head injury.    She was taken to hospital but later died.

Calvià Is Clamping Down on Tiqueteros In Tourist Hotspots

Calvià is clamping down on the so-called tiqueteros who drum up business for bars and restaurants in tourist hotspots like Magaluf.    It is illegal to employ tiqueteros without obtaining a licence, paying a fee and completing the necessary documentation.

Palma Boat Show April 27th Until May 1st

Palma is gearing up for this year´s boat show and it´s going to be the biggest one in history with more than 80,000 meters of space to accommodate crafts of up to 65 metres.  There will also be a 72 metre long by 5 metre wide floating bridge to make the route circular and still  allows boats to enter and exit the fair.   This year´s Palma Boat Fair will run from April 27th until May 1st.

Body Found In Valldemossa Well Has Been Identified

A body found in a well on the outskirts of Valldemossa has been identified as José Francisco Lozano Salar, who disappeared from Palmanyola last Tuesday.    Police found his black Opel Astra abandoned in the vicinity and believe he crashed his car then fell into the well after leaving the vehicle.

IBFamilia Demands Free Helpline To Tackle Bullying In Primary Schools

The Balearic Institute of the Family or IBFamilia has demanded that the government set up a free helpline to tackle bullying.  IBFamilia claims that bullying is rife, particularly in primary schools amongst 10-13 year-olds and says a free helpline is urgently needed to bullying.

BCM Nightclub In Magalluf To Remain Closed

The BCM nightclub in Magalluf  won´t be open again anytime soon after an appeal was rejected by the High Court.    BCM was shut down and its licence revoked in April last year after it failed a health and safety inspection.   The judge has said that the club will remain closed until all of the problems have been corrected.

Algerian Illegal Immigrant Refused Asylum In Mallorca

An Algerian man who tried to enter Mallorca illegally by boat has been denied asylum and is awaiting repatriation.    At the time of his arrest in January last year he claimed he would be killed if he was returned to his own country.    It´s the first time an illegal immigrant has appealed for asylum to avoid being sent home.

In Progress Palma Wants to Renovate The Old Palma Prison

The old Palma prison is to be given a new lease of life as an active living space.    The In Progress Palma group is working with fashion designers, antique dealers and musicians with a view to renovating the property and opening it to the public.    The proposals include setting up workshops, offering rehearsal and recording facilities, providing work spaces and holding concerts and trade fairs.

At least 8 People Arrested During Drug Raids In Mallorca

At least 8 people were arrested during drugs raids in Son Banya, El Rafal, Son Ferriol and Llucmajor.   More than one hundred National Police Officers took part in Operation Nitrate and they say they seized heroin, marijuana and cocaine from several properties as well as more than €3,000 in cash.

Spanish Air Navigation Tax Cuts Will Save Airlines Around €330 million

Airlines are set to save around €330 million thanks to massive cuts in the Spanish Air Navigation Tax.   The money is used to pay for Control Towers and the use of Spanish Airspace and the National Ministry of Development says it expects the airlines to pass on those savings to customers by offering cheaper tickets.

Spain-Holiday.Com Webinar Will Explain New Balearic Tourist Rental Law is hosting a free webinar for property owners, holiday rental agents and investors to try to clear up any confusion over the new Balearic Tourist rental Law.    The half hour presentation will take place on March 22nd at 1200 and will be followed by a 15 minute question and answer session.   To register to take part log on to

Pollença Residents Will Help Decide How 2018 Budget Is Spent

Residents of Pollença, who are over 16 years old, will have a say in how the city´s €200,000 budget is spent this year.    Meetings will be held at several locations in the city throughout March to explain how the scheme works and all proposals will have to be submitted by May 4th.  The winning bids will be announced in June.

SEPLA Warns Of Vueling Flight Cancellations Over Easter

The Spanish Union of Airline Pilots, or SEPLA, has warned that a number of Vueling flights are likely to be cancelled over Easter because there´s not enough pilots.   SEPLA claims that other companies like Easyjet, Norwegian Airlines and Ryanair are poaching pilots from Vueling by offering them much higher wages.

Remains Of 64 People From The Islamic Era Found In Sa Pobla

The skeletal remains of 64 people from the Islamic era have been found in Sa Pobla and the majority of the bodies are of children.   They were buried sideways facing east towards the city of Mecca and are thought to date back to the Muslim domination of Mallorca between 902 and 1229.    Excavation of the site began last November and experts say it could be one of the most important archaeological finds in Spain.

Thousands Expected To Strike To Mark International Women´s Day

Thousands of women are expected to take strike action today in support of Women´s Rights and Equality to mark International Women´s Day.     A Manifesto by the Feminist Movement of Mallorca will be read out at Cort and a demonstration will start at Plaza Porta Pintada next to Plaza de España at 7pm and finish in the Plaza Rei Joan Carles I.

Calvià City Council Shelves Plans To Build Skateboard Park

Calvia City Council has shelved plans to spend €350,000 on a skateboard park after closer inspection showed that Management and Maintenance of the structure would increase costs by at least 20%.      The contractor that was hired to carry out the project will reportedly be paid more than €20,000 in compensation.

Four Women From Mallorca Killed In Florida Car Crash

Four women in their 30´s from Mallorca have been killed in a car crash whilst on holiday in Florida.     Police say the victims were making a left turn when a truck hit them from behind and pushed their car into oncoming traffic.    They were hit again by a motor home before crashing into a tree.  All four were killed instantly.  They´ve been named as Margalida Cortés Pardo, María López-Bermejo Rosselló, Teresa Sánchez Quetglas and Ana Gaitán Díaz.

Policeman & ORA Employee Fined For Stealing Parking Meter Cash

A policeman and an ORA employee who stole money from parking meters in Valldemossa have been ordered to pay fines of €600 each and will be banned from public office for 5 years.   They were  spared jail after they returned the €9,000 that they´d stolen.

Police Hire Students To Help English Speaking Tourists In Mallorca

20 students with a degree in English from the UIB will be working at Police Stations in Mallorca this summer for the fourth year in a row.     The students will provide translation services for english speaking tourists who need help in Platja de Palma, Palmanova, Alcudia, Platja de muro, Soller and Can Picafort.

New 4-Star Boutique Hotel in Palma Is Approved

Part of the building that houses the School Of Tourism in Calle Sol in Palma is to be converted into a luxury hotel.    It´s a protected building with many original gothic features and it´s taken more than a year for the project to be approved.   Renovations will begin this summer to create a 4-Star Boutique Hotel with 27 rooms.

Pablo Lopez Adds 2nd Concert Date In Mallorca

Pablo Lopez has added a second concert date in Mallorca after tickets sold out in 4 days for his performance at the Trui Teatre in Palma on May 25th.    He´ll be live at Son Fusteret on August 25th.   Ticket prices start at €38 and they´ll be on sale from this Friday at – and

Passengers Spend The Night On The Floor Of A Trasmediterranea Ferry

Pensioners, women and children were forced to sleep on the floor in the corridors and cafeteria of a Trasmediterranea ship travelling overnight from Barcelona to Palma because there were no seats available.      Passengers who buy Stateroom tickets are entitled to use seats in common areas and it´s thought that may have caused the problem.    There were 749 passengers onboard the ship which has a maximum capacity of 878.

Thousands Expected To Join International Women´s Day Demonstration

Thousands are expected to take strike action on Thursday in support of Women´s Rights and Equality on International Women´s Day.     A Manifesto by the Feminist Movement of Mallorca will be read out at 1200 at Cort and a demonstration will take place in Plaza de España in Palma from 1900.

Iberdrola Para-Badminton Open Begins In Alcudia On Thursday

248 competitors from 33 countries are taking part in the 2018 Iberdrola Para-Badminton Open in Alcudia.  It starts on Thursday, spectators get in for free, and there will be a special medal ceremony on Sunday after the finals.    There´s a lot at stake in Alcudia because it´s the last chance for competitors to qualify for the 2020 Paralympic games in Tokyo, which will include Para-Badminton for the first time.

2018 Atlàntida Film Festival Takes Place In Palma June 25th-July 1st

It´s been announced that this year´s Atlàntida Film Festival will take place in Palma between June 25th and July 1st and the official opening will take place in Bellver Castle on June 26th.     There will also be screenings at Es Baluard, Ses Voltes, The Museum of Mallorca and at Cinemas.    For more information and to see what´s on and when logon to

Teenager Found Dead In The Street In Port d´Alcudia

An investigation has been launched in Port d´Alcudia after the body of a teenager was found lying in the street.    A passerby discovered the 16 year old in the early hours of the morning and called the Emergency Services.    Police believe the injuries sustained are consistent with a suicide.   An autopsy is being carried out to determine the exact cause of death.

Hotel Porto Petro To Be Demolished

After years of negotiations an agreement has finally been reached over Hotel Porto Petro.    The necessary permits have been issued and over the coming weeks the abandoned property will be demolished.  A public square with an underground car park will be created in its place.

Bookings Soar At Cabrera National Park Hostel

The hostel in Cabrera National Park is becoming increasingly popular and reservations have soared by more than 22 percent since the old military installations were converted in 2014.  Last year 2,216 people booked in for the night between April and October and the months of July and August were the busiest all year with more than 640 reservations.   According to the latest data from the Balearic government, more than 80% of visitors were Balearic residents and the rest were tourists from mainland Spain, Germany and the UK.

