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June 27th, 2022

There’s a view of Palma that many visitors don’t get to see: the panorama from the roof terraces of Palma’s magnificent Gothic cathedral known as La Seu. But during the summer months it’s possible to climb the steps up to the rooftop, where you can walk around the flying buttresses, see the Cathedral’s famous large rose window, the bell tower, and enjoy the ultimate skyline view of Palma and the bay.

To see this view, you need to book a date and time for your visit, which you can do on the cathedral website – you’ll find the link on the Mallorca Sunshine Radio webpage for Summer in Mallorca. Daytime visits start at 10 and the last one is at 16:30h. The cost is 20€ but for residents, who’ll need to show proof, it’s just 5 €.

On Thursday evenings in the summer at 20:30h, there’s a one-hour guided tour on the roof in Spanish, Catalan, and English. Your ticket to the sunset view costs 25 €.

This visit is not for those who suffer from vertigo as you’ll be 43 metres above ground. And you’ll need to be reasonably fit to go up all the steps – the website states there are 215 of them.

The visit to the rooftop terraces also includes entry to the Cathedral, so you should wear appropriate clothing for going into a place of worship. And children under the age of eight are not allowed up on the roof. Be sure to have plenty of battery power for those photos that only visitors to La Seu’s rooftop terraces can take.