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Xolomulato, Artà

The attractive, market town of Artà in northeast Mallorca may seem an unlikely location for an authentic Mexican eatery, but it’s where you’ll find the cosy restaurant, Xolomulato.

Adriana and Noé are from Guadalajara in Mexico. Chef Noé has lived and worked in Spain for 18 years – seven of them in Mallorca. This charming couple opened their dinner-only restaurant in Artà in December 2022, and it’s become a popular place in the town for the authenticity of its gastronomy and friendliness.


Xolomulato is a small restaurant tastefully decorated with Mexican cultural references. Two colourful piñatas – an essential element of any Mexican celebration – are suspended from a light fitting above the table where we sat. Framed black-and-white photographs, potted plants, figurines, and more add to the charm of the place. There are also tables on the pavement terrace at the front, but I recommend eating indoors for the ambience.


We went for dinner with four friends – two of whom had already become fans of Xolomulato. Everything is home-made in chef Noé’s tiny kitchen and Adriana is front of house, serving diners with a smile and advice – in English if needed – for anyone unfamiliar with any of the dishes or ingredients.


The menu offers starters (3), tacos (4), ceviches (2), specials (3), two veggie dishes (a mushroom quesadilla and a cauliflower taco), and one dessert.


Eating family style – by sharing dishes – is a good way to try several dishes. The six of us shared two portions of guacamole with corn chips and three ‘tostaditas’ of prawns with tequila, honey, Mexican sauce, and mango – which we managed to cut in half without making too much mess! A delicious start.


Our next dishes were two types of taco – one with prawns (Balandra), the other with shredded pork marinated in achiote (Cochinita Pibil) – and quesadillas with shredded pork marinated in achiote, a condiment made from seeds of the South American annatto tree. The Mole Xolomulato – beef fillet bathed in mole, a sauce of chocolate, chilis, spices, and fruits – was recommended by our friends but we’ll try it on our next visit.


The only dessert is the Mexican confection, Tres Leches (7,50€). Similar in consistency to a trifle but without custard, it includes smoked strawberries and is dusted with dried blueberry powder.

The Mexican drinks include tequilas, mezcals, cocktails with either of those spirits, and Corona, Pacifico, and Negra Modelo beers – but wines, other spirits, and soft drinks are available.


After we’d paid the bill, Adriana offered us a ‘chupito’ of tepache – a fermented pineapple drink that’s beneficial for digestion. Being Mexican, the shot came in a small glass rimmed with salt!


Xolomulato is easy to find on the main road (Ma 15) through Artà, with two free car parks a few minutes’ walk away.


For an authentic Mexican culinary experience in Mallorca, head to Artà and Xolomulato!


If you enjoy Noé’s home-made hot and spicy macha sauce, you’ll find jars of it for sale on the bar.



Photos: Jan Edwards

Prices correct at time of writing.



C/ Costa i Llobera, 3

07570 Artà

+34 686 582 476 or 613 054 203



Opening times:
Wednesday – Sunday, 18:00h-23:00h