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Go Strawberry Picking in Mallorca

Photo by Artur Rutkowski on Unsplash


Strawberries are ready to eat earlier in Mallorca than in Northern Europe and are available here for a much longer period. If being in the sunshine makes you crave these beautiful, healthy berries – rich in fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants – you should try Mallorcan strawberries.

Although many of the strawberries for sale in supermarkets on the island come from the Spanish province of Huelva, Manacor is an important area for strawberry production, and you’ll find these intensely red berries sold in boxes bearing the words ‘Fresa de Manacor’ in food stores such as the Balearic Agromart chain.


If you believe that the tastiest strawberries are the ones you pick yourself, here are a couple of places where you can do just that.


Between Es Cruce roundabout and Manacor, the large greenhouses belonging to Terracor are worth a visit. The farm shop at the front sells a wide range of produce, including ready-picked strawberries but with one of Terracor’s boxes, you can also pick your own.


The whole family will enjoy picking strawberries at Fresopolis in Llucmajor. This family farm first started pick-your-own in 2020 and it’s become a really popular attraction.


There’s more than strawberries to enjoy at Fresopolis, including more than 200 farm animals – some born there, and others adopted as part of their farm animal rescue programme. And there’s a farm shop too, selling herbs, fresh produce, cheese, milk, jam, and more.