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Sweet Treats for Christmas in Mallorca

DEC 12nd, 2022

If you like to indulge in sweet treats at Christmas, Mallorca has a few traditional ones you should try over the festive period.

The Moors used almonds and honey to come up with ‘turrón’ – a rich, sweet treat that you’ll see displayed in supermarkets, gourmet food stores, and confectioners, in the run-up to Christmas. Numerous flavours and varieties are available these days – including sugar-free. Famous Spanish chefs, such as Albert Adrià, have even created signature versions for that gourmet touch.


The most famous Spanish ‘turrones’ come from the Peninsula, and you’ll find a couple of shops in the centre of Palma dedicated to famous Spanish ‘turron’ brands. But you can also find ‘turrones’ made in Mallorca at good bakeries and confectionery shops. In Palma, the nuns of the Santa Clara convent, in the Old Town, also make ‘turrón’ for sale at Christmas.


For a visual feast of festive biscuits and sweet treats, visit the renowned Palma bakery Fornet de la Soca, where the tempting displays may even inspire some gift ideas as well as additions to your Christmas table.


On Christmas Eve, after Midnight Mass, a cup of thick, hot chocolate with a Mallorcan ‘ensaïmada’ or ‘coca de patata’ will get your festive celebrations off to the sweetest of starts.