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July 11st, 2022

Mallorca is the setting for quite a few contemporary novels, written by authors inspired by living or holidaying on this island. But taking writing inspiration from beautiful Mallorca isn’t something new: famous literary figures from history include Robert Graves, Jules Verne, Josep Pla, Llorenç Villalonga, and Ramon Llull.

You can follow in the footsteps of these and other renowned writers from the past by taking one or more of the seven self-guided walking routes that are part of the ‘Walking on Words’ programme.

Self-guiding is by means of the free app ‘Wow! Literary Majorca’ – available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Wherever you are in Mallorca – including Palma – you’ll find a route not far away with places to visit associated with the relevant writer.

The app features photos, maps, and even pieces by or about the various writers, which you can read translated into English or listen to in the original language.
For those who prefer low-tech guides, the ‘Walking on Words’ book is on sale in various places on the island, in languages including English.

If you’re looking for some contemporary fiction in English to read on holiday, most charity shops carry second-hand English paperbacks. New books in English can be found on sale in several stores, including Come In, La Salina in Santa Catalina, and at lifestyle store Rialto Living.