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Find your Flow with Tai Chi

JAN 30th, 2023

Have you discovered the health benefits of Tai Chi – often referred to as moving meditation? It’s a branch of ancient Chinese martial arts and comprises exercises balanced between yin and yang, which makes it highly effective as a health practice.

Tai Chi can improve flexibility, reduce muscle pain, and help with balance. It’s also a calming practice because you focus on both the movements and the breathing that goes with them. Research has found it can enhance the immune system, benefit the brain faster than some other forms of exercise, and even be effective in helping to lose weight or visceral fat – the dangerous sort that’s not visible.


Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and requires no special equipment or location to do. Once you’ve learnt the postures, you can practise Tai Chi anywhere, on your own or with other people. How about a session on one of Mallorca’s beaches, in a peaceful forest, or in an urban green space? Tai Chi is an exercise that complements the tranquillity of Mallorca in winter.


If you’d like to learn Tai Chi, a few places in Mallorca offer classes, including Wutan Mallorca in Palma, which has tai chi classes, as well as chi kung, and kung fu. The ‘Centro de Investigación de Artes Orientales’ is also in Palma and, as the name suggests, includes tai chi on its schedules.


Anyone closer to Puerto Pollença than Palma should check out Piedra de Luna, the Tai Chi school in the resort.