The Shape Of Water Wins 4 Oscars

The Shape of Water cleaned up at the 90th edition of the Oscars last night with four awards including Best Film and Best director.   Frances McDormand was named Best Actress and Gary Oldman took the gong for Best Actor.    Best Supporting Actor went to Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.    To see the full list of winners log on to

32 Year Old Man Behind Bars For Alleged Kidnapping and Assault

A 32 year old man is behind bars for allegedly kidnapping a man and beating him in a flat in Palma. The suspect is accused of kidnapping, threats, injuries and breech of sentence, and has denied all charges before a judge. The Guardia Civil says the man who was held hostage suffered beatings, threats, and assault with a kitchen knife during two days in captivity. Police made the arrest at a bank machine where the accused was allegedly forcing his victim to withdraw money.

13 Year Old Girl Injured When She Plunged Off A Bridge On Her Bike

A 13 year old year old girl broke her arm yesterday when she plunged 8 meters over a bridge on her bike.  Firefighters used ropes and a hoist to lift the injured girl to the top of the bridge where an ambulance was waiting. The accident happened around 1515 in the afternoon on the bridge that connects Biniarix with Soller.  Earlier in the day a mountain rescue team assisted a 37 year old climber who fell and fractured an ankle  while climbing a wall in the Castell d ‘ Alaró.

Parliament Approves New Discounts For Young People on Public Transport

Parliament has approved new discounts for young people on public transport.     The new rules mean that people up to 30 years old will get cheaper fares.    More than 70,000 people in the Balearic Islands will qualify for the new discounted rates, including 53,000 residents in Mallorca.

Gelabert Bakery In Llubí Wins First Prize For World’s Best Ensaimada

The Gelabert Bakery in Llubí has won first prize in the Ensaimada World Championship.  The competition was held yesterday in Palma with 5 entries from Mallorca and 2 from Menorca.  The winners are third generation owners of the family bakery – and say their secret is in the time of fermentation of the dough, between 11 and 12 hours.

5000 People Will Compete In Challenging Spartan Obstacle Course Race

It´s considered the best obstacle race in the world and it´s coming to Mallorca this weekend!  5000 brave athletes of all levels will compete in the Spartan Race tomorrow – a gruelling challenge to climb ropes, carry sandbags, crawl through barbed wire and scale walls up to 3 metres high. The Jaime II military barracks have been transformed to make the race course. The first competitors start at 0900 and there´s even a kids race for little Spartans starting at 1100. Spectators are welcome to come and take in the action.

Five People Injured In Fire At Hotel Saratoga

|Five people were injured today in a fire at Hotel Saratoga in Palma.  The blaze started on the ground floor early this morning and staff and guests had to be evacuated.  Firefighters have extinguished the flames, and determined an electrical panel caused the fire.  Two police officers and three hotel employees suffered injuries from smoke inhalation.

A Judge Has Sent Three Men Who Robbed A Home In Porreres To Prison

A judge has sent three men who robbed a home in Porreres to prison without bail. They are behind bars for two counts of robbery with violence, and one of the men is also accused of assault for allegedly beating the owner of the home.  A fourth suspect was shot and killed by the owner during the incident which happened last Saturday.  It was the second time the thieves had targeted the family. The last time they got away with more than 30,000 euros. The 77 year old owner of the home remains in hospital recovering from his injuries.

The Guardia Civil Busted A Gang Of Theives Responsible For Wave of Robberies

The Guardia Civil has busted of a gang of thieves involved in a wave of home robberies in Mallorca.    They´ve arrested eight people and also recovered tens of thousands of euros worth of stolen property that will be returned to its owners. Police say the organization is behind a rash of home thefts in Manacor, Felanitx, Santanyi, Porreres, Vilfranca , Campos and Sant Llorenc.

Joan Miró Workshop Will Be Cleared Out For Renovations

The workshop where Joan Miró created a significant number of his paintings is being cleared for the first time since its creation in 1956, to carry out urgent renovations.  The work will cost around 80,000 euros and more than 3000 objects have to be documented before they´re removed, and then replaced when the renovations are complete.

Thousands Of People Celebrate Day Of The Balearics

Thousands of people are eating, dancing and drinking today to celebrate the Day of the Balearics.  It commemorates when the Balearics Statue of Autonomy came into effect on March 1st, 1983.  There are medieval markets, food fairs, children´s activities and lots of live music happening in communities in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Take a look at your town hall website for details on all of local activities and events.

Siberian Cold Front Persists But Temperatures Should Start To Rise in Balearics

A Siberian cold front is persisting across Europe, but temperatures should start to rise in the Balearics. toady. Yesterday´s cold snap saw the mercury drop to minus 3.8 degrees in some places and a significant amount of snow fell in mountainous areas.  Freezing temperatures and heavy snow in the UK forced delays and cancelations across Europe, which will likely continue into today.  Forecasters predict a high of 20 degrees on Saturday, but the mild temperatures may also bring rain, wind and big seas.

Government of Spain Wants A Stake In Control Of Gibraltar Airport

The government of Spain wants a share in control of the Gibraltar Airport, as negotiations over Brexit continue.  The Spanish Foreign Minister says Spain has rights to the airport, which sits on a narrow strip of land that connects Gibraltar to Spain.  UK officials maintain the airport is a British asset, but negotiations that apply to Gibraltar must be signed off by the Kingdom of Spain.

Union That Represents Palma Air Traffic Controllers Reaches Deal To Avoid Sedition Trial

The USCA union that represents 83 air traffic controllers in Palma has reached a deal to avoid trial for sedition or abandonment of service. In December of 2010 air chaos ensued when the workers took illegal strike action and forced hundreds of flight cancellations and delays.  The union has offered a 15 million euro settlement to passengers who were affected by the walk-out, which grounded more than 5000 flights and hundreds of thousands of passengers.

New Song By Amy Winehouse Released On YouTube

A new song by Amy Winehouse has just been released on YouTube.  The track called ‘My Own Way’ is a demo the singer recorded when she was 17 to try to get signed by a record label.  Winehouse died in 2011, and many of her unfinished demos were destroyed to prevent any new albums being released after her death.

Tennis Pro Rafael Nadal Pulls Out Of Tournament Due To Injury

Mallorquin tennis pro Rafael Nadal has pulled out of the Mexico Open in Acalpulco, due to an injury he suffered in January at the Australian Open. He´s currently number two in the world, and struggling with an injury to his right leg making it impossible for him to play his scheduled match today. Nadal says it´s too early to talk about his commitments in March, right now he wants to focus on recovery.

Three Men Suspected Of Robbery In Porreres Now In Police Custody

Three members of a gang who went on the run after a robbery in Porreres at the weekend are now in police custody.    A fourth suspect was shot and killed by the property owner during the incident.    The 77 year old owner and his wife were severely beaten during the robbery.   It was the second time the family had been targeted.

Retail Sales Slump During First Quarter Of 2018

Retailers in Mallorca say this has been the worst year for trade in a very long time with some businesses seeing a 40% drop in sales.   Insiders say the slump is partly due to the fact that customers are taking advantage of discounts on offer in November and December, particularly on Black Friday,  instead of buying products in the new year.

Ryanair Adds 6 New Routes From Palma & Says Easter Strikes Are Possible

Ryanair has added two new planes to its fleet in Mallorca and announced six extra routes for this summer.  They´ll run from Palma to Berlin, Dusseldorf, Luxembourg, Nuremberg, Strasbourg and Stuttgart.    The airline has also issued a warning about the possibility of strike action over Easter as negotiations with unions in Europe over pay and conditions continue to stall.

Guardia Civil Hunting For Gang of Criminals

The Guardia Civil are still looking for a gang of criminals who robbed a house in Porreres on the weekend.    The owner of the home, who was severely beaten by the suspects, shot and killed one of his attackers.    It was the second time the thieves had targeted the family. The last time they got away with more than 30,000 euros.

Palma Police Investigating Alleged Hate Crime

Police in Palma are investigating an alleged hate crime after two young men were reportedly beaten for being gay and speaking Catalan.    They victims say they were intimidated and beaten up in the centre of Palma on the weekend.   Palma City Council has condemned the attack.

New Ferry Service Will Link Mallorca & France

A new ferry link will connect Mallorca and France from this April.  The service will run twice a week throughout the summer between Port d´Alcudia and Toulon and take around 10 hours.  Corsica Ferries say the ship can carry more than 2ooo passengers and 650 vehicles.   It´s the first time in nearly 15 years that Mallorca and France have been connected by ferry.

Shrimp Fishermen Complain About Low Prices

Shrimp fishermen in Mallorca are struggling to get a fair price for their catch.  They´re netting a higher volume of shrimp, but prices are bottoming out at the fish market, leaving them very little profit.   Buyers won´t pay a high price for smaller sized shrimp which could result in further losses for the industry.

Tributes Pour In For Emma Chambers

Tributes are pouring in for the British Actress Emma Chambers who passed away at the age of 53.  She was best known for her role of Honey, the little sister of Hugh Grant´s character in the movie Nottinghill.  She was also popular with UK audiences in her role as Alice Tinker on the BBC series The Vicar of Dibley.  Her representative says she died of natural causes.

44% Of Balearic Properties Sold To Foreigners In 2017

The Balearic Islands has become a magnet for property investors and foreign buyers are leading the way.    The latest figures show that sales rocketed by €4,500m last year; that´s 26% more than in 2016.    According to the Ministry of Promotion, 44% of the properties were snapped up by foreigners.

