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ÜBECK, Manacor

If you’re in the Manacor area wanting flavours of the world but made from local produce, check out Übeck, which opened at the end of 2021 as a different addition to the town’s restaurant scene.

Describing itself as a gastro-bar, Übeck is on Avinguda des Torrent – which has the advantage of metered street parking. The owner of this restaurant is Javier Hoebeeck, the chef behind the culinary creations at the Michelin-starred Fusion 19.


Gabriel and Cassandra – wearing the Übeck uniform of branded, yellow T-shirts and black aprons – are at the helm of Übeck, with Cassandra wearing the chef’s hat. They offer what they call ‘real food’, made with care.


The restaurant is small, with table seating for around 20 diners, and has recently added some seating at the counter. Most of the cooking and plating is done behind this counter so you can see Cassandra in action. The interior is contemporary, clean, and bright, with black and yellow as the main décor colours. The informal ambience is ideal for a lunch out or food with friends in the evening.


Gabriel is a friendly and efficient host, who speaks English, and will happily explain any unfamiliar dishes or ingredients.


A good point here is that the menu is displayed outside the restaurant – in English as well – and there are always some additional ‘specials’ too. Vegetarians have a couple of starters and a couple of main-course dishes to choose from on the main menu.


Favorite starters at Übeck include the gyozas (chicken or vegetable), Übeck-style ceviche, and the moreish, large croquettes of roast chicken, spinach, and peanuts – with a delicious hint of curry. If your appetite is light, there are tacos, sandwiches, and burgers in brioche buns.


My appetite always calls for one of the main courses, which are served in generous portions. These include slow-cooked Iberian pork cheeks with five-spice; chicken pad Thai noodles; Korean squid wok with kimchee sauce, and my go-to dish when I’m in a veggie mood – spiced shoarma and vegetables in a yellow-curry sauce. Side dishes cost extra and include wakame seaweed with house vinaigrette and black sesame. Three desserts are made on the premises and the Mango Fantasy has a surprise element.


Übeck’s wines are displayed on shelves marked with bottle prices, which seem fair. This is a place to try wine from Manacor, such as those from Vins Miquel Gelabert. Check out too the special-edition vermouth and ‘hidromiel’– the fermented honey drink known as mead in English.


Photos: Jan Edwards

Prices correct at time of writing.