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MAY 2nd, 2023

Look up at the sky above Mallorca and you’re likely to spot large birds of prey, such as red kites, on the wing. Not many visitors though realise that Mallorca is also an important habitat for vultures. The island is home to two types of vultures who live in the Serra de Tramuntana.

The European Black Vulture is the largest of Europe’s raptors, and Mallorca is the only island in the world with a growing, breeding population. Europe’s second-largest raptor is the Griffon Vulture and although Mallorca was once only a brief stopping point for them, stormy weather in 2008 blew in around one hundred of these raptors, who clearly liked it here so much they decided to stay.


You’re unlikely to have a close encounter of a vulture kind in Mallorca’s mountains but you can find out more about these important raptors – and even see some – by visiting the Black Vulture Conservation Foundation.


The BVCF has its headquarters at Finca Son Pons, near Campanet, and is open at specific times to allow visitors to find out more about these impressive birds and the work that’s ongoing to ensure they continue to thrive. Entry is free but a donation toward their work is appreciated.


A visit to the centre includes the screening of a fascinating documentary film and some time spent in the hide, where you can use the binoculars provided to observe the resident vultures – there because they’ve been injured and could not survive in the wild. Helpful information tells you the story behind each of these resident raptors.


The Black Vulture Conservation Foundation is just off the Ma13 motorway. If driving from Palma, take exit 35; exit 37 if coming from the Alcúdia direction.


BVCF is open to visitors every Monday, Friday, and first Saturday of the month, from 10 – 14 h.