Man Arrested In Palma For Allegedly Attacking His Dog With An Iron Bar 

A 59 year old man has been arrested in Palma for attacking his dog with an iron bar.    Witnesses claim they heard the dog howling and saw the animal being beaten so they called the police.     A campaign called Animals Who Need Us In Mallorca has been launched on Facebook to try to find someone to adopt the dog.   The owner has denied beating his dog.

Medical Staff Protest In Ibiza & Formenters Over Mandatory Use Of Catalan

More than 100 medical staff staged protests in Ibiza and Formentera against mandatory Catalan in the Balearic Heath System.    Insiders say vacancies across several medical departments are difficult to fill and the language rule is making it even harder to attract staff to the Balearics.   Protests over mandatory Catalan have also taken place in Mallorca.

New Restrictions For Online Betting Commercials On Radio & TV

Radio and Television commercials for online betting firms are to be banned between 0800 and 0900 and from 1700 until 2000 to prevent exposure to children.     The new laws will also restrict the use of celebrities and other characters that may be considered attractive to minors.   It´s the second time the Treasury has tried to introduce restrictions in a bid to fight the increase in gambling addiction amongst young people.

Renfe Slashes Ticket Prices To Mark AVE Anniversary

Renfe is slashing its ticket prices to mark the ten year anniversary of AVE´s arrival in Barcelona.   25,000 tickets will be available at train stations, travel agents, on the phone and online at from Sunday.    But you better be quick, when Renfe has a sale the tickets usually go within a couple of hours.

Inca Wholesaler Accused Of Selling Out Of Date Products

A wholesalers in Inca has been shut down by the Guardia Civil for allegedly selling out of date  products.    The company is accused of changing the labels on expired paté, cheeses and cold meats to avoid losing profit.    Eating dairy products that are past their sell by date can cause sepsis, listeria and meningitis.     If found guilty, those responsible could be jailed for up to 4 years, face heavy fines and be disqualified from the industry.

Bar & Club Owners In Ibiza Say New Restrictions Bad For Business

Bar and club owners in Ibiza are furious about new regulations that will force bars to clear open air terraces by 2300, make it compulsory for clubs to shut at 0300 and comply with new laws on sound.    They say the new rules are bad for business and will put hundreds of people out of work.   The proposals are designed to curb anti-social behaviour and excessive drinking by tourists on holiday on the White Island.

2018 Palma Job Fair Now On At The Palacio de Congresos in Palma

At least 1,600 jobs are up for grabs at this year´s Palma Job Fair at the Palacio de Congresos.    45 companies are taking part in the event, which also features conferences, lectures and round table discussions.     If you´d like to take part in the selection process you´ll have to register at and deliver your CV to the companies you´re interested in working for before 1800  today.

Two Balearic Beaches Amongst Best In Europe

Two Balearic beaches are amongst the best in Europe according to the travel website, TripAdvisor.     Playa Ses Illetes in Formentera was named second best beach in Spain and 9th in Europe for its dazzling views, turquoise water and cleanliness and Platja de Muro´s beautiful beach and water sports facilities earned a 10th place nod in Spain.    La Concha beach in San Sebastiàn took the top spot for Spain and Europe and came in at number 6 in the world.  Grace Bay in the Turks & Caicos Islands was voted best beach in the world.

Jaguar Land Rover Auctioning 100 Classic Cars On March 21

Jaguar Land Rover is putting at least 100 classic cars from its own collection up for auction because it needs the space and wants to recoup some of its costs.   Some of the vehicles are in  working order,  others need to be restored and all of them will be listed with no reserve price, including a couple of 1952 Austin A40 Sportscars, a 1960 Borgward Isabella Coupé, a 1960 Goggomobil T Sedan and a 1938 Peugeot 402.    The Affordable Classics Auction will be on March 21st and you can get a catalogue by logging on to

Residents Ask For Extra Police Security In Platja de Palma

The Anti-Crime Platform of Platja de Palma, which represents residents and hoteliers in the area, has appealed to the National Police to improve security before the summer season begins.    They want new measures put in place to prevent anti-social behaviour and excessive drinking by tourists.

12 Dog Owners In Palma Fail Animal Welfare Inspections

Twelve complaints were issued against dog owners during inspections carried out in Palma.  Four for letting their dog run free without a leash, three for not carrying the bag mandatory to collect poop and five others not having their pet chipped.    476 dogs were inspected over 18 days as part of the Animal Welfare Campaign in Palma.

Restaurateurs In Calle Blanquerna Protest Against Terrace Restrictions

Restaurateurs in Calle Blanquerna in Palma have launched a protest against a new ordinance which they say will harm their businesses.  The Town Hall wants to restrict the size of the terraces to make more room for pedestrians.  But business owners say there´s already plenty of space for people to walk around and there´s also a bike lane for cyclists.

Gastronomy Market Opens In Magaluf At The End Of March

A brand new Central Street Food Market is opening in Magaluf at the end of March in Carrer Pinada with 24 stalls on two floors serving food and wine from all over the world.     Traditional Mallorquin delicacies, fish and chips, authentic Italian pizzas and kebabs are just some of the choices that will be available.  There will also be events and live music for tourists and locals to enjoy.     For more information call 645 709 921.

Airbnb Fined For Advertising Unlicenced Balearic Properties

Airbnb has been fined €300,000 for advertising unlicenced properties in the Balearics.     The holiday rental website was warned three times that at least 20 properties on Airbnb were in breach of new Balearic legislation, but the company failed to remove them.    Airbnb has said it will appeal against the fine.   Under the new rules, owners who rent their property without a licence face fines of up to €40,000 and rental platforms such as Airbnb can be fined up to €400,000.

Aemet Issues Weather Warning For Mallorca

Aemet is forecasting a drastic drop in temperatures in the Balearic islands from tomorrow and snow storms in the Traumantanas.     The State Meteorological Agency has also issued a warning for heavy rain and winds of up to 80 kilometres an hour in the north and east of Mallorca.

Spain Announces New Driving Test Regulations

Spain is making drastic changes to Driving Test regulations from May this year.  Learner drivers will have to attend mandatory lessons to be allowed to sit the theory test and the multiple choice answers in the written exam are being replace with questions that require written solutions to traffic issues.    New rules for drivers convicted of drug and alcohol offences will make it more difficult for them to get their licence back.

3 People Charged With Drug Trafficking In Palma

Three people have been charged with drug trafficking after they were allegedly caught moving 68 marijuana plants and nearly 100 seedlings from one location to another in Palma.    Officers say a neighbour spotted the men moving the drugs into a van and called the police.

Eric Clapton Guitar Up For Auction On March 2

A guitar that once belonged to Eric Clapton is expected to fetch more than €11,000 at auction next month.    Clapton sold the 1978 Guild D55NT natural wood acoustic guitar in 1999 to raise money for his Crossroads Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre.  It comes with the original strings and a burn on the headstock where the rock star used to put his cigarette.    It will go under the hammer with a number of other rock memorabilia at Gardiner Houlgate Auctions in Corsham, Wiltshire on March 2nd.

National Police Launch Investigation After Armed Robbery In Palma

An investigation has been launched in Palma after an armed robbery.  Two hooded men burst into the premises and demanded money at gunpoint, then fled with around €1,200 euros.    The National Police believe it may be the same people who robbed pharmacies and a supermarket in Can Pastilla earlier this month.  Officers are scanning CCTV to try to identify the suspects.

More Than 2,500 Demonstrate In Palma

More than 2,500 people staged a demonstration in Palma yesterday to protest against new rules which make it compulsory for employees of the public Health Sector to speak Catalan.    Wearing white coats and waving banners with slogans like, “Languages ​​do not save lives”  they marched from Plaza d´España to the Consolat de Mar before reading a manifesto.

CCTV Cameras To Be Installed In La Seu

CCTV cameras are being installed in the La Seu area of Palma to prevent taxis from parking there and to stop illegal street selling.    Anyone who breaks the rules could be fined of up to €1,500.        Residents have complained that it´s impossible to find parking in their neighbourhood because taxis are using all the spaces.

Son Dureta Hospital To Be Demolished In January 2019

Son Dureta hospital will be demolished in January next year but for safety reasons it won´t be done with explosives.   The project will take at least a year and some parts of the buildings will have to be dismantled by hand.    More than 33 tons of debris will be generated during the demolition and all of the glass, iron and steel will be recycled.

120 Community Police Start Work In Palma

A new police task force started work today in ten zones of Palma.  Up to 17 Community officers are patrolling troubled areas of the city, including Son Gotleu, Pere Garau and Son Roca to strengthen security and safety in those neighbourhoods.  In cases of emergency, 50 other police officers will be available to provide back up and support.

Luis Riu Guell Insists He´s Innocent Of Corruption Charges

Hotel magnate, Luis Riu Guell has been released on bail in Miami and insists he´s completely innocent of the corruption charges filed against him.     He´s accused of paying off building officials in Miami in connection with the renovation of a hotel in the South Beach area of the city.   Former Miami Beach building official, Mariano Fernàndez and the Riu´s Regional Vice-President, Alejandro Sanchez del Arco are also facing charges.

28 Year Old British Man Found Dead In Palma Apartment

A British man has been found dead in his apartment Palma´s Old Town.    National police officers say the 28 year old, who has not been named, was found with a plastic bag over his head and may have committed suicide.

At Least 12 People Arrested In Son Gotleu Raids

At least 12 people have been arrested for alleged drug trafficking, illegal immigration and illegal business practices in the Son Gotleu neighbourhood of Palma.   More than 80 officers took part in the raids and they reportedly confiscated a variety of drugs.

