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Enjoy a Bird’s Eye View of Mallorca

One of the Mallorcans’ most treasured places on the island is Santuari de Santa Maria de Lluc. Set high in the UNESCO Heritage Site, Serra de Tramuntana, it’s not only a place of religious and cultural significance but also somewhere to find peace and relaxation – and slightly cooler air in the hottest summer months.

Mallorca Sunshine Radio’s sister station Das Inselradio now has its own branded balloon, available for early morning, one-hour flights allowing unforgettable views of the island, with the islands of Cabrera and Menorca in the distance, and the chance to take the ultimate sunrise photographs.


This slow-travel experience begins at six o’clock in the morning when the meteorological conditions for balloon flights are optimal. It starts with breakfast, followed by a gentle take-off and climb to a height of between 300 and 500 metres. The wind dictates your flight path as you travel in tranquillity over the rural heartland and picturesque villages of Mallorca.


The Das Inselradio balloon takes off from the Mallorca Balloons base, alongside the Ma15 close to Manacor, where the flights are overseen by Ricardo Aracil, one of the world’s most experienced hot air balloon pilots.


After the flight, there’s a traditional balloon flight ‘baptism’, and the presentation of a certificate as a reminder of the trip. Not that you’re ever likely to forget seeing Mallorca from such a privileged perspective.


This hot air balloon experience costs 183,26 € per person and includes breakfast, the flight, ‘baptism’, and a certificate.