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TaPalma 2021

Nov. 15th, 2021

It’s often said that tapas came about when bars used to give customers a small slice of bread or ham to cover their drinks to keep out flies. Tapar is the Spanish word for ‘to cover’ and that’s where the name of the bite-sized nibbles came from. This is only one of several stories about the origin of tapas, but one thing is for sure: a tapeo – going out for tapas – is an essential part of Mallorcan social life.


The city of Palma celebrates its tapas culture every year during the event TaPalma and you can enjoy the 17th edition very soon. Restaurants and bars that choose to take part offer special tapas and cocktails at affordable prices during TaPalma which, this November, takes place over five days from Wednesday 24th to Sunday, 28th. Follow the different tapas-and-cocktails routes to discover bites and drinks from establishments including Rosa del Mar, Unoctavo, Emblemàtic, and Katagi Blau. The full list of participating eateries will be found on TaPalma’s website and Facebook page nearer the date.



TaPalma also includes a tapas-and-cocktail competition for professional chefs, taking place on Monday, 22nd at the Palau de Congressos. The judging panel’s president is chef Igor Rodríguez who won second place in this month’s Spanish National Pinchos & Tapas Competition. Congratulations to Igor!

Sounds like TaPalma 2021 will be a great event for foodies and cocktail fans. Bon profit!