Balearic Construction Industry Booming

The Construction Industry in the Balearic Islands is booming.  Investment increased by 17.6% to around €1,729 million in 2017.      49,000 workers were employed in construction last year, 11 percent more than in 2016.    The Association of Builders of the Balearic Islands is calling for more training in the Construction Sector to reduce the possibility of accidents

TMZ Claims Spice Girls Reunion Will Happen This Year

Will they or won´t they?  Victoria Beckham has said there will not be a Spice Girls reunion tour this year, but TMZ says otherwise.   The celebrity gossip website claims all five band members have already signed on the dotted line and will perform a series of concerts in the UK and the US this year.  They were last seen performing together as a five-piece 6 years ago at the London Olympics and the launch of their Viva Forever Musical.

Two Men On Trial In Italy Over Death Of Martina Rossi In Palma In 2011

The trial of two men has begun in Italy, in connection with the the death of a tourist in Palma 7 years ago.    Martina Rossi died after she fell from the 6th floor of hotel in Cala Major in August 2011.   At the time police determined that it was a suicide but the prosecution claims new evidence proves she was trying to escape from an attempted rape by the two suspects.

Diesel Cars Will Be Banned From The Balearic Islands By 2025

Under new Climate Change rules, diesel cars will be banned in the Balearic Islands by 2025,  restrictions on petrol ones will be introduced from 2035 and all vehicles must be electric by 2050.      The Department of Land, Energy and Mobility says the new regulations will reduce CO2 emissions in urban areas of the Balearic Islands by 90%.    More than 20 million euros will be invested in the installation of electric charging points.

Out Of Date Food Confiscated From Stores In Palma, Calvià & Llucmajor

Several items of food, including children´s powdered milk have been confiscated from stores in Palma, Calvià and Llucmajor because they were out of date.   The Ministry for Health, Consumption and Social Welfare has launched an investigation and the Guardia Civil will decide what action to take after the products have been tested.

Ryanair Announces Flights From Palma To Milan, Rome & Düsseldorf

Ryanair is adding 19 new routes in 2018 and ticket prices have been slashed to €19.99 to celebrate the launch.    The new schedule includes twice-weekly flights from Palma to Milan, Rome and Düsseldorf.     The airline is involved in negotiations over pay and conditions with unions in several countries in Europe in a bid to prevent a repeat of rota problems that grounded thousands of flights.

120 Community Police Officers To Patrol Palma From Monday

A new police task force will start work on Monday in ten zones of Palma.  Up to 17 Community Officers will patrol troubled areas of the city, including Son Gotleu, Pere Garau and Son Roca to strengthen security and safety in the neighbourhood.  In case of emergency, 50 other police officers will provide back-up and support.

Man Dies After Falling Down Lift Shaft

A man has died after falling 15 meters down a lift shaft in central Palma.    The victim was working on the fourth floor of the building when the accident happened.    He was resuscitated by firefighters and taken to Son Espases Hospital in critical condition but later died.

Four People Charged Over Alleged Fake Marriage

Four people have been charged with aiding illegal immigration for allegedly arranging a fake marriage.    Police say the groom had his future wife´s name written on a napkin in case he forgot it and paid her €5,000 to marry him so that he could stay in the country.    The bride and groom and their two witnesses were arrested one hour before the ceremony was due to take place.

Brits Choosing Turkey & Egypt Instead Of Spain For Summer Holidays

British tourists are flocking to Turkey this year because it´s cheaper than Spain according to the Thomas Cook Group.    The travel and leisure company´s CEO, Peter Fankhauser says the record-breaking number of tourists visiting Spain in 2017 has prompted a steep rise in hotel prices for this summer and that´s forcing the majority of people booking Thomas Cook holidays to choose cheaper options in Turkey or Egypt.

Large Stones Stop People Parking Close To Cala Varques

The owner of an estate between Porto Cristo and Portocolom has put a number of large stones along a stretch of road beside Cala Varques to stop people parking their cars there when they go to the beach.   The Ajuntament of Manacor recently put up barriers closing off two paths that lead to the sandy cove at Cala Varques, which has pleased local residents but infuriated those who want to go to the beach.

25% Off Air Europa Flights From February 14-June 20, Except At Easter

Air Europa is slashing all National and International flight prices to celebrate Valentine´s Day.    From tomorrow until June 20th fares will be discounted by 25% but you have to buy your ticket before midnight tonight and enter the discount code LOVE25 on the payment page.   Flights over the Easter period between March 23rd and April 8th will not be reduced.

4 People Treated For Smoke Inhalation After Yacht Caught Fire

The captain and three crew of a large yacht had to be treated for smoke inhalation yesterday after the vessel caught fire in the dry dock at Puerto Portals.     It took firefighters nearly two hours to douse the flames which caused severe damage to the boat.   An electrical fault onboard the 23 meter yacht is thought to be the cause of the fire.

New Underground Parking Lot To Be Built In Palma

The Balearic Port Authority is spending around €22 million on a new underground parking lot opposite La Lonja in Palma.   The project will be put out to tender and the finished lot must have landscaped areas on the surface for pedestrians and at least 230 parking spaces.  Bids for a 2-level structure with a maximum of 460 parking spaces will also be considered.

Harlem Globetrotters Coming To Mallorca On May 7

The Harlem Globetrotters are touring Spain and they´re coming to Mallorca on May 7th.  Their unique combination of comedy and sport is the perfect day out for all the family and if you get a Magic Pass you can even meet the players – and learn some of their tricks.  Tickets range in price from €20 for standard entry to €45 for front row seats and you can buy them online at or

4 People Arrested For Attempted Murder Of Tenant

Two women and two men have been arrested in Palma for the alleged attempted murder of a Bulgarian woman.  The victim called the police because the apartment owners had allegedly cut off her electricity supply several times since the beginning of the year.  While she was waiting for the officers to arrive the suspects reportedly came to the apartment and tried to strangle her.

Two Men Arrested For Alleged Armed Robbery In Calvià

Two men have been arrested in Calvià in connection with an armed robbery in Punta Ballena in October.     The suspects allegedly robbed the same house twice at gunpoint, threatened the owner and stole a number of valuable objects and cash.      Calvià police launched an investigation and both men are now facing charges of robbery with violence and intimidation and use of firearms.

4 Public Use Defibrillators Stolen Or Destroyed In Llucmajor

Four of the 24 defibrillators which were installed for public use at different locations in Llucmajor have either been stolen or destroyed by vandals.    The town hall spent €41,000 on the equipment, which is now available at Schools, Sports Centres, Plazas, and in Public Parks.   For anyone having a heart attack, access to a defibrillator can mean the difference between life and death.

Wanted British Teenager Believed to Be In Ibiza

British police believe a teenager who´s wanted in connection with the murder of a 34 year old man in the UK may be hiding out in Ibiza.   Bradley Blundell is accused of killing John Pordage during an argument at a petrol station in Chelmsford in August last year.    Crimestoppers in the UK has announced a €11,300 reward for information leading to the arrest of Bradley Blundell.

Holiday Bookings In The Balearics Islands Increase By At Least 30%

Advance bookings for holidays in the Balearics this year are up by at least 30%.   Bedsonline, and Expedia all say there´s been a huge rise in demand and Tour Operators are also confident that 2018 will be a bumper year.    The highest number of  bookings are from tourists in Norway, Germany, the UK, Austria, France and Switzerland.

Bad Weather May Affect Balearic Flights

Snow is expected to fall in the Balearic Islands today.    Blizzards and freezing temperatures have already forced the cancellation of a number of flights bound for the Balearics from mainland Spain, France, and the UK this week.  With more snow on the way, passengers are strongly advised to check the status of their flight before they leave home.

February 24 To Become Day Of The Victims In Memory Of Civil War Murders

The Government is planning to make February 24th the Day of the Victims in memory of the four people who were murdered by Franco´s men during the Civil War, including the Mayors of Palma and Inca.    Emili Darder and Antoni Mateu were shot at dawn in Palma Cemetery in 1937 along with Entrepreneurs, Alejandro Jaume and Antoni Ques.

Cameroon Man Arrested At Palma Airport For Alleged Drug Trafficking

A Cameroon man has been arrested at Palma´s Son Sant Joan airport and charged with drug trafficking.  The Guardia Civil said the 28 year old was carrying more than a kilo of high quality heroin in his intestines and has been arrested.    He arrived on a flight from Madrid but began his journey in Equatorial Guinea which is reportedly a notorious route used by drug trafficking organisations trying to bring drugs to Europe.

The UN Appeals to Spain To Ban Children Under 18 From Bullfights 

The United Nations has asked to Spain to ban children under the age of 18 from bullfights.  The Committee On The Rights Of The Child of the UN has said it´s concerned by the level of violence at bullfighting schools and has recommended that the Spanish government stop allowing children from becoming involved with them.

Kissing Competition @ El Corte Inglés Store In Palma

To celebrate Valentine´s Day El Corte Inglés is holding its 6th annual kissing competition at the Avenidas Store in Palma.   The couple with the most romantic kiss will win a night in a hotel with dinner and breakfast included and the best family kiss will win a gift card for €200.   The competition takes place is on the ground floor of the store between 1730 and 2000 today and from 11 until 1330, then 1730 until 2000 tomorrow.

Heavy Snow Causing Cancellations & Delays At Airports

Blizzard conditions and freezing temperatures are causing cancellations and severe delays at airports in the UK – mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.     With more snow forecast over the next few days, passengers are advised to check the status of their flight before they leave for the airport.

