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Have a fishy feast in Mallorca

It may now officially be autumn, but Mallorca still has plenty of traditional fairs to enjoy this month for an authentic experience of the island’s culture.

On both Saturday and Sunday this weekend (7th and 8th) the ‘Fira de la Serra de Tramuntana’ takes place in the mountain village of Escorca, where you’ll find artisan and local products displayed and for sale.


One of the best-known fairs this month is the ‘Mostra de sa Llampuga’ in Cala Rajada. This gastronomic fair has a seasonal fish as its main attraction. The ‘llampuga’ is often known as lightning fish because it moves to our waters from its usual Atlantic home during the September/October stormy season in Mallorca. You may also know this tasty fish as dolphin fish or ‘mahi mahi’. Traditionally it’s served here with red peppers, but culinary creativity will no doubt be evident in Cala Rajada.


The port of this northeast Mallorca resort is where this fish is mainly brought ashore so it’s a fitting venue for this three-day fair.


This year’s ‘Mostra’ is the 20th edition and takes place around the port. You’ll find ‘llampuga’ on many restaurant menus but there are also special events: the evening of Friday, 13th October, feast on fishy tapas from 20 h. On Saturday, from midday, check out the seafood paella on offer. But the main event of the ‘Mostra de sa Llampuga’ is on Sunday 15th from twelve o’clock.