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Pata Negra – CAÑAS | TAPAS | VIDA – Palma

2022, May 2nd | by Patricia Gallego

A traditional Tapas Bar with a twist close to the beach and with easy access from Palma city.

Weather is warming up and we were in a mood to sit outside and enjoy a good glass of wine with a bite or two. Some friends had told us about this very authentic Spanish tapas bar in Ciudad Jardín.

Surprisingly the area surrounding Bar Pata Negra, very close to the beach, is full of parking spaces, so visiting from Palma was nice and easy.

Pata Negra is a family run bar where you can enjoy beautiful cellar beer or a glass of wine from their extensive selection. Owners, Nazaret and Tolo, cook their tapas daily with fresh products and from scratch. We had some red wine while our friends tried their cellar beer. Our drinks came together with some complimentary “croquetas”.


Pata Negra pried themselves for cooking 10 home-made tapas daily, which they change day by day so you can try different things if you visit them a couple of times. And with each of your drinks they serve you a tapa from their daily menu, which we thought it was a nice treat.

We sat outside in their terrace as the weather was lovely but I must say the indoors is quiet charming. They have a display of wine bottles and beer barrels made of cooper on the walls. The tapa that came with our second drink were “padrón” peppers. At this point we order a cheese platter and their star tapa “pepito de lomo”, as we had seen them on most of the other tables. It was cooked to perfection!

This place is a lovely choice for an inexpensive evening, good home-made food, cooked with love and quality products.


Thank you Pata Negra, we will see you soon!


Photos: Bar Pata Negra

Prices and details correct at time of writing.