Excess Waste On Beaches After Storms In Bay Of Palma

Residents are complaining about the amount of waste that´s been washed up on the coastline during recent storms in the Bay of Palma.     A video has been published online showing huge amounts of plastic, plant debris and sewage, which has accumulated in the ports and on the beaches between Portixol and Cala Gamba.

New Safety Measures For Taxi Drivers In Mallorca

New safety measures are being introduced for taxi drivers in Mallorca, which will include  surveillance cameras, screens and panic buttons to link them to the local police in an emergency.    Government aid will be available to help pay for the items each driver decides to install and they´re also being offered free self-defence courses.

New Vehicle Restrictions In Formentera

The Balearic Government wants to restrict the number of private and rental cars on the island of Formentera during the high season and promote the use of electric vehicles.     Residents, public service vehicles, delivery trucks, tractors and people with reduced mobility will be exempt from the new legislation which will be introduced next year if it´s approved.

Primal Scream Playing At Mallorca Live Festival

It´s just been announced that the Scottish band, Primal Scream will play at the Mallorca Live Festival along with Prodigy who are headlining this year´s event.   More than 40 local, national and international artists will take to the stage during the two-day festival on May 11th and 12th in the old Aquapark in Calvia.

Balearic Imports Increased By 6% In 2017 To 15 Million Tonnes

More than 15 million tonnes of goods were shipped to the Balearic Islands last year, that´s 6 percent more than in 2016.  Between January and November 2017 more than 2-million tonnes of goods were imported to Alcudia, Ibiza received nearly twice that amount and 9.4 million tonnes came to Palma.   With demand from the Tourism, Hospitality and Construction Sectors increasing all the time it´s estimated that at least 17 million tones will be delivered this year.

Ibiza Bans Holiday Rentals In Almost Every Town This Summer

The authorities in Ibiza are clamping down on tourist rental platforms like Airbnb with a ban on holiday rentals in almost every town on the White Island this summer.   The new regulations apply to apartment buildings, villas and town houses and anyone planning to get around the new rules by camping out in a van can think again, because they´re also banned.     Property owners can be fined up to €40,000 for renting without a licence and websites face penalties of up to €400,000 for advertising illegal rentals.

French Citizen Claims Ownership Of House In Sóller

A French citizen has submitted a claim for a house in Sóller that was donated to the Ajuntament in 1975.  Jean M Garcia claims he is the nephew of the former owner and therefore heir to the estate.   He says that the house was donated on condition that it was used as a care home for the elderly, the sick and the poor, but since it is now being used as offices, he wants it back.

Tourism Ministry Spending Nearly €1 Million In Puerto de Alcudia

The Tourism ministry is spending nearly €1 million on two projects in Puerto de Alcudia.    The money will be used to widen pavements, create a tree lined boulevard with street furniture, improve lighting and streamline traffic.   The City Mayor says the changes will provide more space for pedestrians and make life a lot easier for those with mobility issues.

1,600 Jobs On Offer At Palma Job Fair on February 21st & 22nd

At least 1,600 jobs will be up for grabs at this year´s Palma Job Fair at the Palacio de Congresos on February 21st and 22nd.    45 companies are taking part in the event, which will also feature conferences, lectures and round table discussions.   If you´d like to be included in the selection process you´ll have to register in advance at and then deliver your CV to the companies you´re interested in working for between 0930 and 1800 on Thursday, February 22nd.

Bad Weather Causing Delays & Cancellations In The Balearics

Heavy snow and freezing temperatures are causing chaos in mainland Spain and the bad weather is now also affecting airports in the Balearics.    At least four flights to Ibiza and Menorca were cancelled yesterday and there were severe delays at Palma´s Son San Joan airport.  More snow is forecast in the next few days and passengers are advised to check the status of their flights before they leave for the airport.

Parking Lots & New Or Renovated Buildings Must Install Solar Panels

All public and private parking lots in the Balearics that are bigger than 1,000 square meters must have solar panels installed by 2025 according to the new Climate Change Act.  The new rules also apply to any new or newly renovated industrial or commercial building measuring more than 1,000 square meters.  They will have to include a deck with solar panels.

1,500 Illegal Workers Identified In The Balearics In 2017

Labour Inspectors identified more than 1,500 illegal workers in the Balearics last year.     A total of 5-thousand-703 checks were carried out and inspectors say 62 foreigners were working without permits and the rest have been accused of Social Security fraud.    The Labour Inspectorate says most of the illegal workers were working in the service industry and construction.

Scabies Outbreak At Bonanova Residential Care Centre

There´s  been an outbreak of scabies at a Residential Care Centre in Bonanova.  6 cases of the disease have been detected so far, including two employees.    The authorities say the situation is under control, those affected have been quarantined and a cleaning process has begun.    Scabies is caused by parasites and although it´s not dangerous, it is infectious and can be spread through skin contact or by sharing clothes, towels or bedding with someone who´s contracted the disease.

Easyjet Launches In-Flight Love Sick Poetry Competition

If you´re taking an Easyjet flight between now and Valentines day, you could win two free flights anywhere in the world by taking part in their Love Sick Poetry Competition.   All you have to do is write a romantic verse on the back of an Easyjet in-flight sick bag – then share an image of it on Twitter or Instagram with @easyJet using #LoveSickSonnets.  The competition will be judged by author and poet, Daisy Goodwin, who also wrote the script for the TV show, Victoria.

Ryanair Warns Of Possible Strike Action At Easter

Ryanair says negotiations with pilot unions in several countries are deadlocked and has warned that Easter flights may be disrupted by strikes.   Ryanair Chief Executive, Michael O´Leary says he will not accept unrealistic demands from pilots.   Meanwhile, the Spanish Union of Airline Pilots,  or SEPLA, says it´s considering taking Ryanair to court over its working conditions.

New All-Inclusive Regulations To Ban Happy Hour & 2-For-1 Drink Deals

Happy hour and two for one drink deals offered on all-inclusive holidays could soon be a thing of the past in places like Magaluf.   New regulations are being drawn up which state that alcohol can only be served with meals.  It´s the latest in a raft of proposals from Calvia City Council which are designed to curb anti-social behaviour and excessive drinking by British tourists.

Appeal Against Extradition To Russia Rejected

The National Court has rejected an appeal against extradition from a Russian national.  He was detained in Mallorca after an International Arrest Warrant was issued by Interpol and is  wanted in Russia in connection with allegedly receiving bribes amounting to €25,000.

Arran Calls For PepsiCo Products Boycott

The Youth Organisation, Arran, is calling for a boycott of PepsiCo products in response to the closure of the factory in Marratxi.  The company has confirmed that the bottling plant will be shut down on March 15th and employees will decide today whether to accept the terms offered by PepsiCo.

Illegal Dumping In Calvià Could Cost Builders Up To €45,000

Builders who allegedly dumped more than 80 bags of rubble in a protected area in Calvià are facing a fine of up to €45,000.   Police say they were able to track down those responsible after a local resident reported the incident and gave them the licence plate of the van used to transport the debris.

Police To Monitor Parties at Bellver Castle & Parc de la Mar in Palma

Local police have reportedly been instructed to monitor unauthorised weekend birthday parties in the forest of Bellver Castle and in Parc de la Mar in Palma.   Now officers must check authorisation and issue fines if those involved don´t respect the environment.   Police will also be checking up on cyclists and making sure that people have their dogs on a leash.

7 Arrested In Connection With Robberies In Mallorca

At least 7 people,including two minors, have been arrested in connection with a spate of robberies in the Balearic Islands.    The gang have been charged with robbing more than 70 businesses, homes and vehicles in Palma, Marratxi, Bunyola and Calvia.

Balearic Rents Have Soared By 40% Since 2015

Rents in the Balearics have soared by 40% since 2015 and will increase even more this year according to the Association of Estate Agents.    The API says that increased demand and a severe  lack of rental properties is driving prices up.

New Animal Protection Laws Introduced In Spain

A new law has been introduced in Spain making it illegal to cut the tails and ears of animals, remove their teeth or claws or cut their vocal chords.     Animals must be anaesthetised before an operation that may cause pain, and can only be put down by a vet, except in emergencies.  The National Association for the Defence of Animals has welcomed the ruling which also forbids offering pets as prizes.

200 Abandoned Boats To Be Removed From Balearic Ports

At least 200 abandoned boats are to be removed from ports in the Balearic Islands.  Ports IB claims that some owners have lots interest in their boats and others don´t have the money to pay mooring fees.  If they don´t settle their debts within 6 months the vessels will either be scrapped or put up for auction.

40% Of Santa Catalina & Es Jonquet Terraces Could Be Eliminated

More than 40% of the terraces of Santa Catalina and Es Jonquet could be eliminated before the start of this year´s summer season.    A new ordinance states that all terraces must leave at least 2.5 meters for pedestrians to walk by.  Awnings will be banned and can only be replaced with parasols and screens like the ones on Paseo del Born.  The ordinance will affect at least a third of all terraces in Palma.

Monitoring Vessel Deployed To Portocolom To Protect Posidonia

The Department of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries has announced that Portocolom will be scrutinised this summer to stop boats from anchoring on top of Posidonia.   There are five vessels monitoring the coastlines of the Balearic Islands and one of them will be deployed to Portocolom and the surrounding area.

