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Go Underground in Mallorca

Mar. 14th, 2022

Mallorca has some amazing caves full of mighty stalactites and stalagmites and at this time of year they’re not as busy with tourists.

Start your exploration of Mallorca’s fascinating caves in the northeast, at the Caves of Artà. Despite the name, they’re in the municipality of Capdepera, at the resort of Canyamel. The guided tour lasts about forty minutes and passes through zones including the Hall of Columns and Chamber of Flags. You exit to a beautiful Mediterranean view.


Porto Cristo on the east coast has two cave systems. The Caves of Drach – which means Dragon Caves – are home to one of the world’s largest underground lakes, named Lake Martel … but no dragons. At the end of your tour through the dramatic caves, listen to a short classical music concert by the water.


Porto Cristo’s Caves of Hams are on the Manacor road. They’re millions of years old but were discovered only in 1905. Five years later, the impressive caves had electricity even before the town of Porto Cristo.


On the other side of Mallorca, the Caves of Campanet are just a short drive from the village of Campanet. They’re less commercialised than those in Porto Cristo, but just as interesting. There’s no guided tour, so you wander through at your leisure, marvelling at nature’s underground sculptures.


There are even caves not far from Palma. The Caves of Genova are in the centre of the village and were discovered in 1906. Small groups are guided through a route of almost a kilometre, descending 36 metres.


Whichever caves you visit, wear comfortable shoes, and remember your camera!