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2023, May 29th | by Jan Edwards

Spanish cuisine’s most famous dish is undoubtedly paella, and it’s one that visitors to Spain are often keen to try. Although paella originated in Valencia, it’s possible to enjoy a good one in Mallorca if you know where to go.

One restaurant specialising in signature paellas and other rice dishes is Va d’Arròs – ‘Arrosseria d’Autor’ in the town of Santa Maria del Camí.


Owner Kike Martí is a respected rice master who hails from Valencia. He also owns a company that offers catering and show cooking events as well as training for chefs in the fine art of rice cooking. He’s taught chefs in Bolivia, Uruguay, Malta, and Spain – so his credentials are good.


The restaurant is in the town centre on the main road through Santa Maria del Camí. Va d’Arròs is in a strip of bars and eateries, all with tables outside at the front offering shade from the sun. Eat indoors to appreciate the air conditioning on a hot day and watch the efficient service team at work. Va d’Arròs has a long bar counter on the left-hand side as you enter the restaurant. The interior is attractive, light, and decorated with contemporary art. The kitchen at the rear, has a hatch through which servers collect food orders.

The menu is printed in Spanish, English, and German. The starters are designed for sharing and include some traditional Spanish dishes, such as battered squid – that were tasty, non-greasy, and kept us busy while the paella was cooking. There’s a choice of eight paellas and the lobster one was a delicious treat. There are also creamy rice dishes and ‘fideuas’ – paella-like dishes made with fine noodles rather than rice.


The service is professional but friendly. Kike Martí himself brought our paella to the table. It was a generous size and full of delicious flavour, and had a good ‘socorrat’ – the prized, caramelised part that develops as the paella cooks. 


If rice dishes aren’t your thing, there are a few meat and fish dishes, and the delicious Spanish stews known as ‘calderetas’.


Order a bottled beer and it comes in a super-chilled glass. Wine drinkers can enjoy wines from Bodegas Angel, the wine partner of Va d’Arròs. If you take the train to Santa Maria, it’s only a five-minute walk to the restaurant – and you can enjoy the reasonably priced wine.


Va d’Arròs is open daily except Tuesdays. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11 -19 h; Saturday & Sunday 10 -19 h. Dishes can also be ordered to take out.


Photos: Jan Edwards

Prices correct at time of writing.


Va d’Arròs

Plaça Hostals, 15

07320 Santa Maria del Camí

+34 871 020 186


Opening times:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11 -19 h
Saturday & Sunday 10 -19 h
Closed Tuesdays