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Visit Cap de Formentor Lighthouse in Mallorca

Before modern technology, seafarers relied on Mallorca’s lighthouses to aid their navigation. Today, these lighthouses are still a distinctive sight around the island, although it’s often landlubbers who seek them out for the beautiful sea views they offer in their strategic locations.

One of the best-known lighthouses in Mallorca is at Cap de Formentor – the tip of the Formentor peninsula. Cap de Formentor lighthouse opened in 1863 and was one of the most challenging to build because of its rugged and isolated location.


The winding road down to the lighthouse has been used to dramatic effect in TV car commercials and it’s an interesting drive down. However, the volume of visitors wanting to experience this road and enjoy the beautiful views in the summer now means restrictions. Private vehicles – including hire cars – cannot use the road down to the lighthouse between the start of June and the end of September between the hours of 10 -22:30 h.


Access is allowed to Formentor beach if there is space in the car park but once that’s full, you’ll see a barrier down at the Formentor road roundabout in Port de Pollença. Parking isn’t allowed anywhere else near the beach.


To get to Cap de Formentor during the restricted times and months, take the special shuttle bus – No. 334 – run by the company TIB, which runs from Alcúdia old town, with more than a dozen stops on the way – including Formentor beach.