5 Vehicles Damaged By Drunk British Woman Parking Car In Palma

A British woman was arrested for drunk driving yesterday after she damaged five cars whilst trying to park at the Ocimax Shopping Centre in Palma.    Police say the 45 year old was given a breathalyser at the scene and the results showed that she was three times over the legal limit.

Ryanair Tickets For 2019 Subject To Post-Brexit Regulations

Ryanair says passengers will be able to buy 2019 flights to Europe from this summer – but the tickets will be subject to any post-Brexit regulations.     The airline has also announced plans to be plastic free within five years and to compensate people who find the same fares cheaper elsewhere.   The bad news is that tickets for seats at the front of the plane or with extra legroom will no longer include priority boarding and passengers will have to pay €5 extra for that service.

Club Nàutico in Can Picafort To Increase Mooring Fees By 30-40 percent

Club Nàutico in Can Picafort is increasing the price of moorings by 30-40 percent to offset a huge rise in the annual fees it has to pay to the government.   Club Nàutico President, Toni Montserrat says concession fees have soared from €9,000 to €150,000 and the only way the club pay for them is by increasing mooring fees.

British Passports To Cost More From March 27th, 2018

British Passports will cost more than 14 euros extra from March 27th this year, which means Adult passports will be €96.64,  or €85.84 if you apply online.   Under 16´s will pay €66.51 but they will also be much cheaper online at €55. 71.   It´s worth remembering that you don´t have to wait until your passport expires to get a new one.  A maximum of 9 months unused time can be transferred to your new passport, so if yours expires on December 27th 2018 you might want to consider renewing it before the price hike is introduced.

Ryanair Agrees To Recognise The Airline Pilot´s Union

Ryanair has agreed to recognise the Union that represents 600 airline pilots in the UK.   The change of heart follows the chaos caused by holiday rotas and pilot shortages last year, which grounded more than 20,000 flights.  Ryanair says it´s serious about creating a better relationship with the Airline Pilot´s Association.

Man Busted In Cala Millor For 1.5 Kilos Of Hashish & Counterfeit Euros

A 48 year old man has been arrested in Cala Millor and charged with Offences Against Public Health after 1.5 kilos of hashish was allegedly found in his car along with a substantial amount of counterfeit euros.   Guardia Civil officers say they stopped the vehicle after they noticed the suspect driving erratically.

The Consell of Mallorca To Subsidise Wild Cat Sterilisation

The Consell of Mallorca has agreed to subsidise the sterilisation of colonies of wild cats on the island, but it will be up to each individual municipality to apply for the aid.     The aim of the program is not just to identify and sterilise the feral cats, it will also include the creation of specific areas for them to live in.

Andratx Town Hall Slashes ORA Blue Zone Parking Spaces To 124

Andratx Town Hall is cutting the number of parking spaces in ORA blue zones from 251 to just 124.     The changes affect the area between the sailing club and the children´s playground in Avenida Gabriel Roca.    Between March 1 and October 31st it will cost €1.66 a minute to park in the ORA zone.

Unlicenced Work At Pacha Night Club To Be Demolished

Palma Town Hall has ruled that work done without the proper permits at Pacha Night Club at 42 Avenida Gabriel Roca must be demolished.    The owner of the property allegedly put up billboards,  increased the size of the patio, main terrace and VIP room, and expanded the basement area without a licence to do so.

Leaked Government Document Says Brexit Is Bad For The British Economy

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is under pressure to publish the findings of a Government report on Brexit.     According to a leaked document, leaving the EU will be bad for the economy whether it’s a hard exit or a soft exit and if Britain is unable to broker a comprehensive free trade agreement, growth could plummet by as much as 8 percent.

Man Dies After Falling From 6th Floor Of Palma Apartment Building

A man died after falling from the sixth floor of a building in Palma yesterday.  Witnesses say the victim forgot his keys when he went up to the roof to hang out his laundry.    He then tried to get back into the building by using a rope tied to the roof – but it couldn´t hold his weight and he fell to his death.

Easyjet Chief Executive Vows To Tackle Gender Pay Gap

Easyjet´s Chief Executive is determined to address the gender pay gap at the airline and has volunteered to chop €38,000 from his own pay packet to prove it.    Johan Lundgren freely admits that male employees at the airline are paid twice as much as females, but claims that´s because 94% of pilots are men.   He´s vowed to increase the number of female pilots at Easyjet from 6% to 20% by 2020 .

UIB Study Claims Some Sun Tan Lotions Are Harming Marine Life

A new study by the UIB has found that some sun tan lotions are harming marine life.      The report states that excessive amounts of sunscreen in popular tourist areas are increasing the levels of titanium dioxide in the gills of mussels and may also harm flora and fauna.

Thomas Cook Launches Sunbed Booking Scheme

Getting up early to bag a sunbed when you´re on holiday is no fun, and Thomas Cook has launched a new service that means you won´t have to.   You´ll be able to reserve a sunbed in your favourite spot for every day you´re on holiday for just 25 euros.   The scheme is being introduced at 30 hotels in Spanish resorts this summer, including the Canary Islands.   But there´s no news yet on whether the service will be available here in Mallorca.

Decomposed Body Found At Villa In Capdepera

The decomposed body of a man has reportedly been found at a villa in Capdepera by a plumber who was carrying out maintenance work at the property.    The corpse was found in a narrow gap normally used for pipes, and it´s thought it may be the body of a German Chef who disappeared in Cala Ratjada last August.   An autopsy is being carried out to determine the cause of death.

Airlines Compete For Slots At Palma´s Son San Joan Airport

Airlines are battling it out for slots at Palma´s Son San Joan Airport.    The demise of Monarch and Air Berlin means there are extra slots up for grabs and Thomas Cook Airlines, Eurowings, EasyJet, Ryanair, Lufthansa and Jet2 are just some of the airlines which have submitted requests to the European Agency, Eurocontrol, for the next summer season.

Hundreds Attend French Lycée de Palma Ceremony In Sa Teulera

The first stone was laid at the new French Lycée de Palma yesterday.    Around 300 people took part in the ceremony in Sa Teulera – including students and their parents, officials from the French embassy in Madrid and other dignitaries.

Ryanair Adds 10 New Destinations Which Will Create 3,700 New Jobs

Ryanair is investing more than €200 million in its Manchester Airport operation.    The low cost airline is buying 3 new aircraft and plans to add 10 new routes to its list of destinations, including one to Almeria.    The additional routes will create around 3,700 new jobs.

King Felipe VI Of Spain Turns 50

King Felipe VI of Spain will be 50 years old tomorrow.    As part of the celebrations the Royal Family has decided to release 84 minutes of video and more than 70 photographs which were taken during private and public moments in their lives over the last year.


Vanity Fair Cover Photo Shambles

Every year the glossy magazine, Vanity Fair dedicates its cover to Hollywood with a photograph of movie stars, but this year something went terribly wrong.    It´s impossible to bring so many A-listers together at once, so they were shot separately by the world famous photographer, Annie Leibovitz.   But in the photo Oprah Winfrey appears to have three hands and Reese Witherspoon looks like she has three legs.  The magazine blamed the gaffe on a graphic editing fault and promised to publish a new version of the photograph on its website.

Family Won´t Press Charges For 112 Operator Mistake

The family of a teenager, who was allegedly ignored by a 112 Emergency Services Operator, say they will not press charges.  The 14 year old suffered a collapsed lung whilst walking along a street in Inca, but the Operator allegedly hung up on him twice when he called 112.    He eventually flagged down a car and was taken to Son Espases Hospital.  The head of the call centre has apologised to the family.

Palma City Council Approves Dismantling Of Son Banya By 2021

Palma City Council has approved the dismantling of the town of Son Banya before 2021.    €5.4 million will be invested over the next 7 years to dismantle the gypsy settlement and families will receive €12-thousand  a year for a maximum of 5 years to help them relocate.  Son Banya was created in 1970 to try to improve the living conditions of around 100 gypsy families.

Man Arrested In Palma For Armed Assault

A man has been detained in palma for the alleged armed assault of at least 11 people.    The 37 year old suspect is reportedly a drug addict with a lengthy police record.   He´s accused of attacking people when they were walking alone at night.

Unemployment Down By 8.27% In The Balearics

75,100 people were out of work in the Balearics in the 4th quarter of 2017.  That´s 8.27% less than the same time in 2016.  According to The National Institute of Statistics, new jobs were created in the services industry, construction and agriculture – putting an extra 8,700 people back to work.

Challenge Cycling Competition Road Closures in Palma

The 27th Challenge Cycling competition is taking place this weekend in Palma.  That means a number of roads will be closed from 6 o´clock on Sunday morning, including, Avenida Fra Joan Llabrés, Avenida Gabriel Roca and the Paseo Marítimo in both directions.

Spain Introducing Passenger Name Record System

Spain is introducing a new system to access the personal information of around 3 million airline passengers.    The data will be used to fight crimes such as human trafficking, fraud and money laundering.   The Passenger Name Record is already being used by a number of governments to prevent terrorism.

Easyjet Cashing In On The Collapse Of Rival Carriers

Easyjet is cashing in on the collapse of rival carriers.  The airline made €1.14 billion in the last quarter of 2017.    Around €100 million of that money will be spent on securing leases, staff training and the re-registering of planes bought from Air Berlin.    Passenger numbers also rose by nearly 1.5 million compared to the same quarter in 2016.

31% of Balearic Pensioners Get Less Than €600 A Month

31% of Pensioners in the Balearics are living on less than 600 euros a month – and 54% are getting just 700 euros, according to a new report by the Union of Pensioners and Retirees of UGT.     The union has called for an immediate increase in pensions and a minimum amount of 1-thousand euros a month.

