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APR 3rd, 2023

As well as being an important religious festival in Mallorca, Easter is a time for families to get together around a table to enjoy the foods associated with this time of year. And Mallorca has some traditional Easter eats that visitors should try while they’re here.

Children have chocolate treats for Easter, known as ‘monas de pascua’. These are chocolate figures often in the shape of a rabbit or an egg, given to children on Easter morning. You’ll see displays of them in many bakeries and specialist sweet shops.


The most typical baked item for Easter in Mallorca is the ‘panada’ – a small, savoury pie filled with different seasonal ingredients, which may include pork, rabbit, chicken, or fish, with vegetables. These are available in bakeries – and made in Mallorcan homes – all year, but at Easter ‘panades’ are a tradition and made with lamb and peas, which are both associated with spring.


Traditionally, homes would buy the lamb to make these pies, using what was left over to make an Easter ‘frit’ – a fry-up with vegetables.


Baked sweet treats include ‘crespells’ – typical Easter biscuits, often star-shaped – and ‘robiols’, which are small semi-circular pasties with fillings such as cottage cheese, confectioners’ custard, or jams.


If you’re in Palma, visit Fornet de la Soca bakery, near the Teatre Principal, to see these Easter treats beautifully displayed and for sale.