3 Hotels In Mallorca Included In Top 25 In Spain

Three hotels in Mallorca have been included in the top 25 in Spain.   Millions of customers voted for The Astoria Playa  del Port d´Alcúdia, The Sant Francesc Singular in Palma and the Miramar in Port de Pollenca in the category of Best Tourist Establishments in Spain.   A number of Hotels in Mallorca were also named in other categories.

Last Elton John World Tour Begins In September 2018

Elton John has announced that his next world tour will be his last because he wants to spend more time with his family.    The Elton John tour will start on September 8th this year in the United States and then concerts will take place in Europe and Asia in 2019, Australia and south America in 2020 and the tour will finish up back in Europe.

Mallorcan artist, Domingo Zapata, Fined €1.5 Million

A court in Palma has ordered the Mallorcan artist, Domingo Zapata to cough up nearly €1.5 million for Tax and VAT fraud.    His father and brother were acquitted.   The artist was facing an 18 month jail sentence but the judge replaced it with fines.

€30 Million Investment In New EMT Buses

The government is investing €30 million in new buses.  The current EMT fleet has 177 buses but 95 of them are between 15 and 17 years old, and those are the ones that will be replaced first.  The new buses will use natural gas which will significantly reduce pollution.

Ryanair Adds New Route To Summer Schedule

Ryanair is adding flights from the Knock in Ireland to Girona to its summer schedule.    The flights will be available on Tuesdays and Saturdays from June until August.   To celebrate the launch the low cost airline is offering tickets for €9.99 to destinations in Europe for travel up until June.    The offer ends today (Wednesday January 24th).

Iberia Express Plane Forced To Return To Palma Airport

The Captain of an Iberia Express plane was forced to return to Palma´s Son San Joan airport yesterday.    Flight IBS 3913 was en-route to Madrid when a light on the control panel indicated the possibility of depressurisation in the plane.    An investigation has been launched to determine what happened.

Toxic Caterpillars Dangerous For Children & Animals

If you´re taking your children or animals out for a walk – make sure they stay away from caterpillars which are an orange-brown colour with blue bands.       Their eggs are laid in white cotton-wool nests in pine trees and when they leave there they form a long nose-to-tail procession on the ground.  This is when they´re really dangerous because their spores are extremely toxic and can cause itching, severe swelling and vomiting, and can be fatal.  Eventually they burrow underground.

€105M To Be Spent Generating Jobs & Promoting Balearic Exports

The Balearic government plans to spend 105 million euros to generate more than 3,000 jobs over the next 8 years and promote Balearic exports.    The money from the government´s so called Plan of Industry will be used to modernise technology, restructure companies and give those who are unemployed specialist training

40 British Tourists Allegedly Made False Sickness Claims Every Week

A ticket agent who was arrested in connection with the alleged hotel sickness scam run by British business woman, Laura Cameron, says he processed up to 40 claims a week from British tourists and was paid 100 euros for each claim he passed on to the lawyers.    He denied encouraging holidaymakers to invent fake illnesses, claiming his job was to inform them of their rights if they were sick.

Niki Lauda Is Buying Back Niki Airline He Founded in 2003

Niki Lauda is buying back the airline that he founded in 2003.   The Niki airline filed for bankruptcy after Lufthansa pulled out of a rescue deal following the collapse of Air Berlin.      Details of the sale of Niki to the former Formula One champion have not been released, but a previously agreed 20 million euro deal with British Airways owner IAG, is now definitely off the table.

567 Cruise Ships Stopping In Palma in 2018

567 cruise ships will be stopping in Palma in 2018 – an increase of 5 percent compared to last year.    The busiest months will be September and October when around 80 ships will moor in the port – and the busiest day will be May 1st when 6 will be in Palma port at the same time.

Autumn Wedding For Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank

Britain´s Princess Eugenie is getting married to her long-term boyfriend Jack Brooksbank, who reportedly popped the question last month in front of a volcano in Nicaragua.   The wedding will take place this Autumn at St George´s Chapel in Windsor Castle, a few months after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot at the same location.      Eugenie´s engagement ring is a very rare padparadscha sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

More Than 200 Permanently Homeless On Streets Of Mallorca

More than 200 people are permanently sleeping on the streets in Mallorca and the Red Cross says that around 800 others were temporarily homeless in the last year.   According to a new report by the Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs most of them are men between the ages of 45 and 60 and the majority live in Palma.

Government Sponsored Entities in Mallorca Must Use Catalan

Any entities in Mallorca that are either fully or partially sponsored by the government will soon have to use Catalan as their main language, including Radio and Television programmes and Sports events.  The decree from 1990 is being updated and the new rules will apply to written and verbal communications.

Binissalem Fire Destroys Cars & Appliances At Dumping Ground

A huge fire in Binissalem has destroyed at least six abandoned cars and several electrical appliances at a site that´s commonly used used as a dumping ground.    Extremely high winds overnight fanned the flames and it took firefighters around 4 hours to put it out.   An investigation is underway to determine how the blaze started.

Carles Puigdemont International Arrest Warrant May Be Reactivated

The State Prosecutor General´s Office in Spain says the International Arrest Warrant for Carles Puigdemont will be reactivated immediately – if the former Catalan President travels to Denmark.  Mr Puigdemont has been invited to take part in a debate which was organised by the Department of Political Science at Copenhagen University.

2018 To Be A Bumper Year For Tourism In The Balearics

2018 is expected to be another bumper year for tourism in the Balearics.  Ryanair – easyjet Eurowings have all said they´re increasing the number of flights to the islands.  Vueling has announced that more seats will be available from mainland spain to the Balearics this year – and the airline is also adding new routes to France and Switzerland, Vienna and Stuttgart in the wake of the collapse of Air Berlin and Niki airlines.

British Model Hannah Motler Is The New Face Of Zara

British model, Hannah Motler has been snapped up as the new face of Zara.   She was discovered when she was just 12 years old and has worked for Valentino, Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs.   She is represented by Premier Models in London and Ford in New York.

Circular Sent To Balearic Schools & Colleges To Identify Jihadists

Staff at schools and colleges in the Balearics have been instructed to report any students heard justifying terrorism – or expressing hatred towards the west.     The General Directorate of Emergencies & Interior has sent out a circular with advice on how to detect possible jihadist behaviour – the radicalisation of students – and radical behaviour within families.

Top Ten Most Expensive Rentals In Spain includes Calvià

Rents in Calvià have gone up by 20 percent in the last year, putting the municipality in the top ten most expensive in the whole of Spain.   Rental property in Calvià costs around 13 euros per square meter compared to the national average of just over 8 euros.

Es Rebost Taking Over Bar Cristal in Palma

Es Rebost is taking over Bar Cristal in Plaza d´España and will open the doors at the beginning of April.     The company is known for using ingredients produced in Mallorca and already has two outlets in Palma; one in Calle Oms, and the other in Avenida Jaume III.

Balearic Season Extended To 8 Months

The Balearic government wants to extend the tourism season to more than eight months.   President Armengol told this year´s International Tourism Fair in Madrid that the number of tourists visiting the islands in the winter season is increasing all the time – and stressed the need for continued investment in tourism in the Balearic Islands.

Sant Sebastià Traffic Restrictions

Several streets in central Palma will be closed from 1730 to accommodate the celebrations for the festival of Sant Sebastià.  They include, Avenida Antoni Maura, Paseo Mallorca, Jaume iii,  the entrance to Plaza España and La Rambla.  Residents are advised to park their cars outside the affected areas.

Third Reading Of Draft Brexit Law Approved By House Of Commons

The third reading of the draft Brexit law has been approved by the House of Commons in Britain and will now pass to the House of Lords for debate.   But the Conservative party does not have a majority in the House of Lords and peers are expected to try to add a number of amendments.

British Lawyers Made A Fortune From False Sickness Claims

British lawyers have made a fortune out of false food poisoning claims made by British tourists after holidays in Mallorca according to a new report.     Information uncovered by the National Police shows that most tourists received 40 percent of the compensation and the other 60 percent went to their lawyers.

Palma Airport Strike Threat

Unions representing workers at Palma´s Son Sant Joan airport are threatening to take industrial action from next week, over working conditions.   Talks are already underway to try to solve the dispute and both sides are scheduled to meet again today

Warning Issued Over Tide Pod Challenge

A warning has been issued about a disturbing and dangerous new trend which has taken over from the blue whale suicide challenge.    Kids are now becoming involved in the so-called Tide Pod challenge by chewing a tablet of liquid washing machine detergent, which can cause respiratory and digestion problems.

UK Measles Outbreak

If you´re planning to travel to the UK make sure you have been vaccinated against measles.     The Public Health department has reported more than 120 cases of the virus in West Yorkshire, Cheshire, Liverpool, West Midlands, Surrey and Greater Manchester.    There´s also been an increasing number of cases of measles in Europe, particularly in Romania, Italy and Germany.

Pepsi Closing Mallorca Bottling Plant

Pepsi is closing down its bottling plant in Mallorca next month, putting 27 people out of work.  The factory has been running since the late 70s.    Workers are being offered jobs on the mainland and severance pay negotiations are already underway for those that don´t want to leave Mallorca.

International Tourism Fair opens in Madrid

The International Tourism Fair opens in Madrid today and representatives from the Balearics will be there, including newly appointed Tourism Minister, Bel Busquets.    Winter tourism in the Balearics is on the up and up, but sceptics fear that doubling the tourism tax this season will make destinations like Turkey more appealing.

Norwegian Airlines to honour Joan Miró

Norwegian airlines is dedicating two planes to Joan Miró.    The Catalan artist will be the first non-Scandinavian to be honoured by the airline.   An image from 1955 will appear on the tail of a boeing 787-9 dreamliner on inter-continental routes and on a boeing 737-8 on shorter routes.

Pere Garau residents oppose plans to pedestrianise two streets

Residents in Pere Garau are protesting against plans to pedestrianise Carrer d´Indalecio Prieto and Carrer Nuredduna.  They claim banning vehicles from those two streets would wipe out trade at the market, kill off more than 100 businesses in the area and eliminate 580 parking spaces.

Free tap water in bars and restaurants in Mallorca

Customers will soon be able to get tap water for free in restaurants and bars in Mallorca.    A new rule is being introduced to reduce the consumption of bottled water,  and it´s expected to increase recycling rates by up to 50%.

New ramp proposal to connect La Rambla & Plaza Major

Palma city council has put forward plans for a new ramp to connect La Rambla with Plaza Major.    The only access between these two locations is a lift which is very old and often breaks down, making it very difficult for people with disabilities or reduced mobility to get around.   The project is likely to cost between 300,000 and 400,000 euros.

Male prostitution and gang activity reported at Intermodel Station in Palma

The bathrooms at the intermodal station in Palma have reportedly become a base for male prostitution.     The National police say several men a day have been detected offering sex.     Officers claim the area has also become a meeting point for latino gangs and drug addicts and say that some areas are so dangerous that guards are afraid to patrol them.

Riu Hotel Chain to invest more than 650 million euros in its hotels in 2018

The Riu hotel chain is investing more than 650 million euros in its hotels in 2018.    At the end of last year Riu had 92 hotels in 19 countries and this year four new hotels will open in Bulgaria, one in Cape Verde and two in Mexico.    Plans are also underway for two hotels in the Maldives and one in Dubai in 2019

New rules for dog owners in Capdepera

Dog owners in Capdepera will be fined 750 euros if they don´t pick up after their dogs.   A stall has been set up in the weekly markets of Capdepera and Cala Ratjada to make sure people are aware that they must pick up their dog´s poop – and there are posters all over town.

New Look Mallorca Sunshine Radio Website

Take a look at our brand new Mallorca Sunshine Radio website.   At the press of a button you can keep up with all the latest Balearic news – check out when your favourite programme is on and get an update of all the entertainment on offer here in Mallorca.  All that and more at  Mallorca Sunshine Radio dot com.

2,618 premises in Mallorca fail basic hygiene rules

Last year inspections were carried out at more than 3,000 restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, school canteens, residences and industries  – in Mallorca.    The Health Department says that 2,618 of the premises visited by inspectors failed basic hygiene rules and at least 23 were shut down altogether.

EU demands sanctions over minors at bullfights

The EU is demanding that sanctions be brought against businessmen in Mallorca who allegedly allowed minors to watch bullfights in Palma, Inca, Muro and Alcudia.  It´s illegal for under age children to attend a bullfight in Mallorca and letting them in can result in tough penalties.

Coffee capsules and plastic tableware ban from January 1, 2020

The Balearic government has drafted a preliminary law banning the sale of coffee capsules and single use plastic tableware that can´t be recycled.  From January 1st 2020, only products made with materials that can be recycled will be allowed, and even then companies will have to prove that they have a recycling process in place.

New Ryanair carry-on charges

From January 15th Ryanair is charging passengers 5 euros to take a carry-on suitcases onboard its planes.     Anyone who turns up with hand luggage that´s bigger than 35 by 20 by 20 centimeters and hasn´t already paid the fee will be charged 50 euros per bag to put it in the hold.

New look Mallorca Sunshine Radio website

Have a browse throgh our brand new Mallorca Sunshine Radio website.   At the press of a button you can keep up with all the latest balearic news – check out when your favourite programme is onm and get an update of all the entertainment here in Mallorca.  All that and much more at

Hundreds of jellyfish on Port de Sóller beach

Hundreds of jellyfish have washed up on the beach at Soller and some of them are apparently very big.   It´s thought recent storms must have swept them into the port because jellyfish rarely appear in the water in the middle of winter.

Ryanair will charge 5 euros for carry-on suitcases from Monday

From Monday, January 15th, Ryanair will charge passengers 5 euros to take a carry-on suitcase onboard its planes.     Anyone who hasn´t paid the fee – and turns up with hand luggage that´s bigger than 35 by 20 by 20 centimetres will be charged 50 euros per bag to put it in the hold.

Man arrested in Costa d´en Blanes for alleged murder of his stepfather

A 25 year old man has been arrested in Costa d´en Blanes for the alleged murder of his stepfather.    The victim was reportedly stabbed to death.  The suspect´s mother sustained serious injuries to her arm and abdomen during the attack and has been taken to Son Espases hospital.

Former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage calls for a second EU referendum

The former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage has called for a second EU referendum, claiming it would result in an even more decisive victory for the leave campaign.     Mr Farage´s support for another referendum has delighted anti-Brexit campaigners but the British prime minister – Theresa May is adamant that there will not be second vote.

Hugh Grant´s girlfriend reportedly pregnant

Hugh Grant and his girlfriend – Anna Eberstein are reportedly expecting their third child together according to the Swedish tv presenter´s mother – although there´s been no confirmation from the couple themselves .    The 57 year old actor also has a son and a daughter from a previous relationship.


Daily cleaning at Can Pere Antoni beach

The beach at can Pere Antoni is to be cleaned every day during the low season to remove waste.    An increasing amount of hygienic wipes, sanitary towels and plastic washed up on beaches after a series of storms in the area.     It will take around 5 hours a day to clear the waste especially where it´s caught up in the posidonia.

Arson suspect strikes again in Ciudad Jardin

Firefighters were called to Cuidad Jardin in the early hours of this morning to douse yet another fire in a rubbish container.    Palma police believe the blaze was started by a suspected arsonist who´s allegedly already set fire to more than a dozen rubbish containers, two homes and a car in palma.    Officers have appealed to the public to call 112 immediately if they notice anything suspicious.

Eurowings adds extra flights to Mallorca

The German airline – eurowings is adding more than 30 flights to Mallorca to its 2018 schedule.    Eurowings says the increase in the number of flights to palma from Cologne, Bonn and Dusseldorf is mainly due to  customer demand.

Sharp stones on boathouses in Bendinat

Calvia city council is taking action after sharp pointed stones were cemented to the roofs of boathouses in Bendinat to stop people sunbathing on them.    A detailed report has been filed but it´s not clear whether those responsible will face charges.

More foreign buyers snapping up Balearic properties

Even more foreigners are snapping up property in the Balearics.  Between January and September last year the number of homes sold to buyers from overseas rose by nearly 10 percent compared to 2016.    According to Land Registry data, most of the properties were bought by people from the UK, but the number of French, German, Belgian and Italian buyers has also increased.

80% of Balearic bars accused of breaking smoking laws

80 percent of the bars in the Balearics are reportedly breaking the law by allowing customers to smoke on their terraces according to the Public Health department.      Inspections of bars, cafés and restaurants were stepped up this month and anyone caught allowing customers to smoke in prohibited areas – or selling tobacco to anyone under 18 could be fined up to 10-thousand euros

Palma police hunt for suspected arsonist

Local and National police in palma are searching for an alleged arsonist thought to be responsible for more than a dozen fires.    Surveillance has been intensified to try to catch the person responsible – and police are encouraging the public to call 112 immediately if they spot anything suspicious.

A man is jailed for robbing a house in Manacor in 2016

A man has been jailed for two years and three months for robbing a house in Manacor in 2016.    The 20 year old French national is also awaiting trial for allegedly drugging a woman, raping her at knife point and setting fire to her house.

Miserable weather dampens sales in Palma

The miserable weather yesterday put a damper on the start of the January sales in Palma.   Business was brisk in the big stores in the Avenidas – but others weren´t so lucky – and some retailers decided to wait until today to slash their prices in the hope that customers will be in the mood to part with their money.

Police in Alaró searching for thieves

Police in Alaró are sifting through cctv to try to identify thieves who allegedly stole more than 35-thousand euros-worth of property from a house in the centre of town.

Guardia Civil officers say jewellery, watches and other valuable items were taken during the robbery and confirmed that the owners were out at the time of the incident.

Ryanair charges mother extra to sit beside her child

Ryanair has been accused of forcing a mother to pay 4 euros extra to sit next to her 3-year old daughter on a flight from palma to Madrid.   The mother bought the tickets online but says that when she checked in at the airport the seats allocated were 7-D and 21-D.   She was allegedly told she had to pay the extra fee if she wanted to sit next to  her toddler.

Every Mallorcan resident generates 600 kilos of rubbish

At least 600 kilos of rubbish is generated by each resident of Mallorca every year – and more than 70 percent of it is plastic.    On average – only 30 percent of what´s discarded is separated for recycling – and according to the Balearic Oceanographic Center of the Spanish Institute of Oceanographynone of the coastal areas sampled in Mallorca are free from the presence of macro and microplastics.

New Balearic tourism law prompts sale of apartments

A growing number of property owners are reportedly selling their apartments because of the new tourism law in the Balearics. Anyone who wants to rent their home to tourists must have a licence and those who break the law face heavy fines.  Websites that advertise properties without the proper licence can be fined up to 400-thousand euros.